Velcro Added To Tail

$ 10.00

Product Description

Klik Belts' newest option allows you to add Velcro® to the tail of your Klik Belt.

Adding Velcro® to the tail of the belt has PRO's and CON's and our goal is to provide options that work best for your preferred style and use of the belt.

  • PRO: Velcro securely holds excess webbing in place
  • PRO: Velcro eliminates the need for a separate keeper
  • PRO: Velcro prevents accidental slippage of the webbing
  • CON: Velcro makes it more difficult to thread webbing through buckle
  • CON: Velcro can eventually wear out and lose its grip
  • CON: Velcro is visible and detracts aesthetically
  • CON: Velcro makes quick adjustments more cumbersome

We use 1.5" Velcro mil grade hook & loop for a superior grip and long cycle use.  A 3.5" hook piece is triple sewn to the tail and a 10" loop piece is sewn to the belt. 




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