1.5" Black Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt

$ 54.00

Product Description

Breeze Through Airport Security With Our Strong TSA-Approved Belt

Tired of taking off your precious belt every time you go through airport security? So were we. That’s why the good folks at AustriAlpin worked with us to reinvent the classic metal COBRA® belt buckle. We’re proud to offer the same Klik Belt experience that our users know and love, but in a lightweight version that won’t hold you up at metal scanners. 

The Power Of Polymer

Our new GT COBRA® buckle uses a high-strength polymer buckle system to keep things tight and secure. We proudly consider this TSA-compliant belt to have the most robust plastic hardware on Planet Earth, and we stand by that claim! 

From ultra-lightweight construction to world-class strength and absolutely zero metal detectability (there’s no metal here!), we’re confident that frequent flyers, federal employees, prison guards, and other people who routinely encounter metal scanners will absolutely love this classic matte black belt. Get your very own TSA-compliant travel belt today from Klik Belts!

Product features: 

  • 1.5” wide webbing designed to fit through all pant loops
  • Patented world’s strongest COBRA® polymer buckle
  • Targeted tensile load of 500lbf/2,2kN
  • Infra-red reduction compliance
  • 100% U.S. Berry Amendment compliance (for government applications)

    If you wear a concealed carry holster or regularly carry additional weight (such as tool belts) we recommend our 2-Ply Tactical version. Learn more about the difference 1-Ply vs. 2-Ply by clicking here.

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