Recreational Uses for Klik Belts

Klik Belts loves belts. And we’re not just saying that because we make the best TSA-compliant belts, heavy duty belts, ladies’ belts, and concealed carry belts. We have a passion for making your life easier by ensuring that once you put on your belt, you can forget about it for the rest of the day. With all of life’s worries, anxieties, and busyness, the last thing you need is to be worrying about your belt. That’s why we make fully-adjustable casual belts for jeans with the strongest belt buckle in the industry. You click our COBRA® belt buckle, and you won’t have to worry about it coming undone. They are the safest, finely-crafted, and strongest load-bearing buckles in the industry, so you don’t have to worry what fun tools you need to carry when you are out and about enjoying life.

In our previous page, we gave you a good idea of all of the work uses for our belts. Now it’s time to turn to play. After all, if you can’t play in your belt and work in your belt, what’s the point of having one? 

Klik Belts offers belts for all types of recreational uses, from mountain climbing to sailing and hiking. Klik Belts offer you the comfort you need while moving, the functionality of holding your jeans in place so you don’t have to constantly be pulling them up, and the sharp, sleek look that will garner you compliments from complete strangers. Perhaps best of all, we now offer TSA-compliant belts made of no metal so you can zoom through airport security on your next adventure easily. In the next section, we’ll take a look at some common recreational uses for your Klik Belt. Visit us online today to see our latest offerings!

Recreational Uses for Klik Belts - Infographic


Mountain Climbing

When you climb a mountain, you need a lot of gear. Preparation is perhaps the most important thing you can do, in fact. You can’t just wake up one day and think that you’re going to go and climb a 14,000 foot mountain. It takes physical preparation, mental fortitude, and all of the right gear in order to climb mountains safely and successfully. 

Besides the obvious gear you will need (top-notch hiking shoes, tent, sleeping bag, warm clothing, food, and water), you will need to make sure you wear your TSA-compliant belt. Your belt will not only keep your pants in place, but it will come in handy when you want to store your ice hammer if you’re using one, or your knife and emergency rope. Your belt can also be used in case of an emergency as a makeshift tourniquet or as a rope. Order yours today!


Sailing out on an open body of water, with nothing around you but blue water, the undulation of the waves rocking you like a baby, the salty scent mesmerizing your imagination, and, if you’re lucky, a clicking dolphin or a breaching whale to behold, is about as close to heaven on earth as you can get.

However, similar to mountain climbing, you just don’t wake up one day and think how you’d like to go and climb a mountain. Sailing requires even more specialized gear. For starters, you need a boat. That’s a given. Then, you need to outfit the boat: life jackets, supplies, rope, first aid kit, and more. Next, you need to learn to sail the boat, which is even more challenging than climbing a mountain. You will probably need some kind of sailing lessons if you’ve never sailed before. And without a doubt you will need a Klik belt in order to endure the motion of the boat doesn’t cause your boat to slip, or in the event of the worst, you get motion sickness, you’ll definitely need your belt to do its functional job.

In addition, Klik Belts are renowned for their versatility and strength. Thus, in case the worst of the worst happens and you’re lost at sea, you’ll have your Klik belt that can help you strain water, catch fish, repair sailing, and more. Browse Klik Belts’ amazing belts today!


Many people consider themselves lovers of the snow. They love the powdery sensation upon their cheeks, the snowballs they can make to throw at their friends, the snowmen they can design who forever have a grin, and the absolute silence that snow makes when they are sipping hot cocoa by a fireplace on a snowy winter’s night. These adventurers probably love to ski.

Skiing does not require as much equipment or preparation as mountain climbing or sailing. However, you still need skis or a snowboard, a helmet, poles if you’re skiing, and all the warm gear to keep you safe from the cold, including a great snow suit, boots, a hat, gloves, and, of course, a Klik TSA-compliant belt.

With skiing being such an active sport, you’ll need a good belt for your snow suit and one that can be relied upon to adjust to your extra bulky clothes as you ski without slipping. The last thing you want is to have to mess with your belt while out on the slopes. Investing in an outdoor belt, such as our 1.5" Coyote Brown 1-Ply, will work well not only for skiing, but also for all of your other insane inventures, like sledding down a hill on a kids’ sled that is too small for you. Check out our outdoor belts now!

Horseback Riding

Horses running on a prairie is one of the most magnificent sights you can behold. Horses are just gorgeous and absolutely suited to what they were designed for. They stay together and bond with each other. And horses bond to their owners as well. Horses can be as companionable as dogs and cats and often are. At some point in every little girl’s life, she wanted a horse. Who can blame her?

Riding a horse requires a lot of skill. After all, you are trying to not only control a 1,000 pound animal, but you are also trying to tell it what to do, which depending on your horse’s temperament, can be difficult sometimes.

One of the first things you do when riding a horse is gear up. This includes a riding helmet, jeans, cowboy boots, and a good belt. Many cowboys love their belt buckles that make a statement about themselves. Our COBRA® belt buckles make a statement as well — how strong, durable, and seamless they are, as well as how they can endure the toughest conditions, from mucking up stalls to riding horses in the rain. Our ladies’ belts come in many colors that will not only match your outfit, but will also match your horse. Our TSA-compliant belts now can pass through security when you travel to horse shows, as well as through airport security.

Horse lovers around the world rave about our versatile, strong, and beautiful Klik Belts. They love how easy they are to operate and their beautiful overall look. Whether you are giving your horse a sugar cube and grooming them or you are trotting on a gorgeous fall day, our Klik Belts, such as our 1.5" Black Poly COBRA® Buckle/Brown Nylon 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt will ensure you can carry whatever you need. Browse our online selection today!


Perhaps nothing is more escaping than camping. It’s the one activity that brings us the closest to our native roots and what America used to be like (without a camper, of course!). You get to build a tall campfire, make S’mores over the fireplace, watch the stars come out, see the Milky Way, cook and eat outside, and just relax with friends and family by the light of the fire at night, talking about nothing in particular. Camping is the great escape from our connected life if ever for so brief a moment.

Klik Belts makes the best outdoor belts for all of your camping adventures. Not only will you have a worry-free getaway, but you’ll also have the strongest, most versatile belt in the industry. Your Klik belt can be used as a tow strap should you need it. You can hang your wet clothes from it to dry. You can carry firewood with your heavy duty belt, or use it to keep two things together. 

Lightweight, our best outdoor camping belts’ COBRA® belt buckles won’t rust from water since they are made out of aluminum or insanely-strong polymer for our TSA-compliant belts. With a quick release design and an ability to bear a heavy load, the Klik belt makes for a great survival belt, which is great to have when you are out in the woods. Browse the best outdoor belts today!

Whitewater Rafting or Kayaking

When embarking upon any type of water sport, you have to be prepared to get wet. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are both sports where you get wet a lot — wet with usually cold water since you are rafting or kayaking on rivers fueled by snow melt. You’ll need the appropriate gear that is not only comfortable, but also will keep you warm while on the water. Besides a helmet, many people wear a wetsuit to protect against the wet chill that can make both whitewater rafting and kayaking uncomfortable. Many people also opt for quick-dry fabrics and wear pants and shirts. Here is where your Klik belt will come in handy. Although you are in a sitting position for most of the time you are rafting or kayaking, you still need your pants to stay in place, especially if you are swept overboard.

Klik Belts are perfect for water sports as our COBRA® belt buckles won’t rust in the cold water. Our 1-Ply, 2-Ply, or 3-Ply belts are sturdy but pliable, able to stand up and stay in place but allowing for the greatest comfort level no matter what position you are in. Our heavy duty belts, such as our 1.75" Wide Duty Belt Matte Black on Coyote, have extra wide release tabs so you can release your belt while wearing gloves. Klik Belts offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our belts, as these belts don’t fray like others.

Klik Belts offers the perfect combination of sturdiness and beauty. From tactical wear to outdoor and sports uses, as well as being TSA-compliant, our belts are made to be your one-stop-belt for all your needs without having to have multiple belts for various uses. We now offer velcro that you can add to the tail and a hidden money or key pocket on our belts as well. We offer COBRA® belt buckles in various colors should you want to switch yours out, as well as our extra wide COBRA® belt buckle should you want to convert your existing Klik belt. With so many options, Klik Belts will go anywhere you do beautifully. Browse both our outdoor collection and our sports collection today!


For most fishermen, fishing is an all-day endeavor. You get up early in the morning, drive to your favorite fishing hole, and get all set up for the day. Maybe you brought a folding chair, snacks, your tackle box and bait, and, of course, your fishing pole. You’ll spend the day reeling and unreeling or fly fishing and be happy if you catch fish or happy if you don’t. Fishing is once again an activity of solace in nature enjoying the temporary escape from your everyday life. 

Fishing, for the most part, is a come as you are type sport. You’ll want to protect yourself against the enemies — the bugs. Klik Belts recommends a long-sleeved shirt, pants, waders, a neck gaiter, a hat, and a rain jacket, along with your Klik belt. Waders are important when fly-fishing  so you don’t get your clothes sopping wet while standing in the middle of a river all day long.


Klik Belts will faithfully do its job for you and be your third hand as you use your outdoor belt to hold your knife, spare gloves, or spare ties should you need it. Your outdoor belt can even hold the net in preparation for your catch. And when you’re ready to pack up for the day, your Klik belt can help you carry your catch home.

Any of our outdoor belts or sports belts would be perfect for your next fishing adventure. Try our 1.75" Wide Duty Belt Matte Black for extra stability and rigidity, or our TSA-compliant 1.5" Black Poly/Coyote Brown 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt for your next adventure that is an airplane flight away. Order today!

Riding ATVs

Riding ATVs will take you places you couldn’t go otherwise. Due to their small size, extreme maneuverability, and incredible grip on surfaces you wouldn’t think possible, ATVs can traverse huge boulders, cross fast-running streams, and hug cliffs easily. Off-roading is a huge sport that is one the entire family can enjoy. After all, with our interconnected society, it’s hard to find an activity away from a screen that will offer a feast for your eyes that’s infinitely better.


While you’re out having fun, you can rely on Klik Belts to fit snugly and securely without jostling around like you do in an ATV. As the best outdoor belt, Klik Belts feature our COBRA® buckle, which is made from the highest-grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel adjuster, rivets, and D-ring. We offer our 2.25” Cobra Converter belt buckle, which comes in an extra wide release tab option, which makes it easy to operate while wearing work gloves. Our 1.75” Wide Duty Belt Marine Gray offers a wider belt that is strong and secure. These heavy duty belts offer 3-ply versions, which are extra rigid and pliable for holding tools or concealed carry firearms. Simply put, these TSA-compliant belts are the best on the market, beautiful in design, and will last you for years to come. 


Perhaps the most difficult part about choosing the best outdoor belt for your next ATV adventure will be narrowing down which color you want. We offer over a dozen different colors, many developed specifically to be military-compliant, so you can look good no matter what outfit you are wearing. From Gun Metal/Hunter Orange and Black and Forest Green to Coyote Brown and Black Belt Multicam, these airport friendly belts will be your go-to accessory item.


Riding ATVs is an adventure you should try. There are many reputable places all across the United States that rent ATVs or other types of four-wheel drive vehicles so you can explore the thousands of nooks and crannies our beautiful country has to offer. Picnic under an arch, zoom through a riverbed, and rock climb with the pros — all while having an insane amount of fun. Trust Klik Belts when we say this is one jostling you’ll look forward to, and your superior outdoor belt can handle it all. Browse our incredible selection today!



Many people love to bike, whether mountain biking or just a casual bike ride around their town’s trails. Biking is a great cardiovascular activity. It strengthens the leg muscles and can tone and condition your body. Having a great outdoor belt from Klik Belts can help while you’re riding, especially if you are looking to clip a water bottle, car keys, or cell phone carrier to your belt.


Klik Belts makes the strongest belts in the industry with COBRA® belt buckles. These buckles are made from the same materials that the aerospace industry uses in commercial airplanes and fighter jets. Yet this belt buckle is lightweight, easy to clip on and off, and downright gorgeous when attached to our heavy duty belt material. All Klik Belts are made from the strongest ply material that will fit your belt loops. Keeping the consumer in mind at all times, we now offer TSA-compliant belts that feature the same high-quality COBRA® buckles, but now they are made of the strongest polymers, eliminating the need to take off your belt during security checks.

Whether you are biking with the kids and need an outdoor belt strong enough to hold all of their accoutrements or you are mountain biking through tough terrain, you want a belt that will not jostle your belongings, ensure your pants stay in place, and when you’re finished, look no worse for the wear. Browse our incredible outdoor belts today!



The beauty of hiking is that you can go to the remotest places that bikes and ATVs can’t reach. You can climb the highest mountain on narrow trails that don’t even resemble trails. You can squeeze through tight ravines. You can sit on the highest boulders. You can see the view looking down and the amazing horizon. When you change your view, you change your perspective, which is what many of us need at times in our lives.


While hiking, it’s important your pants stay in place and the tools you need are accessible when you need them. Our belts come in 1-ply, 2-ply, or 3-ply material, which refers to the number of yarns used to make a single thread. The greater the ply, the thicker the threads and material, and generally, the stronger. For example, our 1.5" OD Green 2-Ply belt is great for any hiking adventure. Strong and pliable, you can easily walk all day long in this, while not having to worry about your water bottle, pocket knife, cell phone, and compass coming loose. After all, the reason you are hiking is to see the wonderful beauty that surrounds you out in nature, while getting some great physical exercise in. The last thing you want is to be fiddling with your belt. With our fully adjustable and optional velcro on our belts, you can rest assured that your hiking adventure will be full of beautiful photos and fond memories, worry-free, thanks to Klik Belts.


Klik Belts are perfect for men and women alike. No matter what your active lifestyle entails, from hiking and fishing to playing with the grandkids on the floor or just being comfortable with a heavy duty belt that will hold your tools and concealed carry weapon, Klik Belts are for you. If you prefer a traditional leather belt, our leather belt selection will definitely have something for you. Featuring our COBRA® belt buckles, these leather belts offer precise adjustments with no holes for a classic, clean look. These mens’ custom belts have double stitching for the strength you are looking for, as well as top-grain Hermann oak leather. Browse all our 1.5” Belts 1-Ply, 1.5” 2-Ply Tactical, and 1.75” Duty Belts, and see for yourself the difference a high-quality, TSA-compliant belt makes. 



When fall comes, the leaves grace the eye with abundant and rich colors that make you appreciate the wonders of nature at least once a year. The apples are ready for picking to be made into apple cider and the pumpkins are ready to be carved and then made into pumpkin pie.

Hunting also accompanies fall, offering hunters the chance to fill their freezer with game meat for the coming year. Hunting involves a lot of hiking through rough terrain, carrying your rifle, a knife, and perhaps your handgun. With Klik Belts, you can rest assured that your pants will stay in place, and you’ll have a place to carry your handgun safely and securely. Klik Belts are lightweight, easy to secure, TSA-compliant in case you are traveling abroad for your hunting adventure, and strong and sturdy. Our Gun Metal/Hunter Orange outdoor belts were specifically designed with hunters in mind, from the bright orange color to the 1.5” webbing that is pliable, comfortable, and will fit all pant loops. The COBRA® belt buckle is quick-release, load-bearing, and finely-crafted for longevity and durability. Designed for both men and women, Klik Belts not only do their job, but they also do their job while being stylish and looking great.

When hunting, you need to make sure your gear will hold up for long days hiking through tough terrain, plus, be there when you do spot a big game animal. You’ll need long pants to protect you from the brambles and the briars, a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket since hunting in the early fall morning is usually chilly, and a great pair of hiking boots. Your Klik belt will be your extra pair of hands to have your knife ready, as well as your handgun for smaller game. Being prepared for the elements and the terrain is important in order to be comfortable while hunting. Klik Belts’ outdoor and sports belts can help. Browse our incredible outdoor and sports belts today!


Klik Belts makes the best outdoor belts that not only will keep your pants in place, but will also hold all your tools and be useful should you need it to do other things for you while outdoors. From carrying firewood to providing you with worry-free horseback riding, Klik Belts stand up to whatever extreme sport you demand of them. Strong, versatile, and aesthetically-pleasing and simple, our outdoor belts will stand the test of time without signs of wear and tear. From hunter orange to gunmetal gray, you’ll find one of our ladies’ belts or TSA-compliant belts to suit your style. Our quick-release COBRA® belt buckle is smartly designed to stay in place until you open it and is colored to match the belt in some instances. Seamlessly integrated and passionately made, our Klik Belts now offer a velcro tail and a 2-Ply Tactical webbing. With so many uses, Klik Belts can be your most useful everyday tool. Visit us online today to order!