Our Top Picks for Gun Belts

Searching for a gun belt can be a lengthy process if you are considering every concealed carry belt found online. Today, we are going to share a list of our favorite gun belts from Klik Belts to help you shorten that process and choose a quality gun belt from a reputable and reliable company. 

Continue reading to learn about our top picks for gun belts from Klik Belts and when you are ready to purchase your new favorite concealed carry belt, consider Klik Belts. We create quality belts from the best materials to bring you a product that you’ll love. Shop our selection of leather gun belts and nylon gun belts today. 

  1. The Polished Aluminum and Black Leather Gun Belt

First on our list of the best gun belts from Klik Belts is the Polished Aluminum and Black Leather Gun Belt. This belt comes in a width of 1.5-inches so it will fit into most belt loops and has a clean, classic appearance. This belt features a polished aluminum Cobra® buckle and a black leather belt made from top-grain Herman Oak leather. This gun belt is double-stitched for added strength and durability and is ideal for those who wear business attire on a regular basis, although it can easily be paired with a nice pair of jeans and boots as well. 

  1. The Polished Aluminum and Burgundy Leather Gun Belt

The next belt on our list, the Polished Aluminum and Burgundy Leather Gun Belt from Klik Belts, features a beautiful burgundy leather belt made from the same top-grain leather as its black counterpart we spoke of above. This belt is 1.5-inches wide so it will fit through the loops of most slacks, jeans, and khakis, so you can enjoy wearing this belt with any outfit. The polished aluminum Cobra® buckle gives this belt a classic, almost elegant look that is perfect for wearing into the office or to meetings with business associates. 

  1. The Matte Black and Navy Blue Tactical Belt

Up next on the list of our favorite gun belts is the Matte Black and Navy Blue Tactical Belt. This two-ply tactical belt is made from our proprietary nylon webbing. We chose this belt not only because of its ability to support the weight of a firearm and extra magazine but also because of the color. The dark navy blue belt brings just the right amount of color to your ensemble and pairs perfectly with the Matte Black Cobra® buckle. This belt is ideal for those who need to carry equipment at their waist for work or those who conceal carry for personal reasons, and it pairs perfectly with a pair of jeans.  

  1. The OD Green and Black TSA-Approved Tactical Belt

Our next gun belt on the list, the OD Green and Black TSA-Approved Tactical Belt will let you walk right through airport security or any other metal detector without having to remove your belt. This belt is constructed from two plies of our dark OD Green nylon webbing and features an authentic Matte Black polymer Cobra® buckle. While you will still need to remove your firearm as you walk through metal detectors, this metal-free belt will save you an extra step. 

  1. The Black Multicam® Wide Duty Belt

The last gun belt we decided to put on this list is the Black Multicam® Wide Duty Belt. This camo-colored belt is 1.75-inches wide and has three plies of our nylon webbing. It won’t fit through standard belt loops because it is specifically designed for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders. The extra width and additional ply on this belt mean that it provides even more strength and stability for those who need to carry their firearm and extra equipment and tools. This belt comes in the Multicam® color and features a Matte Black Cobra® buckle.  

Shop These Gun Belts and More at Klik Belts

At Klik Belts, we carry a wide array of gun belts from leather gun belts and two-ply nylon belts to three-ply duty belts and TSA-approved belts. All of our belts are made with materials of the highest quality and designed and manufactured right here in America. If you are searching for your new favorite gun belt, shop Klik Belts today.

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