1.5" Matte Black on White Klik Belt

$ 64.00

Product Description

Klik Belts offers this 1.5" Matte Black on White Klik Belt, which lends an air of sophistication with a bit of danger.

  • Black and white together draw the eye in for a classic beauty
  • Nylon ply material and the patented COBRA® Buckle are a potent combination
  • Anodized finish will make this men’s and women’s white belt pop

When someone asks you to spell it out in “black and white,” they mean to say exactly what you are thinking and to quit ho-humming around. The color black (which is actually the absence of any color to our eyes) is associated with power, fear, strength, authority, sophistication, and authority. The color white is associated with purity, innocence, goodness, faith, new beginnings, safety, and perfection. When you combine the mystique of black with the softness of white, you get a combination that is hard to take your eyes off.

Klik Belts has meshed black and white together in this 1.5" Matte Black on White Klik Belt. Built with all of the highest-quality materials in order to be strong, this men’s and women’s belt will soon become your favorite Klik Belt, matching all outfits in your closet and getting complement left and right when you leave your home. This everyday belt is fantastic for grabbing coffee with a friend, shopping, watching the big game, playing golf, or attending your kid’s play. In fact, there truly is not a place for this designer belt. With our COBRA® Buckle that is pure strength, you can’t go wrong. Order yours today!

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