Klik Belts for Men

If you are searching for the best in belts for men, look no further than Klik Belts. Klik Belts are one of the strongest, most durable, longest-lasting belts available for men today. Our belts are made from tough nylon and come in multiple thicknesses so your belt will match your lifestyle. All of our men’s belts are equipped with an authentic Cobra® buckle that is unbeatable in strength and dependability. In fact, Cobra® buckles can hold up to five and half tons of weight depending upon the model.


To understand how impressive Klik Belts truly are, we are first going to look into the history of belts for men. Where they started and how they have evolved over the centuries. We will also be digging deeper into what makes Klik Belts different and why they stand out above the rest. Continue reading to learn more and then shop our Klik Belts for men.

The History of Belts for Men

Throughout history men have worn belts possibly dating back all the way to 3300 BCE. Belts began by serving functions such as carrying swords and tools and soon grew into a symbol of status. Belts have been worn by the average tradesman and the most royal of men as well as Catholic monks and priests. Here we will discuss the belt’s humble beginnings and some of the most notable uses of belts throughout history.


It all Started With a String

The first belt was most likely worn for function rather than fashion and was not much more than a string. People needed a way to carry their swords and tools, so they began tying a string around their waist as a solution. It is believed that belts date back to the bronze age and first became popular sometime between the years of 3300 BCE to 1200 BCE. During this era, wearing a belt began as a convenient way to carry necessary items that men would need easy and frequent access to and they also quickly became a part of everyday men’s fashion.


In Religion

As belts became an accepted part of culture and fashion, they also became a symbol of status in the Catholic religion. Monks began wearing them in the middle ages and soon Catholic priests also adopted belts into their wardrobe. They were symbolically worn with three knots to signify their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.


The Romans

The Romans wore belts in combat, but these belts were much more than just a string. These belts, called a balteus, were elaborately decorated to show a man’s status of being a roman soldier. They were adorned with metals and studs and had baltea, or straps, hanging perpendicular from the waist. These belts were also used to carry the soldier’s sword into battle. It is believed that Roman soldiers wore their belts both on and off the battlefield as a symbol of status.

Roman gladiators also wore a special type of belt that was quite different from the Roman soldier’s. These belts were made from leather, very wide, and covered the abdomen and lower stomach. They were worn as a type of protection and were not made to carry swords or weapons.


Fashion and Function

Over the years, as belts evolved with society, they became fashionable. While some belts were still functional, others were simply a means to signify status. Throughout the ages, royals, nobles, and religious men wore belts to show who they were, where they came from, and what they stood for.

Belts continued to be worn for functionality by those who needed to hold weapons or tools, but by this time, belts had evolved much further than the string they had started as. Belts were worn by men of all statuses for different reasons and functions. Some were made from leather, while others cloth. Some were decorated with gold and jewels, while others were worn purely for function, especially by the lower classes and tradesmen who needed a convenient place for their tools.

The Military

It is believed that men have been wearing belts in the military since the times of the Romans. While they may have started off as a handy way to carry one’s sword, throughout the ages, the belt has transformed into a part of a uniform and serves as a symbol of a soldier’s status.

The United States military still uses belts today. While a standard military belt is typically made of tough nylon and used for holding equipment, knives, and pistols, the military also uses something called a physical training belt, or PT belt. This belt is highly reflective and serves a multitude of purposes including to reduce the weight of items the soldier is carrying, to make the soldier visible to oncoming traffic, and even to protect the soldier from bullets. These belts are used in different colors to realign the soldier’s chakra, and protect them from pathogens, parasites, and increase muscular strength. Military belts have come a long way from the days of the Romans.

Read this article to learn more about our military’s use of PT belts.


Modern Day

Today, belts are worn as a fashion statement and for function. It has become common practice to match one’s belt with their shoes. However, there are many belts still made for their function. In the modern era, belts keep pants in place and can still be effective at holding tools and keeping weapons in place. Belts are used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, backwoods adventurers, as well as civilians who just want a practical accessory. If you are looking for a modern belt that is highly functional, tough, and still looks great, shop the belts for men at Klik Belts.

The Durability of the Klik Belt

Klik Belts are the ultimate belt when it comes to durability. Our belts are made from tough nylon and are fitted with patented, authentic Cobra® buckles for strength that cannot be beat. If you are looking for a belt that will stand up to strenuous everyday activities or rugged adventures, and still looks good enough to wear out, the Klik Belt is for you.

The Cobra® Belt Buckle

At Klik Belts, we exclusively use the Cobra® belt buckle. Cobra® buckles are made from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy and incorporate brass and stainless steel components. At Klik Belts, we only use the authentic Cobra® buckle, made by AustriAlpin in Austria.

When it comes to durability, strength, reliability, and safety, no other belt buckle will outperform or outlast the Cobra®. These buckles range in load bearing strength from 2,000 pounds to 11,000 pounds depending upon the model. Cobra® buckles are used for parachutes, cargo straps, military applications and much more. When you choose a Klik Belt, you can be sure that your belt has the highest-quality, most durable belt buckle on the planet.

One-Ply Vs Two-Ply

Klik Belts are made from tough nylon and are available in both one-ply and two-ply so you can have the strength and durability that matches your specific needs. Single-ply Klik Belts are great for everyday wear and outdoor activities while two-ply are designed for men who have tactical needs. All of our Klik Belts are equipped with the durable, long-lasting, stronger-than-an-ox Cobra® buckle.

One-Ply: Regular Duty

If you are looking for a belt that looks great and is known for its durability for outdoor adventures, the one-ply Klick Belt is a great choice. This belt is perfect for casual everyday wear and is made from 1 ½ inch mil strength nylon. If you are looking for a belt that will last to wear for hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities and is still comfortable and stylish enough to wear to barbecues, for working around the house, or for a day out with the family, the single ply Klik Belt is exactly what you are looking for.

Two-Ply: Tactical Duty

Our two-ply Klik Belts are made from an outer ply of 1 ½ inch mil spec nylon and an inner ply of proprietary rigid webbing. Our two-ply belts are ideal for law enforcement, military, special ops, or anyone who needs some extra strength. Two-ply Klik belts are perfect for those that would like to use their belt for concealed carrying. Our two-ply belts have added strength for those that need to carry extra equipment such as radios, weapons, or tools.

Klik Belt Options for Men

At Klik Belt, we have listened to our customers over the years and have added more sizes, strengths, and have even recently introduced our leather Klik Belt, so you can truly wear a Klik Belt for any occasion. We have a belt for every man, whether you are a backwoods adventurer, a lifetime military man, police officer, or just enjoy quality products that look good. We make the Klik Belts in different widths and offer options such as a built-in hidden pocket or Velcro® inner belt so you can customize your Klik Belt to fit your needs perfectly.  


Multiple Sizes

The Klik Belt comes in multiple sizes so there is a belt for everyone, whether you are an avid adventurer, law enforcement, construction worker, or military. We offer both 1.5 inch belts and 1.75 belts so you can choose the belt that will fit your specific needs.

Standard Size: 1.5 Inches

Our standard size Klik Belt is 1.5 inches. This belt comes in one- and two-ply thicknesses so whether you like to wear your Klik Belt for work or play, we have one that will be ideal for your needs.

Wide-Duty Belt: 1.75 Inches

Our wide-duty belt spans 1.75 inches. We chose to make a wider belt because our customers in the AirForce, Marines, and law enforcement asked for it. Our wide belt can be purchased in one-ply or three-ply. This belt gives the wearer extra rigidity and support and yet, remains comfortable.


Available in Leather

We have recently introduced our leather Klik Belt for men. This belt is equipped with the same durable Cobra® buckle as all of our other belts. We again listened to our customers as they requested a Klik Belt that they could wear with a suit and tie, to dress up a pair of jeans, and a bit more rigidity for carrying a pistol.

Our leather Klik Belt is made from premium top grain Hermann Oak leather and provides support and rigidity for holsters and concealed carrying. It features double stitching for extra strength and is an ideal belt for any man who wants the durability of the Klik Belt with a bit more style.


Velcro® Tail

Klik Belts offers two different Velcro® options to enhance your belt. The first option is to add velcro to the tail of your Klik Belt. This helps keep the tail of your belt in place and out of the way. This is a way to have a built-in option for preventing accidental slippage of the webbing of your belt. We use a mil grade Velcro® hook and loop so it lasts longer and provides a superior grip.


Velcro® Inner Belt

The other option is a LEO Velcro® inner belt. This inner belt will make your Klik Belt more stable and is ideal for carrying concealed weapons, knives, or other tools or equipment. A LEO Velcro® inner belt is perfect for police officers, firefights, and paramedics who need to add a bit more stability and strength to their Klik Belt.


Hidden Pocket

You can also choose to have a hidden pocket sewn into your Klik Belt. This pocket is ideal for carrying a bit of cash or a key. With the hidden pocket on your Klik Belt, you won’t have to bring your wallet with you everywhere. Simply, put on your belt, place your money and key in the hidden pocket, and head out.


Tail Tamers

At Klik Belts, we offer a couple different types of what we like to call tail tamers. We carry an elastic and a rubber version. They are designed to keep the tail of your belt out of the way and tucked in. All of our Klik Belts come with a tail tamer, but we also sell them in three-packs and in multiple colors in case you ever misplace the one that came with your belt.

The Versatility of the Klik Belt

One of the best parts of the Klik Belt, besides its durability and strength, is its versatility. You can wear your Klik Belt anywhere, whether you have a physically demanding profession, like spending time shooting at the range, enjoy outside activities, or just to add some style and sophistication to a pair of jeans.


Casual Wear

Klik Belts look great for casual wear. Whether you’re spending a day out with family and friends, attending a casual get together, or just working around the house, the Klik Belt is functional and fashionable. It’s durable, long-lasting, and will always be there when you need it.

With the introduction of our leather Klik Belt, our belts are not just for casual wear. Our leather belts look great with a suit and tie or can spruce up a pair of jeans.



Whether you’re going for a hike, fishing, hunting, camping, or just spending some much-needed time outdoors, the Klik Belt will provide you with everything you could ever need in a belt. Our belts for men are more durable, sturdy, and last longer than just about any other belt on the market.



Our tactical Klik Belts are perfect for use by military personnel. Our two-ply belts are designed to provide extra strength for carrying equipment or pistols which is ideal for military use. We also offer our wide belts in a three-ply option for even more strength and durability. Our wide-duty men’s belts were requested by military experts, DEA agents, and firearm instructors.  


Law Enforcement

Klik Belts are renowned for their strength and durability. Law enforcement agents find our two-ply belts ideal for carrying radios, pistols, and other equipment necessary for the job. They never have to worry about the buckle breaking or coming accidentally unclipped. Our Klik Belts are there when you need them.


EMT/First Responders

For those that spend their lives saving others, it’s important to have equipment that won’t fail — including their belt. Our tactical Klik Belt is sturdy, durable, and can carry all the tools that EMT and first responders need to do their job.



The construction industry can be strenuous and rough, and requires a belt that can stand up to the day-to-day activities of a hard-working man. Our Klik Belts are just as strong as the men who do the construction. Our belts are always there for you during your toughest jobs.

Once you own a Klik Belt, you will never go back to wearing a regular belt again. The ease of use, durability, and style that a Klik Belt provides is hard to find anywhere else. It is a belt truly built for a man (although we do make them for women too!). We figured that our customers enjoyed our belts so much that we could improve upon a few other items as well. Our accessories are all designed and built with the same quality and care that we take in our belts.

Apple Watch Band

The Apple watch band from Klik Belts is made with paracord so not only is it a safe and secure place for your Apple watch, but also a survival tool. The band itself can be used as a rope to make shelter, tie up gear, make a splint, and much more. This tactical Apple watch band features a Cobra® buckle just like all of our Klik Belts for strength and durability and holds your Apple watch in place securely.

Utility Straps

Our Klik Belt utility straps use the Cobra® buckle so that you can securely strap and tie down heavy loads in your truck, use it to tie up your hammock, for camping, or even for towing. Our utility straps are extremely strong and durable, and are ready for any use you can think of.

Accessories for Man’s Best Friend

At Klik Belts, we make some of the strongest, most durable, longest-lasting belts for men. We couldn’t forget to make something for man’s best friend, so we decided to make dog collars and leashes. Our collars feature the Cobra® buckle and our sturdy nylon webbing for a collar that is fit for the strongest of dogs. We also carry Klik Belt leashes and even a harness.

Every man wants a belt that can keep up with their lifestyle, whether that consists of saving lives, protecting our nation, or spending time in the rugged outdoors. We carry Klik Belts for every breed of man. You can wear our belts to work, for a casual outing with friends, or even to a business meeting or suit and tie event with our leather Klik Belt. Shop our one-ply, two-ply, wide-duty, and leather Klik Belts today.