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Klik Belt Accessories for You and Your Best Friend

At Klik Belts, we don’t just make the world’s strongest belts, we also make and sell accessories for both you and your best friend. From our selection of authentic COBRA® buckles and Klik Belt merchandise to the world’s strongest dog collars, leashes, and harnesses, everyone in the family can show off their love for Klik Belts. And, as with all of our Klik Belts, each of our dog accessories comes equipped with an authentic COBRA® buckle. Whether we are constructing our rifle slings , harnesses, or key chains, we utilize the same attention to detail as we do with our belts. Shop our selection of Klik Belt accessories and more today.

At Klik Belts, We Sell the Following Accessories and Extras:

  • COBRA® buckles in various sizes and colors
  • Belt keepers — or tail tamers as we like to call them
  • Dog collars, harnesses, and leashes
  • Klik Belt merchandise including hats and t-shirts
  • Rifle slings featuring COBRA® buckles and mil-spec nylon
  • Add-on options for our Klik Belts including velcro tails, a hidden money pocket, and more
  • Paracord bracelets
  • Klik keychains designed to attach to our belts
  • COBRA® buckle utility straps
  • Klik Belts gift cards
  • Klik Belt Add-Ons

    At Klik Belts, we construct each of our belts in our Austin facility. This gives us the ability to create custom belts so you can have your Klik Belt set up just the way you want. Whether you would like to add a hidden money pocket to the inside of your belt or velcro to the end of the tail so your belt stays in place without a tail tamer, we can do it all. At Klik Belts, our skilled belt-making team sews and builds belts every day of the week. This means we only require a one-day lead time for belt customizations. Customize your Klik Belt today with one of our belt add-ons.

    Canine Klik Belt Accessories

    At Klik Belts, we understand how important it is to have your best friend by your side through every adventure. That’s why we’ve designed a line of dog accessories including leashes, harnesses, and collars. Each accessory is made from our super-tough mil-spec nylon and equipped with an authentic COBRA® buckle. We take just as much care when creating your dog’s accessories as we do your belts. Shop our dog products today.
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    If you enjoy wearing our Klik Belts, you’ll love the accessories and extras that we offer. We make everything from key chains that are designed to attach to your Klik Belt to super-strong utility straps and paracord bracelets. Whether you are searching for something to elevate your Klik Belt experience like a hidden money pocket or a reliable rifle sling, Klik Belts has you covered. We take immense pride in creating each and every product we manufacture so you can always expect a high standard of quality when you see the Klik Belt name. Shop our selection of Klik Belt accessories, add-ons, and more today.
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