Rubber Keepers Pack of 3

$ 6.95

Product Description

Klik Belts’ thick silicone rubber keepers, or what we like to call "Tail Tamers," hold any excess webbing to your belt.   

  • Purchase our pack of 3 to have replacements on hand.
  • Rubber Tail Tamers come in 3 colors: Black, Coyote Brown, and Wolf Gray.
  • Keeps your men’s and women’s Klik Belts’ tails out of the way

Klik Belts understands how annoying it can be when you are constantly messing with the tail of your belt (probably just as annoying as constantly pulling up your pants). These Rubber Keepers Pack of 3 ensures the tail on your belt stays in place and doesn’t slide around. These rubber keepers could also be used to secure items to a pack or a strap. When you invest in Klik Belts’ products, you always get more than meets the eyes. Our insanely-strong belts can double as tow straps and tourniquets with our COBRA® belt buckle having a pulling capacity of 18kN / 4000lb MBS in a straight pull. Likewise, these Rubber Keepers can be used for money rolls, traction bands, Zippo sealers, and more. Only your imagination is the limit when it comes to uses for Klik Belts’ products and these Rubber Keepers Pack of 3. Order yours today!

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