Hidden Money/Key Pocket-2 ply belts only

$ 10.00

Product Description

Klik Belts’ Hidden Money/Key Pocket is easy to install and versatile in use.

  • Hidden pockets are the ultimate asset in any tactical gear. 
  • Sewn right in to the base of your belt
  • Features a small inside pocket for bills, business cards, or a key.  
  • NOT AVAILABLE ON 1 OR 3 PLY BELTS (Due to the way they are sewn)

When you’re out and about, on the job, or at the office, it’s nice to be able to carry your essentials at all times. Klik Belts has created this Hidden Money/Key Pocket so you can easily tuck away valuables without having to carry around your purse or wallet. This hidden pouch is great for grabbing lunch at the office with co-workers, going on a 5k run, or taking your kids to the park. Thus, you’ll always have money to grab a snow cone, head to the beach, or have your house or car key right where you need it. Klik Belts believes in making all our belt products superior. This hidden belt pouch is built to last. Order this Hidden Money/Key Pocket by Klik Belts today!

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