The Finest Innovation In TSA-Approved Belts: The Polymer Buckle Klik Belt

For many, the idea of travel tends to stir up a myriad of mixed emotions. Leaving on an important business trip to close a major deal may be anxiety-inducing. Seeing long-lost family members for the first time in decades may also be anxiety-inducing, but exciting and joyous. Maybe you’re simply going on a cruise vacation with your partner, celebrating the fact that you’re finally empty nesters. 

But for many, the idea of travel also spurs a mixture of bad memories and negative emotions — think along the lines ``of “traveling is a pain,” “dealing with TSA is time-consuming and embarrassing,” and “there’s just not enough legroom here in coach.” The truth is, traveling is simply a dynamic experience, and it’s difficult to generalize how people feel about it. 

The Surefire Way To Make Your Travels Just A Little Bit Easier

Traveling via automobile comes with its own convenience, but of course, with long hours, cramped legs, and unhealthy fast food. Since the vast majority of people fly when they’re traveling somewhere that takes longer than a 5-6 hour drive, they’re forced to deal with the Terminal Security Administration (TSA). And as we all know — or, at least, anyone who’s ever traveled via plane before — dealing with airport security is less than desirable (to say the least). 

When we launched Klik Belts back in 2014, and forever revolutionized the belt game as the world knew it, we never purposefully intended to enhance the traveler’s experience. And while our belts may not drop you off at the airport in a private limo, upgrade you to first class, or magically eliminate the line of people ahead of you at TSA, they do offer a combination of strength, versatility, and convenience that no other belt on the market offers. 

Proudly Keep Your Belt Secured With Our Line Of TSA-Approved Belts For Sale

That’s right — the days of awkwardly taking off your belt as you’re going through a TSA metal scanner are now over! Klik Belts is proud to bring our line of polymer buckle belts to market, providing business people, dads, frequent flyers, and the everyday Joe with a non-metal belt that’s as strong and easy to secure as an ordinary Klik Belt. 

We took the same basic design as our standard COBRA® buckle, and by teaming up with our R&D team over at AustriAlpin, applied to a lightweight, plastic-like material known as a polymer. This super-dense polymer material offers unmatched comfort, legendary strength, and the exact same ease of use that traditional Klik Belts are praised for. And, because there’s not one speck of metal in our new TSA-approved belts...well, they’re approved by the TSA. Now, you can keep your belt on and confidently waltz through airport security uninterrupted (or just a little less interrupted). 

On this page, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at our new line of incredibly strong and functional non-metal belts. We encourage our long-time Klik Belt wearers and those who are new to our products to give one of our three early-release colors a try, along with your desired webbing thickness (1-ply or 2-ply). If you have any questions, our friendly team is here to answer them, so please don’t hesitate to contact the Klik Team. Let’s get started!

The Non-Metal Belt That Doesn’t Compromise On Strength

When you tell someone that you recently picked up a TSA-approved belt, they might say something like, “I’m sure that’s convenient for getting through airport security in a breeze, but how can your new belt be anything more than a flimsy, weak belt?” That’s a fair assumption, but we’ll make our own assumption and guess that they’re not familiar with the strength and versatility of our polymer buckle belts. 

Superior Targeted Tensile Load

Remember that video where a standard Klik Belt is used to tow a heavy Ford Bronco from the hitch of a Ford F-150? That was provided by our good friend Brian over at Survival on Purpose, and he’s back with another video about our new polymer buckle belts. We’ll admit that he’s yet to release a video using our TSA-approved belts as a tow strap, but we’re eagerly looking forward to seeing how our customers are going to put this belt to the test. 

We’re confident in the strength of our polymer buckle belts because of their targeted tensile load rating of 500lbf/2,2kN, which in layman’s terms, means that it’s incredibly strong — the strongest plastic-like belt buckle on the market that we’re aware of. So, if you need to carry some weight on your hips, such as a holster, tool belt, or other heavy items that you wouldn’t even think about carrying on your person through a TSA checkpoint, we strongly recommend our new line of polymer buckle belts in 2-ply. 

We can’t give away all of our R&D secrets about how our polymer material and new GT COBRA® buckle is just so dang strong, but let’s just say that we followed similar quality standards to how the original COBRA® buckle was made. The best materials, most clever engineering, and highest production standards can only result in a belt that’s this innovative and strong. 

TSA-Approved Belts That Actually Look Good

When most people picture a utility belt or a belt that’s designed with function in mind, they typically picture something that looks ugly. The team at Klik Belts has always prioritized function, comfort, and ease of use over everything else, but we’re also quick to say that our traditional belts and new polymer buckle belts alike offer as much form as they do function. As stated above, our initial release features a limited amount of colors, but we’re working hard to bring even more webbing and buckle color options to the market. Right now, our airport-friendly belts are available in: 

  • Matte black on black (1-ply and 2-ply)
  • Matte black on brown (1-ply and 2-ply)
  • Matte black on OD green (1-ply and 2-ply)

Unfortunately, due to how new our polymer buckle is, it’s currently only available in matte black. However, this may change in the future. For the meantime, we think that matte black is great because it matches with just about anything! 

No one should have to sacrifice comfort or style just for a strong and functional TSA-approved belt, and that’s why we’re providing the total belt experience that checks all of the boxes. 

Hassle-Free Security Checkpoints

Okay, we’ll admit that using our line of TSA-approved belts won’t magically transport you past the security checkpoint right to the gate of your flight. But we will confidently state that not needing to remove your belt is a really nice convenience when a) you’re holding up the security line by unbelting and b) you’re running through countless other travel logistics in your head. 

Eliminating the need to de-belt may be so foreign to you at first that you might unconsciously start to unbuckle as a result of muscle memory. Worry not, as COBRA® buckles are as easy to secure as they are to unbuckle. 

More Than Frequent Flyers

Now, we’ve really hammered the value that our new polymer belts present for those who go through TSA checkpoints on a weekly or monthly basis. But there are many instances in life where one might routinely encounter a metal scanner or another security checkpoint involving the presence of metal and technological devices. Let’s take a look. 

Federal and State Employees

Depending on the type of bureau or government organization that you’re working for, you may need to walk through a metal scanner on your way into the office every single day. Can you imagine how annoying and cumbersome it would be to manually remove your belt — and then put it back on — every single business day? Needless to say, that sounds like a real nuisance. 

Our matte black on black non-metal belt allows you to waltz right through that metal scanner, all while looking business-formal to a T. All you have to do is take anything else with metal off of your person, and unfortunately, we really can’t help you with that. 

Avid Professional Sports Fans

Most, if not all professional sports fields and arenas these days, usually require walking through a metal scanner to be lawfully permitted inside. De-belting may be a minor inconvenience for you, but if you’re seeing major league games on a weekly basis, it’s certainly worth investing in your own non-metal Klik Belt. 

Prison Guards

Everyone who enters a prison, whether it’s a visitor, employee, or inmate, must pass some type of security checkpoint. Most of these checkpoints involve walking through a metal scanner, and that can get really inconvenient when it’s your job to pass through it every single day (even multiple times per day). 

With the power of a 2-ply polymer buckle Klik Belt around your waist, you can support your holster, keys, and other on-the-job tools with total comfort while easily passing through a scanner. Conversely, if you need to quickly take everything off of your waist, all it takes is the push of a button. 


Many people work for a county courthouse as a court reporter, guard, judge, or frequently show up as an attorney-for-hire. Naturally, courthouses need to be kept secure, so these people are constantly dealing with metal scanners. A non-metal belt is sure to make the start of a long day just a little bit better. 

Schools, Shopping Malls, and More

There are plenty of other public places that may have a security checkpoint with either a walk-through or a handheld metal scanner. In truth, you’ll never know when you’ll encounter one, but it’s nice to know that your belt can stay where it belongs — around your waist!

100% U.S. Berry Amendment Compliance

To reiterate, when it comes to federal employees and other people who work for state or local governing bodies, we have you and your waist covered. Each of our TSA-compliant, non-metal belts is 100% U.S. Berry Amendment-compliant, meaning that we’re giving back to those that serve our country — including members of the armed forces — by providing certifiably American products. 

The Clear Choice In TSA-Approved Belts

Prior to the arrival of our airport security-friendly belts, there was always some type of sacrifice that people were forced to make with their belts. Whether it was a matter of style, poor construction, little to no strength, or simply the presence of metal, the truth is that there just wasn’t another belt on the market quite like our polymer buckle belts. Now, we’re excited to say that’s changed. 

Shopping At Our Online Belt Store

Our line of non-metal belts might be fairly new, but our experience as a belt company is steadily growing. After starting our operation in 2014, we’ve been able to perfect the original COBRA® buckle, offer numerous color, thickness, and style options, and even bring Klik Collars, the world’s strongest dog collar, to the market. We’ve achieved this all while paying close attention to customer feedback and market demand. 

When you choose Klik Belts for a TSA-safe belt, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Free delivery - our advertised prices are what you’ll actually pay. 
  • Worldwide shipping - everyone on the planet deserves a great belt. 
  • A 100% money-back guarantee - if you’re not completely satisfied with your polymer buckle belt, we’ll return every penny that you spent. 

Our goal isn’t just to provide the strongest, most comfortable, and easiest-to-use belt in the world. Our goal is to be the best belt company, providing stellar customer service and unmatched attention to detail. 

Looking For A TSA-Compliant Belt? Shop Klik Belts Today!

The days of stopping and taking off your belt just to go about your business are over. Now, you can keep your belt where it belongs and continue to focus on what’s taking off your shoes and putting your electronic devices aside! 

Shop our 1-ply and 2-ply polymer buckle collections today, and don’t forget to keep up with our Facebook and Instagram social channels for updates on new colors and other product releases. Happy traveling!