Which thickness of belt should I choose ?  1 Ply or 2 Ply

1 Ply Regular Duty:  

  • Single ply of 1 1/2" mil strength nylon is pliable and very comfortable to wear as an everyday belt.  
  • Popular choice for regular use and wearability. 
  • 1 Ply not recommended for concealed carry, instead choose 2 Ply.
  • Customers include: Outdoor adventurers, rock climbers, surf fisherman, and customers wanting a dual purpose dress/casual and outdoor belt.

2 Ply Tactical Duty:

  • Outer ply is 1 1/2" mil spec nylon and the Inner ply is a proprietary rigid webbing.  
  • Very rigid yet comfortable to wear, make this option great for law enforcement and other tactical users who carry everyday or hold more gear (radios, cuffs, lights, etc)
  • Triple stitched for added strength with high tensile nylon thread
  • Customers include: Law Enforcement, Defense Agencies, Military, SWAT and special ops.

Survival On Purpose recently did a review of the 2 Ply belt and you can see video at: