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The World’s Strongest Belt Needs the World’s Strongest Buckle

At Klik Belts, we use only the best materials when constructing our tactical belts, and that’s why each and every belt we manufacture is equipped with an authentic COBRA® buckle from AustriAlpin. These buckles are the strongest load-bearing buckles available in the world, and that’s why we chose them. Whether you need a belt that you can rely on while hiking, hunting, and fishing, or you work in the military, law enforcement, or as a first responder, and require a belt to carry life saving equipment, you won’t find a better, more liable, or stronger belt than the Klik Belt. At Klik Belts, we knew we couldn’t make the world’s strongest belt without the world’s strongest buckle. Continue reading to learn more about what makes a COBRA® buckle so special, and when you are ready to own the world’s strongest belt, shop Klik Belts.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a COBRA® Belt?

  • The COBRA® buckles we use at Klik Belts have load-bearing capabilities of 18kN, which translates to approximately 4,050 pounds.
  • They have a quick-release feature for safety.
  • They are ANSI-certified for fall protection and personal safety.
  • They meet the mil-spec guidelines for protection against dust, sand, and water.
  • They are assembled, inspected, and packed at an ISO Quality Assurance Accredited facility.
  • The Safest and Strongest Buckle Anywhere

    The folks at AustriAlpin take extreme care when constructing their COBRA® buckles. In fact, that is one of the reasons that we chose to exclusively use their buckles on our Klik Belts. The COBRA® buckle is constructed from the highest grade 7075 aluminum and features solid brass and stainless steel components. These superior materials matched with their careful craftsmanship results in a buckle that beats all others when it comes to load-bearing capabilities and safety.

    Ideal for Tactical and Military Applications

    COBRA® buckles are often used for other uses than belts including in parasports, safety and rigging hardware, mountaineering equipment, and in military applications. When someone is in need of a buckle that they can rely on, they choose a COBRA® buckle. These extremely strong, reliable, and durable buckles are ideal for any application where the highest level of safety and strength are necessary.
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    At Klik Belts, every single belt we design and manufacture features an authentic COBRA® buckle from AustriAlpin. We take the strength and reliability of our belts incredibly seriously, and that’s why we only use materials from other companies that feel the same way. We are confident that every time we equip one of our Klik Belts with a COBRA® buckle, we are adding to the strength and safety of our belts. When you choose a Klik Belt, you can rest assured that you are always receiving a quality belt from a company that cares. Whether you are searching for a belt to wear while enjoying the rugged outdoors, to conceal carry, or while you’re working, you can count on a Klik Belt. Shop our selection of COBRA® belts today.
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