Klik Belts for Women

At Klik Belts, we offer high-quality women’s belts to fit almost any lifestyle. Our belts are built with form and function in mind. Our women’s belts come in a wide range of colors to match any outfit whether you are working around the house, enjoying a day out with friends, or out hunting or fishing. Klik Belts are also a top choice for law enforcement, military, ETMs, and first responders because of their strength and durability.  No matter your needs, Klik Belts are a great choice for a woman’s belt. 

Klik Belts aren’t just a fashionable and stylish choice that go with almost anything, but they are also made to be strong, tough, and reliable. Each belt is equipped with an authentic Cobra® belt buckle, which makes our belts able to withstand even the most rugged of lifestyles. If you are searching for a women’s belt that is unmatched in quality and strength, look no further than the Klik Belt. Order your women’s Klik Belts today. 

When it comes to style and function, there are a plethora of options for women’s belts. From belts that lightly drape at the waist to leather belts meant to be worn with dress pants, there is a women’s belt for every occasion. Women’s belts are made from a wide range of different materials including light cloth, leather, spandex, and even metal. Some are made to wear everyday with casual outfits while others are made to be merely accessories for dresses. 

However, the best women’s belts are those that are functional and add a bit of style to your outfit, no matter if that outfit is casual or business attire. 

The Leather Belt

The leather belt is one of the most popular choices for women’s belts. A leather belt can be worn with a nice pair of jeans or slacks. They can help pull together a work outfit or be worn more casually for a day out shopping or spending time with friends. The leather belt is a classic choice that can be worn almost anytime and anywhere. 

The Wide Belt

Wide belts have been in and out of style many times since the 1920’s. They can be made from cloth, leather, or even metal. Wide belts don’t fit through belt loops found on pants, so they are typically worn around the waist of a dress or long shirt. Wide belts are typically used as a fashion accessory more so than for functional purposes. 

The Skinny Belt

The skinny belt came into popularity during the 1950’s. Unlike the wide belt, the skinny belt could be worn with pants and capris or dresses and skirts. The skinny belt quickly became a huge fashion trend. Today, it seems to depend more upon personal style whether someone prefers to wear a wide or skinny belt and trends tend to change from season to season.

The Metal Belt

Metal belts for women are typically worn with formal dresses for weddings and other big events. They are commonly made from silver or gold and are used as an adornment rather than as a functional piece of clothing.  

The D Ring Belt

The D ring belt is a casual belt that is usually worn with a pair of jeans. This belt consists of two D rings that the belt slides through rather than a regular belt buckle. The belt itself is usually made from nylon or another similar material. These belts work functionally to hold up one's pants as well as to add to a casual appearance. 

The Hip Belt

The hip belt is a women’s belt that is commonly made from metal materials, but can also be made from cloth. It is worn over dresses in a similar fashion as the metal belt, but isn’t reserved for only formal occasions. This belt does not serve any other function other than style.  

The Yoke Belt

The yoke belt is a wide belt, commonly made from leather that looks like the yoke, or fitted band, at the top of a skirt. This belt serves the purpose of both style and function, but is not very versatile when it comes to clothing options. 

The Cinch Belt

The cinch belt is usually made from stretchy materials and worn high around the smallest part of the waist. It is usually too wide to fit through belt loops. This woman's belt is worn to make the waist look especially small and give the woman wearing it an hourglass figure. This belt doesn’t always work with a traditional belt buckle, but rather they usually come in one-size-fits-all and sometimes have laces in the front. 

The Sash Belt

The sash belt is usually made from fabric or ribbon and is worn with a gown or a dress. The sash drapes from the should to the waist and the ends are usually tied into bows. There are also several types of sash belts that have evolved from the original including obi belts and twist belts, which are worn around the waist. Sash belts are used purely for fashion. 

The Braided Belt

The braided belt is commonly made from leather or other similar materials. The belt material is composed of thin pieces that are braided together and usually have a traditional belt buckle. These women’s belts serve a functional purpose and can be worn for fashion. 

The Klik Belt for Women

The Klik Belt for women can be worn for function and style. It looks great with a pair of jeans for relaxing or backwoods adventuring, or can even be worn with business attire for work. Klik Belts feature a Cobra® belt buckle for strength and the belt itself is made from tough nylon. Klik Belts are made to be extremely strong so that women can wear them for all kinds of activities, including hiking, camping, or going out with friends. And when it's time to get dressed up for work or another event, the Klik belt can easily match with a nice pair of slacks or trousers. The Klik Belt is truly the most versatile womens’ belt on the market. 

While we know the Klik Belt features one of the strongest belt buckles available, we thought it would be a good idea to look into the other types of belt buckles available for women’s belts. We’ll discuss the common belt buckles, the Cobra® belt buckle, and others as we compare the strengths and weaknesses of each belt buckle type.

The Cobra® Belt Buckle

The Cobra® belt buckle is the buckle that we use on our Klik Belts. This belt buckle is a military-style belt buckle, but made with some of the strongest materials on earth. The Cobra® belt buckle is made from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy and incorporates brass and stainless steel components. The Cobra® belt buck ranges in load bearing strength from 2,000 pounds to 11,000 pounds depending upon the model of buckle. It is one the strongest, most durable belt buckles available. An authentic Cobra® buckle is on every single one of our Klik Belts because we believe that it is part of what sets our belts apart. You can wear our Klik Belts for casual, work, or even dresser occasions and our belt buckle will look fashionable, but it’s strong enough that it will be there when you need it.

The Tang Belt Buckle

When you think of a common belt buckle, you are sure to imagine the tang belt buckle. We all know how this one works with a closed loop and usually one or two tangs or prongs. The belt is passed through the loop and the tangs fit into a hole in the belt to secure it. This belt buckle type is well-known and easy to use. It keeps the belt tight so it can hold up your pants for the most part. However, the tang belt buckle is not particularly strong and is definitely not a fashion statement type of belt buckle. The tang belt buckle is common and easy to use. 

The Snap Belt Buckle

The snap belt buckle utilizes a plastic snap like the ones you would see on a backpack. The belt itself is usually made from nylon or another similar material. These belt buckles are functional, but not particularly strong. They are not as common as the tang belt buckle and while some find them stylish, they aren’t what would be considered main-stream style. The snap belt buckle allows the belt to be tightened and loosened without the need for holes in the belt, instead the belt is pulled through the plastic loop on the side of the buckle until it reaches the desired length. Snap belt buckles are usually attached to casual belts and worn with jeans. 

The Clip Belt Buckle

The clip belt buckle is the type of belt buckle that you would commonly see on a western or cowboy belt. It includes a rather large plate in the front with a bar attached to the underside and a hook that attaches to a hole in the belt. These belts are not incredibly common, but mostly worn by those who embrace the cowboy or cowgirl fashion and those that attend or compete in rodeos. This belt buckle is typically worn for casual wear. However, those that win these belt buckles in competitions wear it as a sign of prestige within their social group. Clip belt buckles can also be found in places other than rodeos, as some are adorned with a favorite superhero or character. These clip belt buckles are worn casually as well. 

The Wrestling Belt Buckle

The wrestling belt buckle is actually not a functional belt buckle at all. These are the large belt buckles that fit over your existing buckle. While we are calling them wrestling belt buckles, they aren’t necessarily used only in wrestling, that is just where they originate from. These belt buckles are worn to make a statement, whether that is to say you are a championship wrestler or to say something else about who you are. Wrestling belts are not typically worn casually by the masses, but more so as a fashion statement.  

The Military Belt Buckle

The military belt buckle is what is typically referred to as a tactical belt buckle. They work similarly as snap belts as the belt does snap together. However, in a military belt, the buckle is made from a strong metal and typically offers safety features that prevent it from coming unclipped. Military belts are made from stronger materials so that they can hold equipment such as weapons, radios, and other tools that military personnel need to carry with them and have easy access to. Military belts can be worn for fashion, but they are definitely designed with function and safety at the forefront. 

We have discussed all the most common types of belts for women and we believe that the Klik Belt is the way to go. The Klik Belt is one of the strongest, most durable women’s belts that you will find. It features an authentic Cobra® belt buckle and the belt itself is made from a super strong nylon. The women’s Klik Belt is perfect for casual wear, work attire, or even for wearing with a nice pair of pants. The Klik Belt cannot be beat for it’s durability and versatility. 


The women’s Klik Belt is designed for strength and durability. We made our belts with some of the strongest materials possible, so when you need a belt that you can rely on, the Klik Belt is here. Our women’s belts are comfortable enough for casual wear, strong enough for rugged outdoor activities, and still look good enough to wear for a day or evening out. 

The Cobra® Belt Buckle

The authentic Cobra® belt buckle is made only by AustriAlpin in Austria. While there are plenty of imposters out there that may look like the Cobra® belt buckle, they do not perform like the Cobra® buckle. 

Cobra® buckles are made from 7075 aluminum alloy with brass and stainless steel components, which makes them incredibly strong, tough, and durable. These buckles can hold a load bearing weight of 2,000 pounds to 11,000 pounds depending upon the model and that is why they are commonly used for parachutes, cargo straps, and military applications. At Klik Belts, we use only authentic Cobra® buckles on our belts, so you can rest assured that when you purchase a Klik Belt, you are receiving one of the strongest, most reliable belts available. 

Tough Nylon Belt

The Klik Belt for women is made from a super tough nylon. We make our belts in both one-ply and two-ply options so that you can have the strength or flexibility that you need. Our one-ply tactical belts are perfect for casual wear and outdoor adventures. They are strong, but still comfortable.

Our two-ply Klik Belts are designed for military and law enforcement applications. The belt is stiffer and stronger so that tools and equipment like pistols and radios can be easily carried. If you plan to use your Klik Belt for concealed carry, you’ll want to invest in the two-ply. Whether you choose our one-ply or two-ply belt, you are receiving a belt that is extremely strong and reliable.


One of the reasons that our customers love our Klik Belts so much is because of their versatility. You can own one belt that you can use for casual wear, outdoor activities, work, and more. Although, with all of our color choices, you might want to order more than just one. 

Casual Wear

The Kilk Belt for women is ideal for casual wear. The attractive Cobra® belt buckle looks great with a pair of jeans and the belt itself is incredibly comfortable. If you’re enjoying a day hanging out with family and friends, working around the house, going shopping, or spending time doing any of your favorite activities, the Klik Belt is a great choice. 


The Klik Belt is also great for spending time in the outdoors, whether you prefer to hunt, fish, camp, or all of the above. The Klik Belt is stronger and more durable than the average belt, so you can expect it to be there when you need it and for it to last longer than other women’s belts. 


The Klik Belt is perfect for women in the military. You can choose our two-ply or wide duty-three ply belt so that you have extra stability to support any and all equipment that you could possibly need. If you are in search of one of the best tactical belts on the market, look no further than the Klik Belt. The strong nylon and the Cobra® belt buckle are unmatched in quality and strength. 

Law Enforcement

If you are a law enforcement officer, you know how important it is to have a sturdy belt to carry all of the necessary equipment at your waist. With the Klik Belt for women, you can have all that, plus added strength from the Cobra® buckle. You can be sure that your belt will be there when you need it. 

EMT/First Responders

EMTs and first responders need to have a belt that can support all of their equipment and tools and will be there without fail when they need it.

The Klik Belt is the ultimate belt for women. It’s extremely versatile and incredibly durable. Whether you are looking for a belt to wear with casual outfits, while out hunting or fishing, with dressy outfits to work, or all of the above, the Klik Belt can do it all. This women’s belt is easy to slide on to one pair of pants and then transfer to another pair, and the Cobra® belt buckle makes it simple to click right into place. You won’t find a more versatile belt than the Klik Belt. And while we are confident that one belt can be used for almost any occasion, we have plenty of colors available, so that, while you may only need one belt, you can have one to match every outfit. 

Whether you just enjoy a good quality belt or you are in need of one as an EMT, first responder, military personnel, or law enforcement officer, we have a belt that will provide you with everything that you could possibly need or want. Shop our Klik Belts for women and our wide-duty belts made especially for law enforcement and military and don’t forget to check out our Klik collars and leashes for your furry friend while you are here.

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