How to Fly with Kids

Flying is stressful. From having to arrive at the airport hours ahead of time and find airport parking to having to get through airport security without being suspected as a terrorist and strip-searched, sometimes the only thing that makes flying worth it is the destination at the end. However, you throw kids in the mix  then you’re talking a whole other ballgame.

Luckily, Klik Belts makes the best TSA compliant belts to make getting through airport security a breeze. We make TSA-compliant belts for both men and women, from our womens’ 1.5" Black/OD Green Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt to our mens’ 1.5" Black Poly/Coyote Brown 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt. These belts are meant to allow you to get through airport security without having to take off your belt, which can be a lifesaver when you have a crying toddler at your feet and a baby in your arms. In this blog post, we’ll offer up some of the best tips for flying with kids. Do yourself a favor by making airport security simple and easy; order our airport-friendly belts today!


Arrive Early to Everything

Kids have no sense of time. It’s not on purpose that they do this; it’s because their brains just aren’t developed enough to have a sense of time. While this does improve with age, it’s something you have to teach them. This is why they constantly ask, “When will we be there?” Hence, when you are flying with kids, expect there to be mishaps, spilled milk, and unforeseen delays like diaper changes. You want to build in extra time so you are not stressed about trying to not miss your flight.

Take an Early Morning or Mid-Afternoon Flight

Flying is not only hard on parents; it’s hard on the kids as well. Having to drag your suitcase around an airport and walk all day can be taxing to your little ones. Try to plan your flight around when they will be sleeping so it will go much smoother for everyone, including the flight attendants and other passengers. An early morning flight or a mid-afternoon flight around nap time is perfect for your little ones.

Bring Snacks Galore

Klik Belts recommends that you bring more snacks for your kids than you think you will need. Airplane food is notoriously devoid of taste, but to your picky child, it’s probably downright disgusting. You can even surreptitiously pack your child’s favorite treat and save it for a breakdown moment. Hungry children are unruly children — something you definitely do not want on a cramped airplane where everyone around you already expects your child to misbehave.

Bring Activities Galore

As most of us know, airports and airplanes are notorious for delays. If you’ve taken our tip above and built in extra time than needed, then you will most likely be waiting for your plane to begin boarding, or you will be delayed or in-between connecting flights. To fill this time, Klik Belts, a maker of the best TSA-compliant belts, recommends that you bring along plenty of activities for your child to do. From bringing a portable game player, such as Nintendo and LeapPad, to bringing coloring books and a deck of cards, the more your kids have to do and are occupied, the less likely it is they will become bored and find trouble to get into.

Be Prepared for Their Ears

Children, especially little children, have a hard time dealing with their ears. Your ear has a tube called the Eustachian tube, which equalizes air pressure in your ears when you rise or lower in elevation. Thus, when your ears pop from yawning or swallowing, that is your ears adjusting. However, kids have smaller Eustachian tubes than adults and can have a harder time adjusting the air pressure inside them. If your child has a cold and their ears are clogged anyways, they may not be able to equalize the pressure. When you are unable to equalize the pressure, pain can occur, which is why babies cry upon landing as the air pressure increases. The pain is just temporary until the air pressure is equalized, but that won’t stop your child from crying in pain.

Klik Belts, who makes the best TSA-compliant belts, recommends that you bring gum along if they are old enough, which can help them equalize the air pressure. Yawning can also work, as well as swallowing. Pacifiers and lollipops are great alternatives.


Klik Belts offers metal-free belts to save you time getting through airport security. When you are traveling with kids, just getting to the airport security line could have been a nightmare. Now, you are standing and waiting, and the last thing you need is to have to do one more thing, such as taking off your belt in the airport security line. 

Klik Belts’ airport-friendly belts are lightweight, easy to take on and off, and are stylish. They are great for security personnel as well who constantly have to go through metal detectors at work, as well as government employees, courthouse workers, and military personnel and families. Klik Belts TSA-compliant belts are versatile, strong, and come in an array of colors and styles to meet your needs. As a busy parent, our TSA-compliant belts could be the life buoy you need at the airport. Browse our amazing selection online today!

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