1.5" Gun Metal Gray on Red Nylon KlikBelt

$ 64.00

Product Description

Klik Belts offers this 1.5" Gun Metal Gray on Red Nylon KlikBelt, which will add some spice to any outfit of your choosing.

  • Bright red color oozes power and energy
  • 1 ply nylon material with the patented COBRA® Buckle
  • Make a statement with this men’s and women’s everyday belt

Klik Belts loves to add color to our men’s and women’s belts. Offered in a women’s red belt and a men’s, you’ll love the attention this belt will bring. Strong as ever with our COBRA® belt buckle which is made from 7075 aluminum, this red belt will stir up excitement at any party you attend, as well as serve as a great conversation started. Red also oozes confidence and control, making it a great choice for presentations and boardrooms, as well as for military and police. If you are looking for an everyday belt that not only will speak sophistication and order, but also look great as you’re doing everyday chores around the house, then look no further than this 1.5" Gun Metal Gray on Red Nylon KlikBelt. Order yours today!

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  • Fast shipping
  • Easy order process

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