The Best Cobra® Belts

A Cobra® belt is one that features an authentic Cobra® buckle from AustriAlpin. These belts are usually of the tactical variety and are built extremely strong to stand up to heavy load-bearing weight and withstand any condition. Cobra® buckles are built with the same care and attention to detail that we take while producing our Klik Belts, and that’s why we chose to use only Cobra® buckles on our belts. 

Are you ready to own the best Cobra® belt available? Look no further than the Klik Belt. Our belts are designed and manufactured right here in the United States so we can oversee every step of production and ensure that our high standards are always being met. If you’re looking for an incredibly strong and reliable belt, shop Klik Belts today.

The Cobra® Buckle 

The Cobra® buckle is best known for its extreme strength and durability. This solid aluminum buckle is designed to stand up to extraordinary load-bearing weights and is often used in military applications, parasports, and mountaineering because of its reliability. Authentic Cobra® buckles like those we use for our Klik Belts are made only by AustriAlpin, a company located in Austria that specializes in premium-quality hardware. AustriAlpin is known for creating quality products and for never compromising that quality to save a few dollars. 

At Klik Belts, we strive to make the best and strongest belts in the world, and in order to do this, we must use the best materials. The Cobra® buckle is a huge part of what makes our belts so special. Are you ready to own the strongest belt on Earth? Shop Klik Belts today.

Extreme Load-Bearing Capabilities

The Cobra® buckle has extreme load-bearing capabilities. The Cobra® buckles that we use on our Klik Belts have a load-bearing capacity of 18kN when in a loop configuration. The kilonewton (kN) is a measurement of force. To put it into perspective, 18kN translates to about 4,050 pounds of load-bearing weight. That means this Cobra® buckle can literally hold over two tons of weight. If you’re still skeptical about the strength of a Cobra® buckle, you can watch us lift a car with our Klik Belts in this video, The World’s Strongest Belt Lifts a Car!

Quick Release for Safety

Cobra® buckles are undoubtedly strong, but they also each have a quick-release feature. This feature is designed to contribute to the safety of the buckle in a number of ways. First, a Cobra® buckle will not come undone without a deliberate action from the user. It won’t release if you accidentally bump it off of something and you cannot release it by only pressing one side of the buckle. You must press in the pins on both sides of a Cobra® buckle to release it. Secondly, the quick-release feature means that in the event of an emergency, you can easily release the buckle with a single motion. For instance, if you are wearing a Klik Belt and need to take off your belt in an emergency-rescue situation, you simply press the quick-release pins on each side and your belt will instantly come undone. 

ANSI-Certified for Fall Protection and Personal Safety 

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is in charge of developing standards for a number of fields and industries. ANSI Z359.1 code regulates standards and safety requirements for personal fall systems. This includes items such as carabiners, ropes, straps, and other items of the sort. When you see an ANSI-Z359.1/07 mark on a Cobra® buckle, it means that this buckle has been thoroughly tested and approved to meet all of the standards and safety regulations put in place by the updated 2007 Z359.1 ANSI code. Cobra® buckles also meet all applicable CE, EN, CSA, and NFPA standards for fall protection and personal safety.

Meets Mil-Spec Guidelines for Dust, Sand, and Water

The Cobra® buckle cannot be easily damaged. It meets all the applicable mil-spec guidelines for protection against dust, sand, and water. This means that no matter what environment you happen to be in whether it be indoors, outdoors, in the desert, in the woods, or outside on a sunny day or rainy day — you can count on the Cobra® buckle to be there when you need it. 

Assembled, Inspected, and Packed at an ISO Quality Assurance Accredited facility

At Klik Belts, one of the reasons that we use Cobra® buckles is because of AustriAlpin’s dedication to quality. Every Cobra® buckle is CNC machined, assembled, inspected, and packed in their ISO Quality Assurance accredited facilities. This ensures that the facility and the products are upheld to the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

What Makes Cobra® Buckles the Best Belt Buckle? 

Cobra® buckles make ideal belt buckles because of their strength, durability, adjustability, and appearance. At Klik Belts, we use Cobra® buckles on our tactical belts, duty belts, casual belts, and rigger belts because we believe in using only the best materials in the creation of our Klik Belts. When you purchase a Klik Belt, we want you to be absolutely confident that you’re getting a quality product that will last. 


Cobra® buckles are perfect for a belt buckle because of their strength. At Klik Belts, we make belts for people who require a product they can rely on. From first responders and police officers to DEA agents and military personnel, a Klik Belt is strong enough to do it all. The strength of our Cobra® belts allows people in these fields to carry important, potentially life-saving equipment on their waist while they do their job. If you’re searching for the strongest belt in the world, you’ll find it in the Klik Belt.


The durability of the Cobra® buckle is also extremely important when it comes to acting as a belt buckle on our Klik Belts. Cobra® buckles are made to withstand exposure to water, sand, and dust. So, no matter where you wear your Klik Belt, you can be sure that it won’t let you down. 


The Cobra® buckle is easily adjustable making it ideal for use as a belt buckle. Once the belt is in place, you simply pull on the tail until it is adjusted to the place that is comfortable for you. With a regular belt, you often have to choose a hole that is just a bit too tight or too loose, but that’s not the case with the Klik Belt. You can adjust it just the right amount. And, if your belt becomes a little loose throughout the day from constantly changing positions and moving around, you can just give the tail a tug to tighten it again.


The Cobra® buckle is also a stylish choice for a belt buckle. They come in a number of color choices from aluminum and gold to matte black, blue, tan, and more. They also add a touch of style to what would otherwise be a boring-looking tactical belt. Cobra® buckles are a strong and industrial piece of equipment that is still quite pleasing to the eye.


Cobra® buckles also lend to a very comfortable belt. This is partially due to the easy adjustability of the buckle. Your belt is never too tight or too loose. Also, Cobra® buckles, while strong and durable, are not large and intrusive. They don’t get in the way or dig into your stomach when you sit down. When you wear a belt with a Cobra® buckle, it’s comfortable enough to wear casually but still strong enough to get any job done. 

The Klik Belt – The Best Cobra® Belt 

Klik Belts are known for being strong, resilient, reliable, and durable. And that’s because we use only the highest-quality materials like the Cobra® buckle and our mil-spec nylon webbing. When you choose a Klik Belt, you can be sure that you’re receiving a well-made, carefully crafted product that is made to last. 

We offer the Klik Belt in varying widths and strengths because we understand that everybody has different needs. So, whether you’re a first responder, in the military, or prefer to wear your belt casually around the house and while out with friends, we have a Klik Belt that is perfect for you. Continue reading to learn more about why the Klik Belt makes the best Cobra® belt.

Tactical Belts for Men and Women

At Klik Belts, we make tactical belts for both men and women. Our belts are designed to be stylish and strong, so no matter your needs, we have the belt for you. Our tactical belts are made from a mil-spec nylon webbing and come in your choice of one-ply, two-ply, or three-ply so you can have the ideal belt for a casual day out, to wear to the office, conceal carry, or wear to a physically-demanding job. 


At Klik Belts, we make our nylon belts in two different widths — regular width and a wide duty belt. Our regular width belt fits through the belt loops on most pants and the wide belt is designed to fit pants specifically designed with a larger belt in mind like those worn by a first responder or law enforcement officer. 

Regular Width: 1.5-Inch Casual and Tactical Belt

We offer both our casual and tactical nylon belt in the regular 1.5-inch width. Both of these belts are designed to be worn with jeans, slacks, or really any pants that have belt loops. Our casual belt is made for, as the name implies, casual wear. So, it’s perfect to wear while you’re doing work around the house, out with friends, on a fishing trip, or hiking. Our tactical belt is also a regular width but offers added stability so that you can comfortably conceal carry. If you’re looking for a belt that can support your firearm and a couple of other items, our tactical belt is for you. 

Wide: 1.75-Inch Duty Belt

Our duty belt is made extra wide so that it has the extra strength and stability to support a lot of equipment. This belt was designed for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and others who need quick and easy access to their equipment and tools for their jobs.


At Klik Belts, we also make our belts in varying strengths. A person who prefers to conceal carry or wear their belt for work will require a different strength belt than someone who wears their Klik Belt for casual purposes. 


Our one-ply belt is considered our casual belt. This belt is made from our mil-spec proprietary webbing and is, of course, equipped with a Cobra® buckle as all of our belts are. This belt isn’t our strongest belt and isn’t designed to conceal carry, but instead was created to be our most comfortable belt for casual wear. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is just your average casual belt. A Klik Belt is always made with meticulous care to be reliable, strong, and durable. 


The two-ply Klik Belt is our tactical belt. This belt features the super-strong Cobra® buckle and is made from two plies of our proprietary webbing. The extra ply gives this belt both extra strength and stability. If you conceal carry, this is the belt for you. Our tactical belt is also ideal for those who need to carry equipment on their waist while working but require a regular width belt. 


At Klik Belts, we offer our 1.75-inch duty belt in a three-ply. We created this belt due to special requests from law enforcement officers, military personnel, and first responders. This belt provides the most strength and stability of all of our belts. The extra rigidity you will experience while wearing this belt makes it perfect for carrying a large amount of equipment such as firearms, radios, handcuffs, flashlight, and much more. 


The Klik Belt also makes an excellent Cobra® belt because of the different colors that it is available in. At Klik Belts, we offer a large number of color combinations. We offer color combinations such as our black nylon belt with the polished aluminum Cobra® buckle or our gray tactical belt with a Gunmetal Gray Cobra® buckle. We have a plethora of color combinations and if you don’t see the exact combo that you’re looking for, we’ll make it just for you!



At Klik Belts, we are best known for our nylon tactical belts but we also make beautiful leather belts as well. And, as with each belt we make, we always source the best and strongest materials that are made to look great and last.


Our nylon belts are made from a mil-spec proprietary webbing. They are designed to be flexible in the horizontal direction but rigid vertically so that they are still incredibly comfortable while providing the support you need to carry important tools or equipment. 


Our leather Klik Belts are made from premium top-grain Hermann Oak leather. When it comes to leather, this is the best of the best, and each belt is double-stitched for extra strength and durability. This is not a belt that will fall apart easily; our leather belts are made to last. 


Klik Belts are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re searching for a casual belt, something to wear with a suit and tie, or a belt for a physically demanding job like an EMT, we have a Klik Belt that will work perfectly for you. Our belts are fantastic for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and hunting, and also ideal to wear while at a BBQ with friends. You can quite literally wear a Klik Belt for any occasion.


At Klik Belts, we also make TSA-approved belts. These belts feature a Cobra® buckle that is made from polymer and is ideal if you travel often, work in an airport, or frequent a building with a metal detector at the entrance. With our TSA-approved Klik Belts, you’ll never have to remove your belt at a security checkpoint again. 

Shop Klik Belts Today 

Are you searching for a quality belt made from the best materials? Look no further than the Klik Belt. Each of our belts is equipped with an authentic Cobra® buckle making them some of the strongest belts on Earth. Whether you’re searching for a casual belt to wear around the house, a nice leather belt to wear to the office, or a tactical belt to wear on the job, we have what you’re looking for. Shop Klik Belts today.