Klik Apple Watch Band

$ 39.00

Product Description

The Klik Apple Watch Band is the best Apple watch band made with paracord.

  • Uses our authentic COBRA® fashion buckles
  • Made from paracord
  • Fits Apple watch band sizes of 42mm and 38mm

If you want your Apple watch to stand out from the crowd, then consider this Apple watch strap from Klik Belts. This tactical watch band is made to fit perfectly, having enough elastic give to not cut off blood circulation, but once placed, won’t slide around on your arm. This iWatch band is offered in three wrist sizes and two Apple watch sizes (size 40mm fits Apple Watch 38 and 40 and size 44mm fits Apple Watch 42 and 44). Order your paracord Apple watch band today!

  • Made in the USA
  • Superior quality
  • Fast shipping

Note: **For a perfect fit, put your wrist measurement in the notes at checkout. To measure your wrist, simply wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure where the two points meet. 

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