Dog Collars Vs. Dog Harnesses

If you have a dog, you have likely debated whether to get him or her a collar or a harness. You’ve wondered which is best for training and which is safer. In this blog, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of dog collars and harnesses so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing one or both for your dog. 

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Dog Collars

Dog collars have been around for centuries. They are the preferred choice for many dog owners. Your dog can wear its collar around the house and it’s comfortable enough to leave on all the time. It’s incredibly convenient because when it's time to take the dog for a walk, you simply attach their leash and go. A dog’s collar is the ideal place to keep their identification and rabies tag, which means if your dog is always wearing their collar, they’ll always have their identification on them. 

However, for some dogs, collars can injure their neck. This is typically true of smaller breeds that have less muscle in their necks. For dogs that constantly pull and may injure themselves or for dogs that have a habit of slipping their head through the collar, a collar may not be the best choice. But for dogs that are well-trained and well-behaved, a collar can be ideal. 

The Benefits of Dog Collars

  • Comfortable enough to leave on all the time
  • Convenient
  • Ideal for dogs that don’t pull or slip the collar
  • Keeps identification on the dog at all times

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses give the owner more control over the dog while they are walking. If you have a dog that tends to pull or is being trained, a harness may be a great choice. Also, harnesses prevent injuries to the dogs neck. A good harness will discourage pulling, give you more control over the dog, and decrease stress on their neck and joints. 

Harnesses are not typically comfortable enough for a dog to wear all the time, so they must be put on to go out and taken off when you come back in the house. This can be a little inconvenient, but usually the trade off to have more control over a dog that pulls is worth it. 

The Benefits of Dog Harnesses

  • Ideal for dogs that pull
  • Gives the human more control over the dog while walking
  • Does not cause neck injuries
  • Allows you to stop the dog from jumping
  • A great training tool 

Should Your Dog Have a Collar and Harness?

If your dog doesn’t pull and is well-trained a collar should do the trick. There’s no reason to put a harness on your dog everytime you go for a walk if your dog does not pull or jump. However, if we are being honest, many dogs do pull. Dogs get easily excited by cats, birds, people, other dogs, and by so many other things. When this happens, a harness comes in very handy to keep control of the dog without hurting its neck. 

Dogs that wear harnesses should also have a collar. Collars are important for a dog to wear all the time so that they always have identification on them in case they sneak out, get lost, or run off. So, if you prefer a harness for your dog, you should also have a collar for them, but if you prefer a collar, just a collar is fine. Ultimately, it is up the owner if you would like to use a collar, a harness, or both for your dog. 

What About Choke Collars?

Choke collars are designed to enclose on your dog’s neck whenever it pulls. They are often used for training dogs and to discourage pulling and jumping. However, we do not recommend choke collars. One of the most proven ways to train a dog is by positive reinforcement and choke collars use the exact opposite method. While they may eventually get your dog to stop pulling, you may injure your dogs neck before that happens. 

When you are choosing a collar for your dog, your best bet is to go with a flat collar. The collar is comfortable for your dog and doesn't choke them when they pull. If your dog has problems with pulling, a harness and some training are the way to go. 

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The Klik Collar

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The Klik Belt K9 Harness

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