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3 Tips for the Man Who Hates Buying Belts Online

Buying belts online is always a bit of a gamble, isn’t it? You find what you want, place your order, and then wait (and wait…and wait…). When you get it, you find yourself underwhelmed by the quality. Or maybe you go to the store and grab the cheapest belt you see. You wear it a few times and have that thought we’ve all had at one time or another—“this says genuine leather…but it looks like it’s made out of cardboard!” Here are three tips for people who want buy belts online: Don’t implicitly trust when a website says they offer the best belts for men. Do some research to see what customers have to say and base your decision on...

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Our Klik Collars Are Made to the Same High Standards as Our Work Belts!

Did you know that in addition to making heavy duty belts, we’re also making dog collars? That’s right! The same quality you’ve come to expect from the work belts at Klik Belts is being put to good use in our Klik Collars. By undergoing beta testing with a number of service dog trainers, we’ve crafted a product that we’re extremely proud of. Just like our work belts, Our Klik Collars are made right here in the United States of America. Our Medium Klik Collar is the perfect fit for your Collie, Lab, Boxer, or other medium sized breed and the Large Klik Collar is great for German Shepherds, Labs, Great Danes, and other bigger pups. If you’ve come to put your trust...

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Klik Belt Maintenance Tip

To ensure you experience the best possible use of your Klik Belt, we recommend the following maintenance tip.  Place a single drop of light viscosity oil on the male end of your Klik Belt buckle under the curved portion (as show in diagram below).   Typical users will find that this only needs to be done once per year.  However, if you wear your belt in water or harsh conditions, you may need to reapply as needed. Cobra® buckles are proven to be the most reliable, strongest side release buckle in the world.  A single drop of oil is all that is needed to ensure smooth, quick releases for a lifetime of use.

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Why Our Klik Belts are the Last Work Belts You’ll Ever Buy

If you’ve done any amount of shopping for work belts, you know that most of what’s out there just doesn’t do the trick. We’ve talked before about how it just doesn’t make sense to buy a hundred different cheap belts in your lifetime. You could simply purchase one great belt and be done with it. It’s just like your grandpa always used to say—“buy it nice or buy it twice.” We couldn’t agree more. Why our work belts are the last belt you’ll ever buy. Here’s the great thing about a Klik Belt: it’s got a patented world’s strongest buckle. That means it’s going to hold up no matter what kind of work you do. Our Klik Belts are going...

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Scared of Buying Belts Online? With Klik Belts, You Don’t Have to Be

Buying belts online can always be a bit of a gamble. You’ve probably bought an expensive belt that’s made of something called “genuine leather” in the past. It has a nice ring to it, but what exactly is “genuine leather” and what makes it so genuine? Unfortunately, genuine leather is one of the lower qualities of leather. Most of the time, it’s made up of several pieces of leather that have been glued together and then painted in an effort to make it look like the real deal. Here’s the other thing—regardless of the quality of leather, it can stretch out over time and what was once a belt that fit well becomes a belt that’s a little too loose...

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