Everyday Uses for Klik Belts

There are things in life that you use every day, from your toothbrush and comb to your shoes and your cell phone. It’s hard to imagine life without these everyday items that just make life easier (although life without attachment to your cell phone — at least for a few days — can be a good thing).

One item that can be added to this list of everyday items that you need is your belt — more specifically, your Klik Belt. Klik Belts makes the best belt for everyday use. They are so versatile that they can be used for many lifestyles, from zooming through airport security and carrying your concealed carry weapon to serving as a strap when you’re camping and to the old-fashioned need of holding your pants up. Many people wear their belt everyday and use it everyday for a variety of activities that — you guessed it — you do everyday. Today, we’re going to take a look at everyday uses for your Klik belt. Visit us online today!


Infographic - Everyday Uses For Klik Belts



Unless you are sick, most of us walk every day of our lives, from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you go back to bed at night. In fact, it’s safe to say that most of us probably spend a lot of our time traveling by walking. The very motion of your legs going forward can cause your pants to rotate around your stomach if they aren’t tight enough, which leads to slipping down. When this happens, you have two choices:

  1. Hitch up your pants every time they fall to an uncomfortable location, which can get extremely tedious all day long.
  2. Wear an everyday Klik belt. Klik Belts do not have holes, which means you can tighten them to an exact fit, not too tight and not too loose. You are able to cinch it as you go throughout your day as well (just in case you ate too much at lunch), and our superior COBRA® belt buckles will keep your pants secure.

Klik Belts prefers the latter option. Our Klik Belts are designed to go where you go, including through airport security with our TSA-compliant belts with a polymer belt buckle. Our gun belts are designed with ultimate security, comfort, style, and security in mind, keeping your gun safe throughout the day, whether you carry inside the waistband (IWB) or out (OWB). Our Duty Belts, such as our 1.75” Wide Duty Belt Matte Black on Coyote belt, are made from our 3 ply strands of thread that are meant to be super thick for added strength and security. Designed with those who weather the elements, perform manual labor, need a great gun or tool belt, or just like thick belts, our duty belts can also be tactical belts as well. Browse our concealed carry belts today!


Many of us spend hours in our cars every day, either as part of our jobs, commuting, or driving our kids to and fro during rush hour traffic. While sitting for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable itself, it can be doubly uncomfortable if you are wearing an uncomfortable belt. Klik Belts are designed to be the most comfortable belts no matter what everyday activity you are engaged in. While you are sitting in your car, you won’t be jabbed by a belt buckle. Our COBRA® belt buckles are superior to all others, designed to not open under load. They offer quick releases that are CNC machined, assembled, and inspected for superior quality control, and they are reliable, safe, and elegant in design. Furthermore, these belts look great with dresses and suits, as they are sleek and the colors are rich.

If you know you sit for long periods of time, Klik Belts recommends our 1.5” 1-Ply belts. These belts are strong, but also are designed to be thin so they won’t weigh you down as you sit. Shop our site today, and order our 1.5" Matte Black / Wolf Gray 1-Ply belt today!


If you are like many of us, you may have a habit of being either highly animated while you are talking to others, or if you are on the phone, you may have a pacing habit, especially if you are talking to someone who makes you nervous like someone you have a crush on. While you are talking, you’re not paying attention to your pants and/or your belt. In fact, while we all like to think we can multitask, your brain can only truly concentrate on one activity at a time. Thus, if you are constantly having to adjust your pants if your belt is messed up, you are not able to adequately concentrate on your conversation, which can be annoying to both you and the person whom you are talking to.

Klik Belts makes the best cool belts for talking on the phone. You won’t have to worry about them doing their job while you pace, and they will look super cool when you are excited with your friends while on the phone. Klik Belts recommends our superb ladies’ belts, outdoor belts, or fashion belts, all of which will not only go seamlessly with your wardrobe, but will gain you compliment after compliment as well. Browse our best gun belts today!

Taking a Nap

A nap can be a gift from heaven during a long, rough day. Stay-at-home moms or dads usually can’t wait for nap time for the kids so that they can catch a few Z’s alongside, and working moms or dads love to catch a few Z’s as a break from the computer they stare at for eight hours a day. Klik Belts’ ladies’ belts will get the job done while you are sleeping, from being super comfortable to sleep in to not poking you should you roll over. Our 1.5" Coyote Brown 1-Ply ladies’ belt is mesmerizingly beautiful, sure to get compliments from the office and get noticed at the grocery store.

After being gone all day from home, many men and women love to come home and catch a few Z’s in front of the TV. Klik Belts are perfect for resting in, providing the support if you move around that you need and not allowing your pants to bunch up uncomfortably. Whether you sport our 1.75” Duty Belts or you are wearing a Professional Belt, our cool belts work while you rest. Browse our best gun belts today!

Making Coffee

For many people, one of the first things they do every morning is make coffee. In fact, coffee is the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning, especially on a cold, frosty morning. When you’re making coffee, you usually are singular minded, meaning you can’t really do anything else that is productive until you’ve had your first sip. Many people like to get up, get dressed, and then go down and make their coffee. If this is you, adding in your Klik Belt before you descend your stairs is a smart idea. That way, instead of wasting time pulling up your pants, you can instead be gathering the sugar, the creamer, and the morning paper or news you like to watch. 

All of our Klik Belts are amazing for helping to make coffee in the morning. Our 1.5" Polished Aluminum / Gray 2-Ply is shiny, perfect for adding some light to your kitchen on a dark, winter morning. This belt will sizzle alongside your coffee, as it’s designed to have the perfect combination of rigidity and pliability. Or, you can rock a bright color as the water for your coffee boils. Our limited edition fashion colors are some of the brightest on the belt market and are definitely considered cool belts. From our 1.5" Gun Metal/Hunter Orange 1 Ply to our 1.5" Gun Metal Gray on Red Nylon KlikBelt, you’re sure to bring the heat while you’re waiting on your coffee to heat! Browse all of our cool belts now!


Klik Belts is using washing here to stand for all of the chores that you do around the home. From washing your laundry and dishes to scrubbing toilets and bathtubs, you’ll need a reliable work belt to get the job done. Klik Belts makes men’s and ladies’ belts that are designed to move with you as your wash, not against you. The mission of Klik Belts is to make your belts as light and as unnoticeable as possible, so when you are vacuuming, bending over, or picking up items, such as laundry baskets, your work belt will move with you.

While all of our belts would be great for doing the washing, we do have our favorites. Our 1.5" Black Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt is exceptional for going unnoticed around your waist and for doing its all-important job of holding up your pants. From its sleek design to light feel and polymer belt buckle, this D-ring belt looks good no matter what you are wearing to do your washing in. And if you get a phone call to pick your son up from school because he is sick, your Klik Belt will make sure you don’t have to change first. Browse our extensive black leather belts today!

Climbing the Stairs

There truly is no better belt for movement than Klik Belts. Our belts are infinitely adjustable, meaning that you can adjust them to the perfect size for the optimal comfort level for you. You can run, jump, and play in our belts, and you can climb the stairs with them. Whether you like traditional leather belts or you want one of our 3-ply belts, all of our work belts will serve you well when you climb up and down the stairs, either chasing your kids or trekking up to your third-floor office. 

While all of our cool belts are excellent for climbing the stairs, we love our amazing Klik Belts with D-rings that will hold up to 4000 lbs of load with the nylon webbing having a tensile strength of 6000 lbs that will get the job done. Try our 1.5" Coyote Brown D-Ring 2-Ply belt that may be able to get you out of a tough spot should one arise, whether you are lugging a kid up the stairs or an oxygen tank. Browse our ladies’ belts today!

Brushing Your Teeth


Brushing your teeth is a necessity in your life, as much as sometimes we don’t want to do it. After all, you are hunched awkwardly over the sink so that no spit rolls out onto your clothes as you work up a good lather and get all of the hard-to-reach places for the recommended two minutes each time you brush. Brushing your teeth is not how most of us would spend those four minutes a day if we had a choice.

However, sporting your Klik Belt will at least make those four minutes easier to bear when you don’t have to spend that time awkwardly hunched over the sink and then awkwardly trying to pull up your pants with your free hand. We love all of our Klik Belts, so it’s hard to choose which to recommend for this onerous task. However, if we had to choose, we would sport a gun belt for the simple reason that in case we needed backup while we were in a vulnerable position of brushing our teeth, it would be there. One of our absolute favorites here at Klik Belts is the 1.5" Burgundy Leather Gun Belt on Matte Black. This leather belt has no holes, precise adjustments, and of course, our Cobra® buckle, which is exceedingly strong. We think the brown leather with the black Cobra® buckle seals the deal and is a classic look that can’t be beat.

One of the few complaints we get with our amazing, cool belts is that it’s hard to take them off, and this is one complaint we welcome. This leather belt has enough support and rigidity for a gun holster and a concealed carry weapon — making it perfect for brushing your teeth. Browse our gun belts today!

Watching TV

We mentioned watching TV while taking a nap, but watching TV in and of itself is an everyday activity for most people. You definitely want to be comfortable while watching your favorite Netflix show, and Klik Belts are the most comfortable belts on the market. We offer a color for every outfit that can make you the talk of the party, from 1.75" Wide Duty Belt Desert Sand to 1.5" Polished Aluminum / Coyote 1-Ply. Our belts are pliable while you sit on the couch and snuggle with your kids or your loved one, yet durable enough not to allow your pants to shift when you lie down on the couch or recliner. 

Klik Belts set out to make the most comfortable, yet durable and strong, belts on the market. By partnering with Cobra® belt buckles, we believe we have succeeded. Our belts are not only utilitarian, but also are fashion-forward, classic in look, design and color. We pride ourselves on creating cool belts for the ages.

Klik Belts make some of the best gifts, whether for the holiday season or just for a special birthday. Everyone can use a belt, and when you have run out of other ideas or out of gift cards, a Klik Belt can earn you brownie points in the eyes of whomever you give it to. If you have a friend or family member who loves to watch TV or who is a gamer, a Klik Belt will be a valuable edition while they are in front of the screen. Browse our outdoor belts today!

Reading a Book with Your Kids

Most parents love to cuddle with their children. It’s a great time to bond, hear stories about their day, and tell stories about yours. While you are cuddling, you can share in a great kids’ book as well. Parents who read to their children are more likely to have kids who love to read, can help with literacy skills, and help them learn to read. Plus, you get to bond with your child by reading to them. By spending time with your kids, you get to bond with them and help shape who they will become. Plus, your child will feel loved just from you taking the time to be with them. Some of the best lessons in life can be learned through a story, and by reading stories to your kids, you can teach them many lifelong lessons in this easy, everyday activity.

However, the logistics of reading to your child can be challenging, especially if you have more than one. This is because inevitably one wants to sit on your lap (which can cause a fight), and the others want to huddle beside you. This can wreak havoc on your pants if you aren’t wearing a Klik Belt.

Klik Belts are perfect for little kids to crawl all over you. They won’t hurt your child if they are sitting on your belt or leaning up against it, and they will keep your pants in place despite the constant stirrings of your children. Klik Belts are also the most comfortable belt for cuddling. 

Klik Belts recommends our ladies’ belts or the 1.5” Belts 2-Ply Tactical that are rigid enough to stand up to constant pressures and movements, even pullings from kids, yet soft enough to leave no marks behind. Browse today!

Playing with Your Fur Babies

Klik Belts are not only the best belt to have as a parent, but they are also the best work belt to have when playing with your fur babies. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or both, Klik Belts will make sure your pants stay securely fastened, even when you are rough-housing on the floor with your new puppy, or playing chase games with your cat. They can accidentally claw or scratch your belt with their sharp claws, and no damage will occur. Our COBRA® Belt Buckles are the strongest on the market, made with 7075 aluminum — the same material that helps make commercial planes, fighter jets, and in aerospace applications. It’s one of the strongest — and lightest — metals available, so your new puppy could even try to chew it and your belt will withstand the doubling as an unintentional chew toy. Our COBRA® Belt Buckles are anodized and not powder-coated, making the look magnificent.

All of our heavy duty belts would be perfect for when you are playing with your fur babies, as would our sports belts and outdoor belts. Made from the strongest threads that are triple-stitched for extra strength, these Klik Belts are designed to fit through all pant loops and are fully adjustable without holes to mess with. With a one-second click, you will be ready when it’s time to enjoy your animals. 

Of course, you want your dog to be as fashion-forward as you. Thus, we’ve heard your call, and we’ve made Klik collars for medium- to large-sized dogs. The same high-quality and ease of use translates over to the dog world. Our one Klik, extremely strong and durable dog collars will be the best investment you can make. Made in the USA, our best dog collars feature our COBRA® Belt Buckles, which will be virtually impossible for your dog to break free from. Designed for beauty and safety, you won’t ever have to worry about your dog slipping his or her collar again since our dog collars can be adjusted perfectly, just like our belts. And the best part — you can match your dog!

Klik Belts loves pets and dogs as much as you do. We’ve designed the world’s strongest and best dog collar so your dog can be stylish, safe, and secure right where they need to be — in your arms. Browse our heavy duty Klik Belts and our best dog collars today!

Making Dinner

Some people love to cook. They find whipping up a great stew, a seasoned steak, or a juicy hamburger, along with a salad, mashed potatoes, and vegetables exhilarating. You are a bustle of activity while you are creating a meal to die for, from running to and from the spice rack and grabbing items needed out of the fridge to scrounging around for mixing bowls and pans. During this hub-bub, you need a belt that will move every way you move; you need a belt that can stand being banged with pots and pans; you need a belt that will make you look good, especially while cooking a meal for others, such as Thanksgiving dinner; you need a Klik Belt.

Klik Belts are the strongest and most durable belts on the market. They are designed to withstand the hub-bub of the roughest outdoor work to the hub-bub of your kitchen culinary delights. Some of our belts are made extra wide for added strength and security, such as 1.75" Wide Duty Belt Black Multicam®. These belts also have extra wide release tabs that you can unbuckle while you are using gloves in the kitchen. Klik Belts can help make your meals a snap by saving you time from readjusting your belt. Browse our military belts, tactical belts, and duty belts today!


The beauty of Klik Belts is that there is at least one made that will suit you perfectly and that is sure to become your favorite belt for everyday use. We value customer feedback, and over the years, we’ve incorporated what our customers want into our belts. Some of our most popular cool belts are from ideas from you, such as our limited color line and our extra-wide belts. If you want a feature on our heavy duty belts or gun belts that you don’t see, let us know.

Klik Belts exists ultimately to make your life easier. No one likes being the one at work, at the party, or out on the trail who constantly has to pull their pants up all the time. It looks weird, and it’s awkward. Plus, it ruins the day if that is all that you are doing. With Klik Belts, there are no holes that have to fit you. You adjust the belt to your exact waist size, making it the perfect fit. Your secure Cobra® belt buckles are made out of  the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy, with added in components of brass and stainless steel. This makes these belt buckles durable and incredibly beautiful. They are rated for a high load bearing strength, some as much as several tons. These buckles are perfect for cargo straps (in fact, we make a utility strap that is perfect for heavy loads), parachute rigging, hauling logs, serving as makeshift survival gear, and so much more. 

Our goal is to have a great belt buckle for everyday use, which, as you’ve seen, we believe we’ve proven that our cool belts are great all day long no matter your job or profession. Klik Belts won’t open up accidentally, and are built to last, meaning you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. We believe these work belts are incredibly affordable and one of the best clothing accessory purchases you can make. After all, what other clothing item can you turn into cordage, use as a tourniquet, hoist food up in the trees away from critters, or carry firewood with?

Klik Belts are perfect for everyday use. We invite you to try our gun belts, outdoor belts, sports belts, ladies’ belts, and more and take advantage of our free USA shipping, as well as our generous 45-day return policy that lets you try out the belt, and if you don’t like it, simply return it in like-new condition.

We believe you will love your Klik Belt. It’s so simple to use that even young children can use these cool belts. It buckles in only one second and makes a cool “Klik” noise when it does so. In the morning as you are throwing on your belt, we wanted it to be easy and elegant in its simplicity. We believe we’ve succeeded. Let us know what you think. Browse all of our everyday belts online today!