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What To Wear With The Best Men’s Belts On The Planet

Need some suggestions on what to pair with the best men’s belts on the planet? We built Klik Belts to be extremely heavy duty so they can handle whatever you throw their way. Thankfully, that’s not where our mission ended. We decided that there’s no reason something practical has to be unattractive. That’s why we make Klik Belts that feature the world’s strongest buckle, are backed by a lifetime guarantee, and also look sharp. We’re sure that (unless you want another Klik Belt in a different color) it’s the last belt you’ll ever buy. What to Wear with the Best Men’s Belts Around: A nice grey suit is always in style. Whether you’re wearing a subdued blue shirt underneath or...

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Are Our Belts More Than Just Work Belts?

We think that our Matte Black D-Ring Rescue belt is one of the absolute best work belts ever created. Using two plies of 1 ½” military spec nylon that’s been tightly woven for a tensile strength of 6000 lbs., it’s sure to stand up to anything you can throw at it. Whether you put it to the test at the construction site, in the woodshop, or while doing landscape work, we know that it’s one of the few work belts around that will stand the test of time. But how can you wear it as more than just a work belt? Here are a few suggestions: Just because you find yourself behind a desk doesn’t mean you don’t need a...

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Why Are Klik Belts the Best Men’s Belts on the Market?

Our goal is to make the best men’s belts out there. One of the ways we do this is by assembling our product in the good old US of A. That’s right. Every Klik Belt is put together by hand at our home in Austin, Texas. Why Klik Belts are the Best Men’s Belts Around. Our attention to detail allows us to produce the highest quality belts. Think about it for a second. Your belt is an accessory that you wear every single day, but belts in general haven’t received much of an upgrade since their invention. Our goal is to give you the world’s strongest belt that doesn’t have holes that will wear out, material that doesn’t stretch, and...

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Why Our Klik Belts are the Last Work Belts You’ll Ever Buy

If you’ve done any amount of shopping for work belts, you know that most of what’s out there just doesn’t do the trick. We’ve talked before about how it just doesn’t make sense to buy a hundred different cheap belts in your lifetime. You could simply purchase one great belt and be done with it. It’s just like your grandpa always used to say—“buy it nice or buy it twice.” We couldn’t agree more. Why our work belts are the last belt you’ll ever buy. Here’s the great thing about a Klik Belt: it’s got a patented world’s strongest buckle. That means it’s going to hold up no matter what kind of work you do. Our Klik Belts are going...

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