How to Fly with Dogs

Flying, in general, is stressful, more so than driving. This is due in part to the fact that you are not in charge. You are putting your life into the hands of someone you don’t know, which subconsciously is scary for most of us. You can’t pull over when you want to. You can’t leave when you want to. You can’t even control which route you take. Flying is all about trusting the plane to get from point A to point B with no problems — something many of us don’t do well. If you decide to travel with your best friend, your dog, your stress level probably went up another notch. 

Klik Belts is all about stress relief. We offer the best TSA-compliant belts on the market, made from the strongest materials that feature the durable polymer belt buckle that is metal-free. You can rest assured that you won’t be setting off any metal detectors with our airport-friendly belts. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on how to fly with dogs. Browse our TSA-friendly belts today!


Will You Have Your Pet With You or Will Your Pet Be in the Cargo Hold?

Pets are safer when they travel with you in the airplane. This is for obvious reasons. You are in charge of their care and well-being and can ensure they are well taken care of. However, many airlines restrict the number of pets allowed on a flight, including on the flight itself. Also, whether your dog gets to travel with you or not is often not up to you. Most airlines have breed restrictions and size restrictions with regards to whether you have to check your dog. Also, there are additional fees as well.

Get a Health Check Before You Fly

Nowadays, most airlines require a health certificate for your pet to fly. Every year, dozens of dogs and cats die flying, and while this is a small percentage according to the airlines who love to take fees for your animals, it’s a risk you have to accept should you choose to fly with your dog or cat. Thus, a health certificate helps with liability for the airline should your pet die of a previous health condition, and it’s just prudent practice for the owner, especially if your dog is extremely young or older.

Know Your Breed and Your Dog

Flying can be equally stressful for your dog, especially if you own a dog breed that gets upset when you leave home. However, you can help your pet by being calm. Dogs especially can read the state of their owners, and they can internalize this themselves. It’s extremely important that you be as little stressed as possible when flying with your dog.

If you have a breed of dog with a short nose, such as a pug, a boxer, Pekingese, and the like (Brachycephalic is the word used for these kinds of dogs), then know that your dog is at an increased risk of dying because of breathing problems at high altitudes. Many airlines will not fly bulldogs at all due to these risks. Klik Belts recommends that you know your dog above all else and how they will react to the stress of a flight before you fly your dog.

One way to lower your stress level is to speed up your time at airport security. Airport security, for a variety of reasons, causes a lot of stress. You may end up waiting in line for a long period of time, or you are late for your boarding time, but airport security is slowing you down. Whatever the reason, you can lower your stress level by investing in a TSA-compliant belt by Klik Belts. Our belts feature the strongest polymer belt buckle that is metal-free and won’t set off any security checks. These airport-friendly belts are not only strong, but they are durable and versatile as well.

Ask About the Conditions in the Cargo Hold

If your dog will be relegated to the cargo hold (usually if your dog is over 20 pounds), you’ll want to check with the airline on the temperatures inside the hold during flight. Otherwise, you will have to time your flight with the temperatures during the day. If you are heading somewhere warm, choose an early morning flight when it’s cooler. If you are heading someplace cold, choose a later afternoon flight. Most airlines won’t fly your dog unless the outside temperature is between 40 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If your pet sits on a runway, it can get overheated quickly. Similarly, your pet can freeze as well. Make sure your dog will be given priority for unloading, which is especially important in extreme heat.

Be In-Tune with Your Dog

Your dog trusts you implicitly with its life. When you agree to have a dog, you are responsible for its well-being all around — physical, mental, and emotional. When you put your dog’s life in the hands of others, do the best you can to ensure your dog will be safe. After all, your dog will do whatever you tell them to do, and they can’t tell you if anything is wrong.

Klik Belts, a maker of the best TSA-compliant belts, has a few more tips:

  • Opt for a direct flight if possible
  • Don’t fly your dog during the hot summer months
  • Keep communication open between you and the airline
  • Minimize the amount of time you are separated from your dog
  • Wear your TSA-compliant Klik belt to help speed up airport processes for your dog

Remember that each airline has their own pet policy, so before your book any tickets, give them a call to see their specific pet flight requirements.


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