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Klik Sling — The Modular Rifle Sling System You’ve Been Searching For

The Quick-Adjust Modular Rifle Sling System From Klik Belts

The team at Klik Belts has teamed up with Black Collar Arms to create the Klik Sling – our two-point modular, quick-adjust rifle sling. The Klik Sling can be easily adjusted with just one hand and features a padded mil-spec nylon strap and authentic COBRA® buckle. The quick-release feature of the COBRA® buckle allows the sling to be easily moved from gun to gun with use of our interchangeable Klik Sling Tails. Our Klik Sling rifle sling is ideal for hunting, tactical use, or recreational use, as it can adjust and fit almost any firearm. The Klik Sling is a modular sling system, meaning that it must be used in conjunction with two sling tails (not included) for each firearm. You can also install sling tails on multiple guns and move the body of the rifle sling easily between firearms. Purchase your Klik Sling and Klik Sling Tails from Klik Belts today.

The Klik Sling Rifle Sling

  • Features COBRA® quick-release buckles on the front and rear of the sling.
  • Body is constructed of padded, mil-spec nylon webbing strap for ultimate comfort.
  • Webbing features a pull loop for quick, one-handed length adjustment.
  • Includes additional front and rear length adjustment sections with elastic tail tamers integrated into the body.
  • Available in multiple colors!
  • Must be used with two Klik Sling Tails for each firearm.
  • Can be moved from gun-to-gun quickly and easily with the use of additional sling tails.
  • Klik Sling Tails

    Sling tail is available in four styles:
  • QD Tail
  • Sling Swivel Tail
  • HK Hook Tail
  • Universal Strap Tail
  • Tails are quick-release so that you can easily move the sling body from gun-to-gun or easily sling or unsling the firearm from your body.
  • Quick-release also provides an important safety feature in case the sling or rifle ever becomes caught on an object.
  • Two tails with one Klik Sling body are required for use.
  • You can install tails on additional firearms to quickly switch the sling between firearms.
  • Purchase Your Rifle Sling Modular System From Klik Belts

    The Klik Sling modular rifle sling system is designed to make it easy for you to sling and unsling your rifle, as well as quickly move it from firearm-to-firearm. Equipped with authentic COBRA® buckles, just as we do all of our products at Klik Belts, you can count on our rifle sling to be top-notch quality and incredibly reliable. Purchase your Klik Sling and Klik Sling Tails today.
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