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Strength Comes In Many Forms

Everyone knows that Klik Belts are strong. After all, this is what our company prides itself on: the integrity of a truly superior product. But do you know what makes our Klik Belts the best belts in the world? It starts with the carefully chosen components, one of which being the unmatched COBRA® belt buckle. By using the very best belt buckle manufacturer we could find, Klik Belts offer a level of safety, security, and style that cannot be provided by any other belt manufacturer. We have redefined and re-invent the belt. We have made it a utility piece, a fashion piece, a must-have wardrobe component, and an imperative travel companion. Learn how the COBRA® belt buckle takes the Klik Belt from a regular nylon belt to everything you could need in an accessory.

What is the COBRA® Belt Buckle?

Our COBRA® buckle was developed and manufactured in Austria, out of 7075 aluminum. The aerospace industry has been using this workhorse material since 1943 for everything from commercial planes, fighter jets, and space travel. It's one of the strongest metals available, in the world but with an adding benefit...this metal will not weigh you down. And at Klik Belt, if it's good enough for some of the most powerful machines in history, it's good enough for us.

With the best materials, the design is simple. The prong end of the buckle inserts into the other end, clicking together securely. To release is just as non-complex. This quick-release, load-bearing buckle is perfect for those who enjoy mountaineering, parachuting, search and rescue, and cargo. In other words, this belt buckle can take on a lot of wear and tear and is only going to open if you want it to. Additionally, this belt buckle has gained a lot of popularity as a valuable tool for gun enthusiasts. Because it is so secure and yet so light, gun owners have found it a welcome addition to their gun belt.

Why are they Better than Typical Belt Buckles?

Since the COBRA® buckle has been gaining a lot more popularity over the last several years, there is one question that seems to be asked more than others. People want to know why this buckle is superior to others that are currently being sold on the market. Some of the reasons have to do with how this buckle has recently become more commonly used in a new application as a gun belt. On the other hand, there is much more than that separating the COBRA® buckle from other buckles you can buy at your local department store. Let’s discuss just what those differences are.

To start, let’s address what a traditional leather belt has to offer before we would suggest that you switch to a nylon one with a COBRA® buckle, especially those that also can double as gun belts. Sure a leather belt can get the job done just fine of holding your pants around your hips or even carrying your firearm, but what else? Not to mention, depending on your ensemble, not all leather belts will provide you with a stylish look. In fact, it is likely you would have to purchase multiple colors in leather belts in order to wear one that works with your wardrobe. This is certainly not the case with the Klik belt. One neutral color of our belt will give you the ability to mix and match whether you are carrying or not.

When it comes to the utility of a leather belt, you don’t have much hope if you are planning on using your belt ever again should you need to use it during an emergency. Even if you never need to use your leather belt for anything other than securing your trousers, you can bet that it won’t last as long as you would like. Our nylon belts, on the other hand, can be washed and will still outlast those that you would normally buy.

Now let’s talk about weight. When you wear a leather belt, it likely is going to come with a bulky metal buckle. This alone can make working in said belt a bit difficult. Not to mention, if you leather belt was to get wet you have to consider that it might shrink, warp, or swell. And forget about wearing the same leather belt as your body changes over time. If you gain or lose weight, your belt suddenly won’t be able to do its job, making it necessary for you to buy a new one. The material all make alternative belt types irrelevant. Plain and simple, nylon belts with COBRA® buckles are the way to go.

AustriAlpin Manufacturers

AustriAlpin products are made in Austria but are exclusively distributed in North America, and are the best hardware used in industries that include military, industrial safety, SAR, police, fire, tactical, climbing, theatrical rigging, mountaineering, parasport, and more. Their COBRA® buckle is known to be one of the strongest in the world, while also remaining light and stylish. These qualities make these buckles perfect for adventure and special occasions alike.

All COBRA® buckles are made from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy, featuring brass and stainless steel components as well. This construction promises unwavering strength and safety, long-term reliability, as well as extreme performance. The patented AustriAlpin COBRA®® quick release buckles are the most finely crafted and strongest load bearing buckles on the market today. Additionally, all buckles made at AustriAlpin are CNC machined, assembled, inspected, and packed in an ISO quality assurance accredited facility.

Are They as Strong as Promised?

COBRA® belt buckles that are built by our manufacturer, AustriAlpin, which are made to the highest of standards. These are serious pieces of hardware that are built to be used in real hard work. Various versions of these belt buckles are rated to load bearing strengths as much as several tons. The very first base model has a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds, with others having up to 11,000. In case you were curious, that is 5 ½ tons of pull before the buckle would break.

This is again why these buckles are the ideal piece of equipment for cargo straps, parachute rigging, and more.

Not only do COBRA® buckles show their strength in how much they can pull, but they are also made to withstand various conditions that other belts may not be able to. Whether you are using your belt in the dust, dirt, rain, or even salt water, your buckle will go unaffected, continuing to do the job you need it to, regardless of what that may be.

The Buckle Chosen By Professionals, Adventurers, and Professional Adventurers Alike

While we could go on and on about the level of proficiency that these belt buckles offer, we think perhaps seeing what owners of the COBRA® buckle are saying may help you to understand a bit more about what a serious piece of hardware this buckle is.

"Well Worth It"
5.0 out of 5 stars

I own six of these and four of the 1" inch version. You can rely on these things to hold their weight and then some. I don't think any serious adventurer can be without these. They are lightweight and have dozens of uses. I can eliminate about six things from my pack with these: a belt, a tourniquet, a prussik device, luggage restraint, self-rescue for my motorcycle, etc. For the price and the benefits, you can't go wrong.

"Very sturdy belt with a very strong buckle"
5.0 out of 5 stars

This Kilk belt is a great belt for everyday wear. The buckle does not fit through the pant loops, but it is very easy to slip through the pants loops and then attach the other side of the buckle and adjust to the perfect size. Just loop through and adjust. It took me as long to put this belt on and adjust it as it would take to put on and adjust a regular belt with holes. Do not let the lower star reviews and comments saying that the belt does not fit through the pants loops deter you from purchasing this belt. In reality how many times do you switch pants every day? And like I said before, It is VERY QUICK and EASY to put on the belt and adjust the buckle. Regarding the buckle, it is very strong and it makes a nice sounding "klik" when the buckle is closed. The buckle does not open up accidentally as it does on other lower priced similar looking belts. I am very happy with the strength and look of this belt and it seems strong enough to hold an inside the waistband holster (although I have not tried it yet).
It is a very good everyday use belt, but if you are going to use the belt to carry a duty holster, a radio or a heavier item, I would suggest that instead of purchasing this one ply holster you purchase the two ply Klik holster.
The only negative comment that I would have is that according to the Klik website the proper size fitting is that the belt is the same size as your pants size. I wear size 34 jeans and when I purchased the size 34 Klik belt it was too short and I have to return it. However, this size 36 belt fits perfectly. Bottom line: I recommend purchasing one size larger than your pants size. Other than that issue. I can honestly say that this is a GREAT EVERYDAY wear belt with a very secure buckle. I would purchase again and this is now my everyday use belt. GREAT JOB Klik!

"Worth the cost, for me at any rate."
5.0 out of 5 stars

I was a little skeptical at first. I mean simply the discrepancy between the coast of the 'real cobra buckle' and the significantly less expensive Chinese knock-off, so I bought both. Just looking at the two the Klik uses a much better quality of webbing, more similar to seat-belt material that the cheaper fabric store webbing of the knock-off, granted if all you are using it for is to hold up pants that it won't matter how strong the webbing is, but it's there. Next is the buckle. On the surface, there is very little to discern the two apart. The imitation lacks the strength notation and name, but again as a pant-keeper-upper, not a deal breaker.
The biggest difference is the engagement of the buckle. This is what makes the biggest difference. The Klik is a connect and forget experience. Put the tongue in the receiver and forget about it. The knock-off frequently fails to complete the docking procedure and may look good, but slides apart while washing your hands.
Is that worth the cost difference? Not for some people, but I drink lots of water and need the security that when buckle back up that my belt stays buckled.

Klik Belts Use Cobra Buckles Exclusively

As you can see, when you buy a Klik Belt, you can feel confident that you are getting the very best product out there, making the choice between our product and others a complete no-brainer. Whether you are going on a trip into the wilderness, heading to a job interview, or wanting to modernize your current wardrobe, the Cobra belt buckle is the one belt that fits all situations.

At Klik Belts, we have been trying to change the way people use and see belts since 2014. And it seems as though this change has begun to take place. Since it is our mission to provide our customers with the best, most reliable belt they have ever owned, reach out if you have questions or concerns. Our team is always here to support you!

Ready to purchase your Klik Belt? Check out the many different styles, colors, and materials we offer our Klik Belts in and get yours today before they are all gone!


View our tour of the AustriAlpin's headquarters where COBRA® belt buckles are made here!