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Introducing the Klik Sling Modular Rifle Sling System

The Klik Sling Modular Rifle Sling System

The Klik Sling Modular Rifle Sling System is the ultimate adjustable, two-point rifle sling. A collaboration of Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms, this rifle sling is constructed from padded mil-spec nylon and equipped with authentic COBRA® buckles. It can be easily adjusted with just one hand and the COBRA®’s quick-release feature makes it simple and fast to sling and unsling your firearm. And, with its interchangeable tails, you can easily and quickly move the body of the Klik Sling from one firearm to another. 

How It Works

The Klik Sling Modular Rifle Sling System consists of two parts: the body of the sling system and the sling tails. The system will require one body and two tails, which are sold separately, for each firearm. Once you install tails on each of your firearms, you can easily switch the body of the sling from gun-to-gun. You’ll simply use the quick-release COBRA® buckles to move the rifle sling from one firearm to the next. The sling tails are available in four different styles including QD, HK hook, sling swivel, and universal, so there is a style that will fit almost any rifle. 


The Klik Sling is designed to be used with almost any rifle. It’s ideal for hunting, recreational use, or tactical use, and is available in a variety of colors. 

Since the Klik Sling pieces are sold a la carte, you can create the setup that works perfectly for you. Once you purchase a body, you can choose which tails you’ll need for each of your firearms depending on the type of tail attachment that each gun is equipped with. You’ll simply need to purchase two tails for each rifle, and then once they are installed, the body of the rifle sling can easily and quickly be moved from gun-to-gun. 


As with all of the products we produce and sell at Klik Belts, you can count on the quality of the Klik Sling to be of the highest caliber. The nylon is mil-spec and padded for reliability and comfort. The buckles that attach the body to the tails are authentic AustriAlpin COBRA® buckles. The COBRA® buckle sets the standard for strength and reliability, which lends to the overall quality of the rifle sling. 

The teams at Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms took the time to create something truly special with our Klik Sling Rifle Sling Modular System. You won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

The Specifications

The Klik Sling is what we call a modular rifle sling system. This means that you must use the body in conjunction with two tails per firearm. This gives you the freedom to customize the sling to your specific needs, as well as only purchase one body for use on almost all of your firearms. 

The Rifle Sling Body

The rifle sling body is made from padded, mil-spec nylon. It has a one-hand adjustment feature that allows you to rapidly and simply adjust the length. It’s strong, yet lightweight enough so as to not add any extra weight while using. Each end of the body is equipped with the female half of a COBRA® buckle so that it can easily and quickly be attached and detached from the tails. 

  • Length of body: Adjustable to anywhere from 40 to 67 inches
  • Length of padded strap: 23 inches
  • Quick-adjust range: +/- 7.75 inches
  • Material: 1.75-inch width, mil-spec nylon webbing with perforated body-side padding and 1.0-inch nylon webbing adjustable sections. 
  • Zytel adjustment sliders
  • Authentic COBRA® buckles.

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The Rifle Sling Tails

The body of the Klik Sling must be used with two tails per firearm. You can install the tails on each of your rifles and then simply move the body back and forth with the help of the COBRA® buckles. Our rifle sling tails are constructed from one-inch nylon webbing. Each tail is equipped with the male half of the COBRA® buckle so that it “kliks'' perfectly in place, quickly and simply. The rifle sling tails are available in four types to give you the ability to customize your rifle sling modular system to fit your unique needs. 

Types of tails:

  • QD Tail
    • Fits standard QD sling swivel sockets
  • HK Hook Tail
    • Fits various type of sling loops and rings
  • Sling Swivel Tail
    • Fits traditional sling swivel studs
  • Universal Strap Tail
    • Fits almost any other firearm

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Purchase Your Klik Sling Today

Are you ready to upgrade your rifle sling experience? It’s time to invest in the Klik Sling. This modular rifle sling system is perfect for those who own more than one rifle and would like to have one high-quality rifle sling that can be used with all of their firearms. We hope that you are as excited about the introduction of the Klik Sling as we are. Purchase yours today from Klik Belts.

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