Women’s Belts And Other Add-Ons For Your Pants

Pants are simply a reality of life. We can’t live without them (when it’s cold out), and we can certainly live with them given that many people in the world have no choice for several months each year. Shorts are also a reality of life; even when it’s warm enough outside to free your calves from your suffocating jeans, you must put on something over your underwear to be socially acceptable.

And though we wouldn’t consider something as essential to your pants or shorts like a belt as something that’s an accessory, belts are technically an add-on to what’s already around your waist. As obvious as that sounds, it’s true.

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Here at Klik Belts, we love providing the world’s strongest belt. Our men’s belts and women’s belts for sale are made with COBRA® buckles and high-quality nylon or leather that will stand the test of time no matter what life throws at you, and we think that’s a beautiful thing.

Though belts will always be our preferred pant or short add-on of choice, there are other add-ons worth considering for the purposes of utility or style:

The Iconic Chain (Or Chain Wallet)

The chain, commonly associated with the chain wallet, has stirred controversy in the pant and short accessory world since the look was first invented. On one hand, it provides good security for your wallet, and if you’re into heavy metal or you’re going for a punk-like look, a chain hanging off of one of your belt loops is a great way to go. On the other hand, others might view your chain as tacky or outdated.

In any case, we encourage you to rock your pant accessory of choice with no shame.


Bandanas are one of the most versatile pieces of...well, we’re not even sure what to call them. They’re a clothing item, they’re a handkerchief, a napkin, a washcloth, a sweatband, a makeshift hobo-style rucksack...really, a bandana is whatever you want it to be, and that includes as a stylized fashion accessory tied onto your pants or shorts.

Some may think that a bandana tied onto your belt loop looks silly, but others may see it as incredibly practical. We’re more inclined to agree with the latter.


There’s no better way to go for a 1920 dapper-look than with suspenders. Well, you could also go with a farmer-look with jean suspenders. Suspenders are versatile in the same way that bandanas are; though the use of suspenders is a lot more limited than that of the trusty bandana, the look can go a surprisingly long way.

Though suspenders do make for an admittedly functional belt alternative, we’re much more partial (and not at all biased) toward using a Klik Belt.

Comfortable, Stylish, And Timeless — That’s A Klik Belt

Belts are the ultimate sidekick to pants and shorts, and what better belt is there than a Klik Belt? Shop our men’s and women’s belts for sale today!

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