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Where Will You And Your Dog Go With Their Klik Collar?

Where Will You And Your Dog Go With Their Klik Collar?

There’s a big, beautiful world out there, and your dog wants to help you explore it. The desire to roam around and adventure is instilled in most dogs, if not all, and we believe that this innate curiosity isn’t that much different than that of a human. Really, maybe we’re not so different from our pets after all — at the very least, we could learn from their ever-compassionate and persistently grateful attitudes.

Outfitting Your Pup With Our Durable Dog Collars For Sale

At Klik Belts, we totally support you and your dog’s adventures, whether you’re headed up to climb a mountain peak or you’re off to the local dog park for a million rounds of playing fetch. That’s why we make ultra-strong collars for dogs in a number of stylish and pup-approved colors. Thanks to the signature COBRA® buckle hardware utilized in every single Klik Belt we make, Klik Collars snap tight and won’t budge until you release them.

Securing your dog’s tags, identification, and other important information around their neck has never been more...well, secure! Here are some great places to take your dog that we’re sure they’ll love.

Hike A Dog-Friendly Trail

Not all hiking trails are created equal, but many are designed with dogs in mind, at least in the sense that you’re allowed to bring a leashed dog along with you. Make sure to bring a harness to secure their leash (though our collars for dogs offer great leash support), as harnesses prevent pulling on your dog’s neck. A harness will also help keep your dog from excitedly jumping onto passing hikers.

Take Them Off-Leash At A Dog Park

Most dogs (ok, all dogs) love getting outside to breathe some fresh air and run around, but in many places, leash laws are in effect. Of course, that’s for the sake of your dog’s safety and the safety of others, but there are dog parks designed to accommodate off-leash dogs. Once they’re safely inside a fenced area, let them loose and chuckle at the spectacle that is pure dog joy: running around without the confines of a leash.

Go To A DIY Dog Wash

Starting to stink after a morning of rolling around in the dirt at the local dog park? Save some dollars by visiting a do-it-yourself dog wash. These places have grown in popularity over the past several years, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in your community.

When it’s time to get all sudsy and clean, just make sure to remove your dog’s Klik Collar so that you can get even access to their shining coat. In no time at all, you’ll walk out with a fresh-smelling dog.

Embark On A Road Trip

It’s no secret that dogs love the simple pleasure of feeling the wind and sticking their head out the window. Now, the safety of doing this is up for debate, but if your dog clearly enjoys traveling with you in your car, take them along with you! Even if it’s just for a nice mountain drive to catch some fresh air, we’re sure that they’ll enjoy it more than being cooped up indoors.

Hit Up A Pet Supply Store

Are you familiar with the concept of “retail therapy?” As it turns out, dogs also benefit from a shopping spree, though not in the same way that humans do. A visit to your local pet supply store can actually be very exciting for your dog, plus, it’s a great chance to show off their Klik Collar.With dog treats, toys, and friendly, dog-loving employees galore, it’s no wonder that many dogs absolutely love strolling the aisles of your local pet supply shop. Bonus points: free treats!

Visit A Dog-Friendly Brewery

Just make sure to keep them outside, within your sight, and don’t give them any beer...for obvious reasons. Many breweries are very dog-friendly.

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Klik Belts may be primarily concerned with holding up your pants, but we’re also in the business of providing the best dog collars on the market designed just for your pup. Shop our on duty and off duty collections, or check out our X-large dog collars for bigger dogs.

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