Our Favorite Klik Belt Accessories Part 2

In our last blog post, “Our Favorite Klik Belt Accessories Part 1,” we discussed some of the accessories from Klik Belts that we like best. We highlighted our Klik Dog Collar and Leash as well as our Klik Belt Paracord Bracelet and other items. In today’s blog post, we are going to continue this list and discuss some of our other favorite Klik Belt accessories like our Klik Belt Key Chain and Klik Belt Utility Strap.  

Continue reading to learn more, and if you are interested in any of these accessories, shop Klik Belts. We design and manufacture all of our belts and accessories right here in the USA. We pay attention to every detail, big and small, to carefully craft our products to the highest quality. Shop Klik Belts and Klik Belt accessories today. 

The Klik Belt K9 Harness

Our Klik Belt K9 Harness is a padded, no-pull harness that is perfect for your dog to wear all day long. This comfortable harness will keep your pup from pulling during walks and is built strong and tough like all of our products made at Klik Belts. Our dog harness also features an authentic Cobra® buckle for added strength and durability. This harness comes in nine different sizes so it’ll fit any dog perfectly whether you have a puppy, corgi, collie, or german shepherd.  

Klik Belt K9 Harness Colors:

  • Black
  • OD Green

The Klik Belt Key Chain

Now, you might be wondering, why we have a key chain on the list of our favorite Klik Belt accessories. However, once you use our Klik Belt Key Chain, you’ll understand perfectly. This key chain conveniently slides right on to your Klik Belt, so you always know exactly where your keys are. It’s made to fit both our 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch belts, so whether you prefer our casual belt, tactical belt, or duty belt, the Klik Belt Key Chain is a great option. This key chain carries your keys conveniently at your waist, so you have quick and easy access no matter when you need your keys. Our key chain is ideal for use at work, while spending time outdoors, or while completing chores around the house. We make a regular-strength key chain as well as a heavy duty key chain that can carry the additional weight of water bottles, gloves, or other small items.  

Klik Key Chain Colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

The Klik Belt T-Shirt

We had to put our Klik Belt T-Shirt on the list. This comfortable T-shirt comes in two styles: grunt style and our original Klik Belts design. It’s perfect for wearing for a jog, while hiking, fishing, hunting, or just casually around the house. And, it pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans worn with any of our Klik Belts. You can show your love for Klik Belts anywhere you go with our Klik Belts T-Shirt. 

Klik Belt T-Shirt Colors:

  • Grey
  • Olive

The Klik Belt Cap

Our Klik Belt Cap is the perfect way to show off your affinity for Klik Belts. Our hat comes in two styles: a Snapback, flat billed hat with the Klik Belts logo embroidered on the front, and a cotton and twill cap with a curved brim featuring a Klik Belts Cobra® patch. No matter your style, we have a hat that will match.

Klik Belt Cap Colors:

  • Black
  • Light Gray

The Klik Belt Utility Strap

Since we utilize Cobra® buckles on our Klik Belts, it only made sense that we should also make a cargo strap. Our utility straps are some of the strongest on the market and are perfect for camping, towing, moving, tying up hammocks, and as tie downs for heavy loads. We also offer our utility strap in custom lengths for those who need something specific. 

Klik Belts Utility Strap Buckle Colors:

  • Black 
  • Aluminium 

Klik Belts Utility Strap Colors:

  • Black 
  • Coyote Brown
  • Aqua
  • Hunter Orange
  • Navy Blue
  • OD Green
  • Bright Green
  • Wolf Gray
  • Pink
  • Yellow 

Shop Our Klik Belt Accessories

We hope that after reading this blog, you are as excited as us about these Klik Belt accessories. From our convenient Klik Belt Key Chain to our Klik Belt Utility Strap, you can trust that every item we put our name on is unbeatable in terms of quality. If you are interested in any of the products that we discussed in this blog post, you can find them at our online store, and don’t forget to check out our tactical belts while you are there.

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