How to Fly with Kids, Part 2

In our last blog post, we detailed how flying with children in tow can be stressful — so stressful, in fact, that many parents opt out of flying altogether and instead embark on a road trip. While road trips can be fun, when they are super long, they are also super stressful. 

Klik Belts has made it our mission to help ease the stress of traveling, including for those with children. We have developed the best TSA-compliant belts on the market, making airport security a snap. Instead of having to remove your belt because of its metal belt buckle, we have instead replaced the metal belt buckle with our innovative polymer belt buckles. You will effortlessly breeze through all metal detectors without the hassle of having to take your belt off and then proceed to hold your pants up until you get through airport security. Our non-metal belts are strong and durable. In this blog post, we’ll continue our look at tips in order to lower your stress while traveling. Browse our TSA-compliant belts today!


 Give Them a Responsibility

Kids love to be given a responsibility that they can handle. It makes them feel grown up, and it shows that you trust them. It can be as simple as making sure their younger sister or brother have their favorite toy, or giving them a carry-on bag that they need to make sure gets on the flight. You can play this up in importance, too. Telling your child that what’s is the bag is critical for where you are heading can give them an added purpose and a buy-in on your trip. If it’s Grandma’s birthday, say her present is in the bag. Or, if you are travelling to a wedding, tell them they are carrying a crucial item, such as a gift for the bride or an outfit they will wear.

Make Interactions with the Airline Positive

Klik Belts knows that flying with children adds a whole new level of stress. What also is stressful is dealing with the airline when they tell you there are unexpected charges, or you have to check an item you thought you’d get to keep as a carry-on. Make sure you understand all the charges for your baby flying, as well as your children under two. Research the carry-on rules so you know if your stroller is okay to bring on the flight as a carry-on. Expect some flight personnel to speak to you if your child does get unruly. For the most part, there’s not much you can do in a tight compartment where you can barely walk around in. It’s best to interact with the flight personnel as nicely as possible and realize they deal with unruly little kids all the time. Kindness will always yield you better treatment than rudeness.

Be Prepared for All Types of Weather

One of the biggest mistakes that Klik Belts notes that parents make is not bringing enough clothes with them for their children, especially in the summer. Young children’s bodies are less able to regulate themselves, and because they weigh less than us but have the same relative surface area, it’s harder for them to cool down and get warmer. The smaller the child, the faster they lose heat or the longer it takes them to cool down. Hence, air conditioning especially can affect your child and make them extremely cool, and most airplane flights crank the air conditioning due to all the bodies crammed together in such a small place.  Always bring a jacket, and consider bringing a blanket as well, especially for smaller children. It’s always easier to strip off clothes than to not have any in the first place. A cold or hot child will be absolutely miserable, and everyone around them will know it.

Be Prepared for Airport Security

Airport security can one day be a walk in the park and the next day be a parking lot, especially if you are travelling around the holidays. In our last blog post, we emphasized the importance of allowing more time when you travel. One of the reasons you need more time is to get through airport security. There are two things to remember about airport security: First, the line may be long and slow, which is difficult for small children who just want to run and play. Be prepared with activities to keep them close. Secondly, there may be extra security because you have small children. All of your bags will have to be checked, and most likely you will have to help your children with their shoes and other security requests. Plus, if you do have food and water (which are usually allowed for children under three), airport security can be a nightmare.

One way to ease the airport security stress is to invest in a TSA-approved belt by Klik Belts. Our belts are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are a snap to get on and off. Designed with a polymer buckle that has zero metal in it, your belt won’t set off metal detectors. Hence, you can leave it on, saving you the trouble of taking it on and off. If you have a child who tends to run off at any given opportunity, you can bet while you’re struggling with your belt, your child is off exploring, leaving you to fuss with your belt and scramble to get your child. Eliminate the fuss with our airport friendly belts today!

Let It Go

Like Elsa in the movie Frozen, sometimes you just have to let it go, meaning don’t worry about what other passengers will think and don’t respond if they say something rude. Kids are kids, and there’s only so much you can do. This same advice goes for the whole flying experience. Odds are, something will go wrong. One of your kids will get sick on the flight. Someone will cry and fuss. A favorite toy may have gotten left in the waiting area. However, kids have a right to fly as well, to live life to the fullest, to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and to go and see new things. Don’t feel the need to apologize for your kids’ behavior or cries. After all, your children are doing the best they can under the circumstances as well. 

Klick Belts, a maker of the best TSA-compliant belts, notes that for most people, flying is a pain and unpleasant. But we do fly in order to reach our destination, which can be a beautiful, white sandy beach, a castle in Ireland, or seeing a camel in Africa. Keep the endgame in mind as you are flying, and you will be a lot less stressed.


As a parent, you have enough going on to deal with. While using a TSA-compliant belt by Klik Belts may seem like a small thing and a small time saver, this can be golden for parents who don’t want just one more thing to deal with during the airport security line. Not to mention a lot of us rely on our belts to make sure our pants don’t slip and fall. Imagine having to deal with your pants during airport security and try to contain your three year-old who thinks the metal detectors are cool places to run in and out of. 

Flying can be tough all around. However, Klik Belts has made it our mission to make it a bit easier by making TSA-compliant belts to ease the burden of airport security. We offer both men and women’s TSA-approved belts that contain the strongest plastic polymer on earth. These fully adjustable airport-friendly belts are durable and are a cinch to take on and off. They come in many wonderful colors, so you can order a few and have enough to match every outfit you own. We offer heavy duty belts that are extra wide, as well as leather gun belts to hold your concealed carry weapon when you are not flying. Check out our 2-Ply TSA-compliant belts by Klik Belts that features a very rigid webbing for those who have more gear.

When you are flying with kids, the little things do matter, such as a smile from a fellow passenger or even just someone helping you pick up a toy your toddler dropped. These TSA-complaint belts will take one more thing off your plate, which is what every parent needs. Browse our selection online, and order today!

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