World's Strongest Belts

How did you choose the name Klik Belts?

You'll figure this out the moment you receive your first Klik Belt. Each time you use your belt, it makes a very solid, secure and satisfying 'clicking' sound.


How do I choose a belt size to fit me?

All belts are crafted to match your Pant Waist Size.  Example:  If you wear size 36 pants then you will purchase a size 36 belt. The 2 and 3 ply belts have an 11.5" 1 ply tail for adjustability, and we recommend having 4"-8" of tail once the belt is on for proper fit (see pic below).  The 1 ply belts are much more adjustable, since they can be cinched all the way down.  The 2 and 3 ply belts only cinch as far as they multiply part, so they can be too big if you size up.   If for any reason, within 45 days of purchase, you would like a different waist size of belt we will gladly exchange and pay all return shipping costs.  

You'll also notice in the photo above that we include with every belt a Tail Tamer which is a super strong rubber keeper to secure any excess webbing firmly in place.  The keeper slides onto the webbing and can be placed in any position. 

    What if my waist is larger than 46 inches?

    No problem.  Simply select the XL Custom belt size.  In your cart a section titled "Special Instructions for Seller" will appear where you can specify the custom size.  We can custom make belts up to a 60" pant waist.  If you don't specify a custom size, we will ship you the XL belt uncut and you can make the final cut using the procedure described below in "Can I custom cut the length of my belt?".

    Can I custom cut the length of my belt?

    Yes. The webbing is made of 1 1/2" military grade nylon and will cut cleanly with a sharp pair of scissors and can be heat sealed with a lighter.  See video below.

    What is the difference between a 1 Ply Regular Duty belt and a 2 Ply Tactical Duty Belt ?

    Please see the following link for more information:

    How do I put the belt on and take the belt off?

    First, insert the webbing (not the buckle) through your pant loops.  Then thread the webbing through the buckle.  Since our belts are fully adjustable you can achieve a perfect fit.  (see video below)


    Can you make custom color combinations not shown on website?

    Yes, we've made many special webbing and buckle combinations at no additional charge.  Please allow 7 business days for us to custom craft your belt.

    Three Webbing Colors to choose from:

    1. Black
    2. Gray
    3. Brown
    4. Navy
    5. OD Green

    Five Buckle Colors to choose from:  

    1. Matte Black
    2. Polished Aluminum
    3. Gun Metal Gray
    4. Desert Sand
    5. Coyote Brown.

    For example, if you wanted Brown Webbing and the Polished Aluminum buckle, you would select the Polished Aluminum / Grey belt on our site and the appropriate waist size and Add to Cart.  In the Special Message section of the cart simply type "Custom Belt - Polished Aluminum Buckle and Brown Webbing".   We'll take care of the rest.

    What is the belt made out of?

    • Patented 7075 Aluminum alloy COBRA® buckle 
    • Solid brass release clips
    • Military spec nylon webbing 1 1/2" wide.

    Why did you decide to re-invent the belt?

    A little history for you: The very first buckles started off on ancient battlefields, utilizing a new concept to secure helmets to soldiers' heads. Later, the commonly recognized "frame and prong" was applied to the waistline. Variations have since been made to the belt and buckle, however there have been no real improvements for hundreds of years. That's where we come in.   We've done a study to estimate how much time per year is waisted on buckling typical prong and hook style belts and the results were amazing.  See for yourself:

    When will my belts ship?

    All belts ship the same business day Monday-Friday (order do not ship on Holidays).  Cut off time for same day shipping is 3:00pm CST.  

    • (US)  First Class Mail: 3-5 days
    • (US)  Priority Class Mail:  2-3 days
    • (International)  First Class Int'l Mail 2-4 weeks and can depend on customs.

    Where do your products ship from?

    Our shipping center is located in Austin, Texas. We have a dedicated team of employees who work hard to run Sewing, Quality Control, Shipping, and Returns from this location.

    Can I return my Klik Belts?

    We accept returns or exchanges within 45 days of purchase if the gear is unused and in like-new condition. Please send us an email at and we'll forward you instructions on how to return or exchange your purchase.

    How strong are your belts?

    Our COBRA® buckles when attached to our belts are designed to withstand 18kN (kiloNewtons) of force.  What is a kiloNewton?  One kiloNewton is approximately 225lbs.  So our belts can withstand a force of 4050lbs (1837kg) !

    What if my belt breaks?

    Based on the above, it will take over 4000lbs of force to break our belts, but if somehow during normal use this happens, no problem simply send your belt back to us and we'll gladly repair your belt or provide a replacement.  Please send an email to to start the process.  We cover failure of the buckle, nylon or sewing assembly only, not normal or extreme wear and tear.

    Will the belt fit through my belt loops on my pants?

    The webbing is 1 1/2" wide and will fit through the majority of mens pants.  Some women's and children's pants may have smaller belt loops so you will need to ensure the loops will allow a 1 1/2" webbing to slide through.  THE COBRA® BUCKLE IS NOT DESIGNED TO FIT THROUGH BELT LOOPS.  Keep the buckle buckled, thread the tail, like any belt.  During the day, simply "klik" to release the buckle.  You only have to adjust the belt 1 time, when you put it on, not throughout the day.  

    I'm allergic to nickel.  Does the buckle contain any nickel ?

    Our COBRA® buckles are made of a 7075 Aluminum alloy which does not contain any nickel. The aluminum alloy is used extensively in the aerospace industry and does contain other elements such as: magnesium, silicon, copper, iron, zinc, titanium, manganese and chromium.

    Will you exchange or refund custom belts?

    No, we can no longer take returns or exchanges on custom belts.  The custom belts are designed by you and we pay seamstresses here in Austin, Texas to custom sew each one, please please make sure to measure correctly as we can't resale a custom belt.  If you wear a size 34 pants, DO NOT order a size 38 because you want extra room.  Because the 2 or 3 ply section does not thread through buckle, the belt will be too large if you order a larger size.  You'd need to order your size with an extra long tail.  If there is something special you need, please call us for help with your order @ 888-757-5546.


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