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Best Military Belts

When you’re in the military, you typically carry a lot of stuff with you in order to be prepared at all times. From binoculars, energy bars, and elbow pads to personal radios, global positioning systems, and extra socks, you never know what you will need. Thus, the best military belts are sturdy, pliable, and strong so that they can carry some of the many items you’ll need, including your holster and gun. Klik Belts makes the best military belts. We offer both 1.5” and 1.75” Wide Duty Belts in approved colors so you can have a choice in strength and security. This is also offered in a 1-ply or 3-ply version. The ply refers to how many layers a belt...

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Best TSA Belts

Most of us are lucky enough to be able to travel during the year. Sometimes we travel short distances by our cars. However, if we are looking to travel across the country or halfway around the world, then air is the way to go. It’s convenient, it's quick, and most of the time, it’s relatively affordable. That being said, the one thing no one likes about airports is airport security. Let’s face it, airport security is a hassle. You have to put down your bags, pull out all of your electronic devices, put them in these cheap plastic bins that are then scanned — and then you have to be scanned. You usually have to take off your shoes, your...

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Best Leather Belts

Leather has been a traditional and a classic material made to make clothing, shoes, and other uses, such as upholstery. Our ancestors used leather almost exclusively as clothing. Made from animal hides, leather was readily available. The ancient Egyptians show leather sandals, clothes, gloves, bottles, shrouds, and buckets in wall paintings from 5000 BC. Leather began to be tanned almost exclusively by the ancient Greeks who are credited with inventing the vegetable tanning process by using tree bark and leaves. This method of using vegetables to tan leather is still in use today.  The Romans (who stole almost everything of import from the Greeks and then improved upon it) used tanned leather for clothes, shoes, shields, saddles, and harnesses. Ultimately,...

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Best Ladies’ Belts

A belt can make or break an outfit, especially for women. But finding the best ladies’ belt can be quite the challenge. After all, looks matter when you’re a woman. Yet, you also need a women’s belt that will hold up your pants and jeans, especially for your on-the-go lifestyle. Klik Belts offers the best ladies’ belts. Featuring an array of colors, our top-notch nylon webbing, and our COBRA® belt buckles, this belt is made for strength and for aesthetic appeal. Below, we’ll go over some common belt tips and myths for the best ladies’ belts. Browse our best belts for women today! BEST LADIES’ BELT TIPS Matching Is Not a Must Many women think that their belts have to...

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Best Belts for Men

Most of us struggle to find clothes that fit perfectly. Let’s face it, all of our bodies are different, despite the fact we all have two legs, two arms, and a head. When it comes to pants, finding pants that fit can be the most difficult of all, especially for men when pants and jeans tend to focus on waist size above anything else. While Klik Belts can’t help with how pants or jeans are designed and made, we can help with the overall fit and comfort of your pants and jeans by making the best belts for men. From TSA belts to tactical and duty belts, Klik Belts stands for superb quality, comfort, and style. Below, we’ll take a...

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