Klik Belts' Gun Belts

Fundamentally, belts began as a way to hold your pants up. It didn't take long for them to become accessory items as well with uses such as designer belts and dress belts. The uses expanded as well. Belts were used as a means to hold your work tools, hunting implements such as knives and axes, and then as gun belts with the invention of the pistol. Today, belts are popular as everyday carry (EDC) belts, as well as for military belts, because when you're in the thick of things, you need to have useful and protective items handy. From holding water bottles and baby bottles to being used to conceal money, credit cards, and keys, the uses of belts always seem to be expanding.

Klik Belts makes the strongest belts in the world. They are easy to use, extremely comfortable, and time-saving. With one click, your belt is removed or buckled. We've partnered with AustriAlpin to use COBRA® buckle, which is made from one piece of 7075 aluminum alloy, which is the same material used in aerospace and fighter jets. Simply put, these buckles hold strong and won't come undone until you press the buckle release. Extremely resistant to dust, sand, and salt water, these COBRA® belt buckles have passed all standards for fall protection and personal safety. Plus, they complement our nylon, leather, and gun belts perfectly, being both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly finished for a smooth, crisp look.


In a world where we endeavor to be unstoppable, Klik Belts has innovated a TSA belt that is made with a plastic COBRA® buckle that allows you to go through airport security without taking off your belt. However, don't let the fact that this belt is airport friendly put you off. These belts are made from an incredibly strong, high-grade polymer by our friends, AustriAlpin, to still be the world's strongest belt, just with a plastic buckle. These TSA-friendly belts will have you breezing through airport security, which is a boon when you are running late because you had an emergency diaper change on the way to the airport, or there was a car accident on the freeway that held you up. 

Klik Belts understands that one of the many uses of our belts is as gun belts. In fact, we've designed all of our belts to be multi-purpose and functional, meaning they all can be used as gun belts. Fully-adjustable and comfortable, our gun belts make carrying concealed or for law enforcement and military convenient and top-notch. We've made all of our military belts in all of the approved colors for each branch of the military, from Army and Air Force to the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. We take our mission of making the strongest belts possible seriously, especially knowing that the men and women who are defending our country rely on our best gun belts when defending our country. Below, we'll take a more in-depth look at the types of our gun belts available. Browse all of our belts online today!



All-Around Gun Belt

For gun belts, you are looking for a belt that is sturdy, easy to use, doesn't twist, and aesthetically pleasing. You want a reliable concealed carry belt that can both hold your gun in place and distribute the weight of your holster and firearm. You also want an all-around gun belt that can be worn at other times when you are not carrying.

Klik Belts' 1.5" 2-Ply Tactical belts get the job done of holding your concealed carry weapon  superbly. The 2-Ply webbing design allows for rigidity in the vertical direction, which means the weight of your gun and holster will be supported, while being pliable in the horizontal direction, meaning it will move with you in your daily tasks. Our best gun belts are made with triple-stitching for added strength, and, of course, all of our gun holster belts come with the patented Cobra® buckle. Our Cobra® belt buckles are anodized and not powder coated, which gives our belts a great finish that looks incredible. They will not open while under load, and the quick-release tabs make this all-around gun belt a dream to use. Each Cobra® buckle is CNC-machined using only the highest-grade aluminum alloy, making each belt buckle precise and perfect. Klik Belts merges the best in quality and value. Shop our all-around gun belts online today!

Leather Gun Belt

There's almost nothing quite as classic and debonair as a good leather belt. Leather gun belts in particular are made to not only be sturdy, but also to be comfortable, adjustable, wearable, and soft. A good leather gun belt combines all of these elements to create the best leather gun belt by Klik Belts.

Klik Belts' leather gun belts offer the classic, clean look that you love in leather belts plus adds a modern design with our Cobra® buckle. This belt with no holes offers precise adjustments, which is what you need to accommodate your gun and holster. Made from premium top-grain Hermann Oak leather, our leather gun belts provide plenty of the support you need for an EDC belt. These leather gun belts are double-stitched for extra strength, handmade and sewn in the United States.

However, what makes Klik Belts the best leather gun belts is the fact that they can be casual belts or dress belts that look equally impressive with a suit and tie, a pair of blue jeans, or a tuxedo. In fact, we often get large orders of our leather gun belts from wedding parties as part of their outfits. Elegant and stylish, our best leather gun belts won't disappoint. Try Klik Belts' 1.5" Polished Aluminum / Black Leather Gun Belt or our 1.5" Matte Black Leather Gun Belt. Browse our best gun belts today!

Tactical Gun Belt

If you look at the word "tactical" carefully, you will see the word "tactics." Tactics are actions or strategies that are carefully planned in order to achieve a specific end. In the military, tactics refer to the methods you will use to dispose of your opponent. Thus, a tactical belt is designed to help support these ends and hold whatever you need in order to do so.

Klik Belts offers the best tactical gun belts in the industry. Characterized by our high-quality materials and strongest Cobra® buckles, our tactical gun belts are versatile, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. The characteristics of a good tactical gun belt include being rigid to hold all of your items you need handy, yet pliable enough to allow for stretching and movement. Tactical belts have been used for thousands of years, beginning with the Roman soldiers who would use belts to carry their swords, protective gear, pouches, and water. If you want your Glock 9 mm or Smith & Wesson 45 nearby, you'll need the best tactical gun belt by Klik Belts.

You won't be able to find a stronger tactical gun belt than Klik Belts' 1.5" Belts 2-Ply Tactical gun belts. These gun belts come in a variety of colors to suit your needs. Some of our popular tactical gun belts include the 1.5" Matte Black / Navy Blue 2-Ply, 1.5" Matte Black on Coyote 2-Ply, and our classic 1.5" Matte Black 2-Ply. These tactical gun belts are triple stitched for extra strength and are rigid in the vertical direction but made to be flexible in the horizontal direction. Our Cobra® buckles feature tensile strengths from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 11,000 pounds, which is 5.5 tons of pull before they break. Remember that they are simple to release, with just a press of the release tabs. Our tactical gun belts are lightweight so you can fully run in them easily, or crouch down and comfortable for EDC all day long. You won't find a better tactical gun belt than at Klik Belts. Browse today!

Concealed Carry Gun Belt

If you ask anyone who has a concealed carry gun, they will tell you that the number one characteristic of a EDC gun belt that they are looking for is comfort. After all, you may be wearing your gun on you for up to 18 hours a day, especially if you are law enforcement, off-duty or undercover police officers, or in the military. In fact, there are many people who don't carry on-person due to the fact it is uncomfortable. Plus, they worry that their EDC firearm won't be concealed properly under their clothes, which defeats the purpose of wearing one as well.

Klik Belts is looking to change that with our concealed carry gun belts that not only hold your gun in place because they are fully adjustable, but they also are extremely comfortable. Our concealed carry gun belts offer the support you need along with the look and the comfort required. From our 1.5" Belts 2-Ply Tactical concealed carry gun belts to our 1.75" Duty Belts, D-Ring concealed carry gun belts, and our leather concealed carry belts, you can expect the ultimate in extra rigidity in the vertical direction, but the best pliability in the horizontal direction. All of our concealed carry gun belts carry a lifetime guarantee, and our Cobra® buckle, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, which is one of the strongest alloys, makes your concealed carry belt easy to adjust and buckle. If you are looking for the perfect EDC belt, browse our vast gun belt selection today! 


Cobra® Buckle Gun Belt

Let's face it, when choosing a gun belt, you need one that will work. End of story. Well, almost. By a gun belt that will work, Klik Belts means that you need a gun belt that will hold up your pants, allow you to bend over with ease while not exposing your gun to the world, allows you to sit comfortably at your desk for long stretches of time, and one that you can run around on the playground on. Part of what makes a top-notch gun belt is the buckle — and Klik Belts has the best gun belt buckle with the Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin.

The Cobra® buckle gun belt is the strongest gun belt on the market. The Cobra® buckle is made from the highest-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, which also features brass and stainless steel components. Made from a single piece of this aluminum alloy, the Cobra® buckle gun belt offers unwavering strength, versatility, and a performance level that is unrivaled. These Cobra® buckle gun belts feature a quick release design where you simply press the two release tabs, and in one second, the Cobra® buckle releases. Cobra® buckles are the strongest load-bearing buckles in the industry, able to withstand 4,000 pounds before breakage. These belt buckles are used in parachute rigging, cargo straps, climbing gear, mountaineering, parasport, military, SAR, police, fire, industrial safety, and tactical operations.

Klik Belts uses Cobra® buckles on all of our men's and women's belts, and we believe you won't find a stronger, more versatile, and more classy-looking belt buckle around. For a gun belt, you won't find a better buckle, which, along with the highest-quality materials we use in our gun belts, makes the Cobra® Buckle Gun Belt the best on the market. Browse our best gun belts today!

Gun Holster Belt

One of the biggest factors you want to look for in a concealed carry gun belt is adjustability, especially if you are using a gun holster. A gun holster is the leather pouch that holds your firearm. Many people love holsters for EDC (every day carry) because they keep the gun safe and protected and the muzzle of the gun is not constantly jabbing into you all day long. A gun holster tends to allow for the gun to not move around as much either.

When you invest in a fully-adjustable gun holster belt from Klik Belts, you will see and feel the difference immediately. These adjustable belts without holes will garner you a precise fit. You won't have to worry about constantly adjusting your gun holster belt because it is too loose or too tight because of where the hole is placed. Using our Cobra® buckle you can tighten it however you like and the super-strong Cobra® buckle will hold your size perfectly. Our gun holster belts without holes have a cleaner look as well.

Klik Belts offers many types of gun holster belts for your choosing. Our 1.5" 2-Ply Tactical belts are perfect for use as a concealed carry belt. They come in many different colors, such as our 1.5" 2 ply Black with Forest Green and our 1.5" Matte Black 2-Ply and many different finishes of the Cobra® buckle, such as our 1.5" Polished Aluminum / Gray 2-Ply gun holster belt.

In addition, we offer 1.75" Duty Belts and D-Ring Belts that make great gun holster belts as well. And if that weren't enough, check out our leather gun belt collection as well. Browse these best gun holster belts today!

Burgundy Belt

Burgundy is a classic color that is similar to maroon, but actually is a mix between brown and red with a slightly purplish tint. It is often called maroon by mistake, but maroon is more red than brown and lacks the cool purplish hue. The color takes its name from the color of the red wines that come from Burgundy in France.

Klik Belts makes a beautiful burgundy belt that is perfect as a concealed carry belt. This classic color will match all of your outfits and stand out with its distinct color. Our 1.5" Burgundy Leather Gun Belt on Matte Black is made from our premium Top-Grain Hermann Oak leather, which provides lots of support as a burgundy belt used as an EDC belt. These gun belts are double stitched for strength and handmade and sewn in the United States. Made for comfort and ease, our burgundy belts are easy to take on and off as they feature our ultra-strong Cobra® buckle, which is manufactured out of 7075 aluminum, which is used in some of the strongest applications in the world, from aerospace to the military. It is a quick-release, load-bearing belt buckle that is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and adventurists who need a belt buckle that can match their lifestyle. As a concealed carry belt, this burgundy belt shines, being made of the highest-quality materials designed to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a fully-adjustable men's and women's burgundy belt, Klik Belts has got what you need. Try our 1.5" Burgundy Leather Gun Belt on Polished Aluminum for your next burgundy belt today!

Dress Gun Belt

When you think of a gun belt, you may be thinking that you'll just have to compromise and get a gun belt that you really don't like the looks of for one that is functional. While this is the case for most of the gun belts in the industry, this definitely does not hold true for the best gun belt in the industry, Klik Belts. In fact, we aimed to make not only the strongest gun belt, but also the best dress gun belt.

Dress belts are belts that are worn for a bit more formal occasion, such as a nice dinner out or to a wedding. That being said, there is no cut and dry clarity when it comes to what a dress belt must look like. That being said, Klik Belts set out in 2014 with the vision of making the strongest belts for all occasions, including dress gun belts. We offer our leather belts, which make perfect dress gun belts. They are classic in look and feel, yet sturdy enough to still carry your concealed carry firearm. In addition, our 1.5" Belts 1-Ply are perfect for your dress gun belt as well. Made from the highest-quality nylon webbing that will fit through all pants loops, as well as our patented Cobra® buckle that can withstand some of the heaviest loads, these dress gun belts not only look good, but they perform their functions superbly. Being fully-adjustable, you can rest assured that you won't be spending time pulling up your pants, and you will be able to adjust your dress gun belt to fit your EDC firearm perfectly and comfortably.

Finding a dress gun belt that will compliment every outfit just got easier with Klik Belts' vast collection. Now, the hard choice will be the color! Our 1.5" 1-Ply belts come in a plethora of colors, and you can mix and match the color of the Cobra® buckle as well. Check out our limited edition colors, too. You no longer have to struggle with finding the perfect dress gun belt. With Klik Belts, you have not only a dress gun belt, but an everyday men's and women's belt as well. Browse today!

Nylon Gun Belt

One of the main characteristics you look for when searching for the best gun belt is versatility. You want a belt that you can do everything in, from working all day at the office to going for a bike ride with the kids after school, cooking and cleaning, changing your car's oil, or chasing after your puppy. You also want a belt that can function as a EDC belt while you lead your on-the-go lifestyle.

Klik Belts has made a nylon gun belt that will stand up to your daily life, as well as look good, feel comfortable, and move with you. Our nylon gun belts come in both 1.5" Belts with one-ply, or our 1.75" Belts with two-ply for a bit more added strength. If you need the additional D-ring, we make nylon gun belts with a D-ring as well, in both our 1.5" and our 1.75" sizes. Check out our 1.75" Wide Duty Belt D-Ring Matte Black Multicam® that features 3-ply for the ultimate in heavy duty gun belts that will hold your Ruger LCR or Sig Sauer firearm. In addition, our nylon gun belts for women promise style, versatility, and mobility for your hectic lifestyle.

Klik Belts has heard time and time again from our customers that they want an everyday belt that will not only function and look good, but be able to hold their EDC firearm comfortably. Our nylon gun belts fit that bill. In addition, we offer airport-friendly belts as well, that, while not able to carry a firearm to the airport, will be able to serve your EDC needs comfortably as well. Browse our vast nylon gun belt selection today!


In the society that we live in today, whether the world is combating errant shooters or viruses that spring out of nowhere, you need to be able to comfortably conceal carry. Klik Belts was founded in 2014 by a group of people who saw the need of creating a strong, durable, versatile, and long-lasting gun belt that could evolve as life and society evolved. While we are confident that our world's strongest belt is the best gun belt around, we are never content to rest on our laurels. In fact, we are always innovating, devising new products to help enrich your life and make it easier. Great examples of this is our Klik Apple Watch Band and our Klik Paracord Bracelet, both products that our customers wanted and needed. In fact, we encourage you to check back on our website frequently in order to see our latest offerings.



Klik Belts is a company dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations with every product. Our men's and women's belts are incredibly strong, and we want to make sure they suit your needs by providing the toughest and strongest duty belts, tactical belts, and gun belts. When you are out and about, our concealed carry gun belts are comfortable and adjustable, ready to meet whatever your need is, from hauling in groceries to chasing bad guys to protect our community. We've designed our military belts with the men and women who serve our country in mind, not only making them in all approved military colors, but ensuring they won't fail when you need them the most. Whether you are on-duty or off-duty, we aim to be the last belt you will ever buy.

In a world that sometimes tells you to stop, to give up your dreams, to not go anywhere, to not do anything, to fear for your life, Klik Belts believes in such a world you need to be unstoppable. Shop all of our belts, including our gun belts, online today!