2.25" Cobra® Buckle Converter

$ 44.00

Product Description


Klik Belts offers the best metal belt buckles, including the 2.25” COBRA® Buckle Converter.

  • Made to replace your plastic belt buckle on your existing 2.25” duty belt and other plastic belt buckles
  • Made from one piece of aluminum
  • Superior safety and strength ratings

Have you ever noticed how most duty belts use a cheap plastic buckle? If you have an existing 2.25" Duty belt with a plastic buckle, you can now replace that cheap plastic buckle with a high strength Cobra® quick-release buckle. Simply release your hook and loop keepers and remove your plastic buckle. Then thread our new 2.25" Cobra® Buckle Converter onto your existing belt. You now increased the carrying strength and ease of release by a factor of 100. Klik Belts specializes in making men’s and women’s belts and belt buckles that not only are great when you are out in the field, but also work great for everyday use. Fully-adjustable belts that are held by these 7075 aluminum alloy 2.25" Cobra® Buckle Converters can’t be beat. Order your men’s and women’s belt buckle today!

  • Available in Wide or Extra Wide.
  • This is only the Cobra® buckle. 
  • Fast shipping


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