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This ain't your fathers' belt

Leather, plain, holes, prongs, too tight, too loose, traditional, and boring all can be used to describe today's belts.  Since the invention of the wheel (which was near the invention of the belt)  not much has changed.     THE PAST It's time to upgrade your belt. Klik Belts was founded in 2014 by a group of us who wanted more out of a simple object we all use every day; a tool that plays an indispensable role in all of our lives. As a creative collective, we've made a belt that is not only aesthetically empowering, but combines strength with form and function. All of our belts are made from: 7075 Aluminum alloy buckle          ...

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Quick History of the Belt Buckle

A little history: The very first buckles started off on ancient battlefields, utilizing a new concept to secure helmets to soldiers' heads. Later, the commonly recognized "frame and prong" was applied to the waistline. Variations have since been made to the belt and buckle, however there have been no real improvements for hundreds of years.                   That's where we come in. Why not create a belt that you only have to adjust once?   Klik Belts utilize a patented buckle which can withstand over 4000lbs of pulling force yet weighs only 4 ounces and can be released with a simple "klik".  The webbing is a military spec nylon webbing that doesn't fray,...

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Klik Belts colors for 2016

Klik Belts has launched a new lineup of colors for 2016.  Drum roll please........ Matte Black Polished Aluminum Polished Aluminum on black Desert Sand Coyote Brown Olive Slate We also have the ability to mix and match any webbing with any color buckle.  Do you have a special request?  My daughter wanted a Desert Sand buckle on grey webbing which actually looks great.  Might be a new standard color for 2017!

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