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Klik Belts loves our clients. We appreciate being able to provide you with the highest-quality and strongest belts on the market. A lot of the products that you currently see are from your suggestions. When we started our company in 2014, we wanted to make the best belts for you. We wanted to create a belt that you would fall in love with and actually use, that would serve your every need, from work uses and recreational uses to everyday uses. Our mission was to create a belt that never fails, and we believe through our partnership with COBRA® Belt Buckles, our superior ply threads, and our top-notch aesthetics that we’ve succeeded.

Klik Belts also cares about the fact that our belts can be used for your lifestyle. Whether you are in the military, police, firefighter, construction industry, teacher, caregiver, and more, Klik Belts conforms to your lifestyle. Our gun belts continue to be extremely popular, as do our tactical duty belts and airport-friendly belts. While we want others to notice your Klik Belt, we don’t want you to notice it to the point it distracts you. From traveling and adventuring to staying home and relaxing or going for a night out on the town, Klik Belts never fails.

In our mission to create the best belt for you, we wanted to let you know that we now create custom belts, meaning that you can customize the color and the style, from our D-ring belts to our gun belts and more. Below, we’ll review some of the cool custom belts you can create. Visit us online, and browse our amazing custom belts today!


As you know, Klik Belts makes the best ladies’ belts, TSA-compliant belts, men’s leather belts, work belts, and fashion belts. All of our belts can be customized to your specifications. For instance, green is a popular requested color, especially around Halloween and Christmas. You can combine a green COBRA® Belt Buckles with any of our nylon ply offerings, or you can request a green nylon as well. These make great accessories for Christmas dresses for the ladies or for a business suit for the guys. It can be hard to show your festive spirit and be professional. With Klik Belts, you can show your love of holidays in an easy, simple way that many will take note of.

Klik Belts is known for our amazing customer service and return policy. Normally, you can return your Klik Belt that is in like-new condition within 45 days of ordering if you are unhappy with it for any reason. However, do be aware that if you order a custom belt from Klik Belts, it cannot be returned or exchanged. We do this because we are unable to reuse the parts in our other amazing belt products. Thus, we encourage you to measure carefully and reach out to us with any questions you may have before ordering. We can help you with any specific concerns you may have, such as with sizing. Our ultimate goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your belt, so don’t ever hesitate to ask us anything!


What do you want in a belt? For most people, they want function and style. Most people also want a belt they can accessorize

Simply put, Klik Belts are the strongest belts. With our COBRA® Belt Buckles that are made of one of the strongest aluminum that is used in commercial aircraft and our extremely study nylon threads that are triple-threaded, our belts range from 2,000 to 11,000 pounds of tensile strength. When we say that our cool belts can double as survival gear, we mean it! From cordage to being used as a tow strap when pulling your truck out of the mud, Klik Belts are designed to hold up your pants and be used when needed.

Klik Belts are also amazingly elegant in their design, which gives them a classic look that can complement any look, from formal to casual. We offer leather belts as well, in addition to our sturdy ply nylon threads. Leather looks good with any outfit and can dress up your casual jeans for your more formal affairs. We also wanted the ability to have our belts in any color, which the nylon threads are perfect for. Now, with our COBRA® Belt Buckles available in any color, you can have a unique Klik Belt all your own.

Many people say one of their favorite aspects of our Klik Belts is the lack of holes. There is no more fiddling around with trying to get the right belt fit, and the fact that the belt is not broken up by holes gives the belt a more professional look.

Find out why everyone loves Klik Belts. Browse all of our cool belts today!

  • charles haynes says...

    Can I get the 1-1/2in collar made with a marine grade cobra buckle? Is it possible to use biothane with the cobra buckles to make a dog collar?


    On February 17, 2020

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