Uses of Klik Belts' Dog Collars

USES OF KLIK BELTS’ DOG COLLARSWhile there is a universal debate between dog and cat owners, the numbers don’t lie. In the United States, approximately 85 million families own a pet. Of those, 63 percent are dog owners compared to 42 percent who own cats.

Let’s face it, dog owners love their dogs. There are so many benefits to owning a dog that it’s hard to come up with an exhaustive list: companionship, loyalty, stress relief, and anxiety and depression management, they give us a reason to exercise, and they give us a reason to get up out of bed every morning. Dogs lay with us when we’re sick, pick us up when we’re down, and bark to alert us when someone is at the door. They are fiercely protective of their family if they sense something’s wrong, and they are somehow miraculously in-tune with our feelings. They keep us warm at night (if they are allowed in the bed), and they greet us every day when we come home. When we leave them to go on vacation, they may be anxious and mourn. They remind us  of what is important in life, and they also remind us that the only moment that is important is the present moment. And if we are to die before them, they wait for our return. And when they die, our hearts break in two.

Some dogs have other jobs besides those listed above — jobs that keep us safe, protect us, and keep us alive. They have jobs that enable us to lead a better life than we would be able to otherwise.

Klik Belts makes the strongest belts in the world. Using a combination of insanely strong ply that is tightly woven and the Cobra® buckle, which is made from the same aluminum that makes up commercial jets and has a load capacity of 4,000 lbs, our adjustable belts are great for many uses, from military and police to the office or even a night on the town. We also make TSA-compliant belts as well, so you can breeze through airport security without having to take your belt off. Below, we’ll take a look at the uses of Klik Belts’ dog collars and dog leashes. Visit us to shop belts online or the best dog training collars online today!




Service DogService Dogs

Service dogs help people suffering from a variety of ailments, and from physical, neurological, and mental health needs. These dogs help many people navigate the world and make up for some of these conditions. Guide dogs are some of the most common types of service dogs you will see. Guide dogs date back to Roman times when they were used to help visually impaired people avoid obstacles and get them to where they need to go. The Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990 allowed people with service dogs to be able to take them wherever they go. This act defines service dogs as those that help with major life activities, such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, learning, working, and more.

Other types of service dogs you will see include hearing dogs. These dogs alert people to noises, such as the doorbell or a crying baby. Mobility assistance dogs are trained to bring objects to those in wheelchairs or press buttons for people. Diabetic alert dogs (DADs) alert people when their blood sugar becomes low. They do this through scent. Seizure alert dogs and seizure response dogs (both are trained for different things) help those who suffer from seizures. Psychiatric service dogs help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, such as those who served in combat, worked as a first responder, or experienced life-altering events, such as abuse. Autism support dogs help kids who suffer from autism and have a hard time interacting in the world. They help kids feel less isolated.

Klik Belts’ dog collars work great for all types of service dogs. One of the important aspects of having a service dog is that the dog is under the control of the handler at all times. Klik Belts’ dog collars are designed not to come unlatched except when you press our Cobra® buckle. These unique dog collars are made of the same nylon ply stitching as our belts and are designed to come off with a simple pinch. Klik Collars 1”-On Duty large dog collars come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. Like our belts, these adjustable dog collars can be fitted to your dog like a glove, ensuring no accidental slipping of the collar. From labradors and German shepherds to boxers and collies, these dog collars for big dogs are perfect for your service dog. Check out our Klik Collars 1”-Off Duty best dog training collars, and order today!

therapy dogTherapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are specifically trained to make people feel better. While all dogs do this naturally, these dogs are trained to be gentle souls while kids, the elderly, and everyone hug them, hold them, and kiss them. Therapy dogs can be found in hospitals, visiting with those who are sick or who are undergoing cancer treatments, retirement homes, visiting with the elderly, classrooms, helping kids learn to read, hospices and nursing homes, brightening the days of older Americans, and disaster relief areas where the workers need a pick-me-up. Therapy dogs are trained to offer emotional support just by being there. They are even-tempered, well-socialized, well-trained, not afraid of sudden noises, and love to be petted. The idea of therapy dogs was pioneered by Florence Nightingale who first noticed how dogs helped relieve the anxiety of psychiatric patients. However, therapy dogs did not really take root until 1976. It’s important to note that therapy dogs are not service dogs, and thus, do not have the same rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Klik Belts has a heart for therapy dogs. Our Klik Collars 1”- Off Duty unique dog collars make great collars for therapy dogs. They are easy to take on and off when you need to, but secure enough to ensure your dog won’t slip their collar. The D-ring is big enough to accommodate any type of dog leash, including either our Klik Dog Leash-1" Wide, 6' Long Nylon Dog Leash, or our Klik Belts K9 Waist Leash with KONG Frog and Handle with D-ring. Both of our leashes are made with the user in mind, being both comfortable yet secure for use. One of the best things about our unique dog collars is that they will have people talking, which is great for therapy dogs. They can easily break the ice with those who are suffering from an illness and are worn out. If you are having trouble finding a dog collar for big dogs, check out our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large, which is wide, sturdy, and easy to use. Order yours today!

police dogPolice Dogs

Our law enforcement personnel put their lives on the line every day to ensure we stay safe. It takes a special person to be a police officer, and it takes a special dog to serve as a police dog. Police dogs are asked to perform such complicated tasks that not every dog can do, which is why you’ll see certain breeds as police dogs. These breeds, such as Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Bloodhounds, and Labrador Retrievers are bred to work and want to please their handlers. Police dogs can be trained for one task, or they can be trained for a variety of tasks. 

One of the more popular uses you’ll see of K9s include apprehension dogs, or those dogs trained to assist in holding suspects. These dogs often are the first to go in against an armed suspect and protect their handlers. You’ll notice these dogs tend to be the herding breeds because for thousands of years herding dogs have been bred and trained for the physical strength and intelligence to herd livestock, which is important when taking down bad guys. Apprehension dogs can sense a threat and often can alert their handlers.

Klik Belts dog collars are made to handle the heavy-duty requirements of police dogs. The dog’s collars can be removed in a second, which is important in police work as oftentimes, the dogs work without a collar to prevent the bad guys from grabbing onto it. These unique dog collars are comfortable, which is great for dogs who train for long hours in all kinds of weather. These best dog collars are made to be the perfect German shepherd dog collar. Either our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, or our Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty super strong dog collars would be perfect for your police dog. We also offer our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large wide dog collar in case your police dog is bigger than average. Browse dog collars online today!


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Military DogMilitary Dogs Or War Dogs

Military dogs or war dogs have a long history of being used by humans in battles. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Persians all used dogs in war. Popular uses were in combat, or as scouts, sentries, or trackers. The first recorded use of dogs in battle dates back to 600 BC. Sometimes dogs would be sent into battle first in order to break the ranks of the other army. In World War I, they were used to carry messages back and forth between armies. It is estimated that one million dogs died in action. A Belgian Malinois was used to help find Osama bin Laden the day he was killed. Today, accurate records are kept of dogs in the military, and every day, they give their lives for the lives of their handlers and others. Many dogs are trained to detect bombs, and they have a 98% success rate. Many times when these dogs retire they are able to live with their handlers. This also helps the handlers if they are suffering from PTSD. You can also adopt a war dog as well.

Klik Belts set out to develop a unique dog collar that was heavy-duty, easy to use, and functional at the same time. We understand the demands that military dogs face each and every day. Many dogs lead amazing lives with their owners. Military dogs are called to work and truly enjoy working every day, and although they may not understand the purpose we have for them, they do understand a dog’s purpose — to live and please their human handlers. Klik Belts offers the best dog training collars, wide dog collars, and strong dog collars that are needed for military dogs. You can choose from our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, our Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs. Made with the highest-quality stitching and made with the patented Cobra® buckle, which is constructed from one piece of 7075 aluminum, or the same material used in fighter jets, these best dog collars will not fail your uses. You can count on a custom, snug fit that won’t chafe your military dog. Pair with one of our dog leashes ( Klik Dog Leash-1" Wide, 6' Long Nylon Dog Leash, or our Klik Belts K9 Waist Leash with KONG Frog and Handle with D-ring) for superior handling abilities. Order yours today!

Drug DogDrug Dogs/Detection Dogs

Aside from apprehension, the other popular use of dogs by both the military and the police is in detection services. This is for good reason: dogs have 225 million scent receptors in their noses (compared to our measly 5 million). Thus, dogs can help detect drugs, explosives, certain accelerants like kerosene (for arson investigations), blood, and more. They are trained to find these items by scent. You often see detection dogs in airports, at important events, such as the Presidential Inauguration, at the borner, and increasingly at schools. If a K-9 detection cop pulls you over, the dog may even be used to “search” your car by smell. In the military, dogs are trained to detect landmines, saving thousands of lives in the process. Dogs can also be trained to find the feces of species, such as caribou, ferret, killer whale, and spotted frog. Known as wildlife scat detection, this helps police catch those who deal in the illegal trade of animals. Detection dogs also can find invasive species, such as quagga mussels in California. Truly, there is no limit in what you can train dogs to find.

Klik Belts understands how difficult a job it can be for detection dogs. There is a lot of training demanded since dogs have to be able to tune out the thousands of other smells that can distract them. Thus, we’ve made a unique dog collar up for the challenge, our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, our Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs. These best dog collars are perfect for the demands of detection dogs. Easy to take off with just a snap and having tough nylon stitching that is both sturdy but has enough stretch to them to accommodate your dog’s movements, these best dog training collars not only will look great on your detection and drug dog, but will also handle the demands of the job. We also offer great dog leashes as well. Our Klik Dog Leash-1" Wide, 6' Long Nylon Dog Leash, or our Klik Belts K9 Waist Leash with KONG Frog and Handle with D-ring) are designed with ease of use as well, with superior ability to clip on and off quickly, but also strong enough to handle any demands of your job. Our waist dog leash features a D-ring as well for added versatility. Order yours today!

Search and rescueSearch and Rescue Dogs

A form of detection, search and rescue dogs do just that — search people out who have become lost or gone missing by their smell. The dogs will be given an item of clothing or something else with the person’s scent on it and then told to find them. They are also used in kidnapping cases as well. Dogs can be trained to find individual humans, or they can find humans, in general, as well. These are the dogs you’ll see in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood. These dogs can find living people or the remains of people. This is especially useful in murder cases and in recovery efforts. The precision of these dogs is amazing. They can find the bodies of victims who have drowned underwater in oceans and lakes.  Search and rescue dogs can also find people who have been buried in avalanches. They can cover a ton of ground in a short amount of time, which, in the event of kidnappings or people who are lost, is critical.

Since the Middle Ages, dogs have been used in law enforcement to track outlaws and criminals. They were widely used for personal protection as well while the police handled the crimes. As you might suspect, it was Belgium who first began to systematically train police dogs beginning in 1899.  These training methods are still used today, and the Belgian Malinois is one of the preferred police dog breeds. Many police dogs in the United States come from Germany and Belgium even today.

Klik Belts recognizes the importance of search and rescue dogs. They have saved thousands of lives throughout time, finding those lost, kidnapped, or trapped in debris in a natural disaster. The training of these dogs is very intense. Thus, we’ve made a dog collar to match this intenseness. Our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, our Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions your search and rescue dog may face, such as rain, snow, or high winds. Easy to remove when you don’t want your dog collar getting stuck on objects, these dog collars feature the Cobra® buckle, which comes unsnapped in less than a second. When engaged, the buckle can withstand a load of 4,000 pounds. Paired with our tightly woven nylon webbing, this belt will last. Our dog collars for big dogs won’t disrupt your dog’s work, being comfortable and lightweight. Browse both our best dog training collars and our dog leashes today!

Herding DogHerding Dogs

One of the oldest training for dogs is herding. Once dogs were domesticated, which was mutually beneficial for both dogs and humans, they helped with hunting and guarding the camps. Almost as soon as other animals began to be kept for human use, dogs were being trained to guard them from other predators, such as wolves, once they were taught to protect these animals and not hunt them. From around 2,000 BC, we have written evidence that herding dogs were in use. 

Herding behavior is basically hunting behavior, but redirected. Dogs have been selectively bred throughout the centuries to use this hunting skill as a herding skill. Australian Cattle dogs, Bernese Mountain dogs, and collies are some examples of herding dogs. For centuries, they would guard herds of animals overnight while their handlers slept. Even today in some countries, herding dogs will be left alone for months with their livestock to take care of the herd. They are agile enough to chase predators away (foxes, wolves, wild cats, and other humans), but big enough to fight them if necessary. When working, these dogs rarely get a break, spending all day and night on the watch. Most do not work alone, which allows one dog to sleep while the other keeps watch. These dogs are some of the hardest working dogs on the planet.

Klik Belts makes the best dog collars for herding dogs. Our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs come in an array of colors so that you can pick which one you like the best and that will go with your dog the best. These unique dog collars are strong, durable, versatile, and can withstand dirt and grime that the herding animals may kick up. You also won’t have to worry about your herding dog losing its dog collar since we use the patented Cobra® buckle, which is made from one piece of 7075 aluminum, or the same material used in aerospace applications and fighter jets. If you are looking for the best dog training collars, then browse our dog collars today!


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emotional supportEmotional Support Dogs

Emotional support dogs offer their owners just that — emotional support, usually to someone with an ailment of some sorts. The dog’s presence helps alleviate the person’s condition, such as a disability, in some way. Legally, emotional support animals must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional, such as a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Emotional support dogs are not service dogs. Service dogs have undergone specific training in order to serve their handlers. Emotional support animals do not need any training at all. However, research has shown that dogs help decrease a person’s anxiety, help with trauma support, and can improve the physical health of people by helping to lower their blood pressure. They can help with loneliness, and, of course, they offer love.

Klik Belts supports emotional support dogs by offering the best dog collars available. Coming in amazing colors and being exceedingly strong, our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs are an industry leader in strength, durability, and longevity. Featuring the super strong Cobra® buckle, these unique dog collars are easy to take on and off and are fully adjustable for a snug fit, making the possibility that your dog will slip its collar mute. You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you will receive while out and about. Pair you exceptional dog collar with one of our strong dog leashes, and you’ll be ready to take your emotional support dog with you wherever you go. Browse our dog collars online today!

hunting dogHunting Dogs

The quintessential activity of a dog is hunting. After all, if a dog were in the wild (like their wolf-cousins), they would be forced to hunt and kill in order to eat. Thus, this instinct never leaves dogs, and this can be used to benefit humans as well. In general, there are mainly two types of hunting dogs: gun dogs and scent hounds. Gun dogs work to flush prey out so the hunter can shoot it, such as pheasants. Scent hounds track prey and help find it when it’s out of sight of the hunter. Some of these dogs are treeing dogs, meaning they will chase an animal up a tree and wait at the base until the hunter arrives. These dogs require a lot of training as well since a dog’s natural instinct is to eat the prey once you shoot it. Labrador retrievers are often chosen to retrieve game fowl once it is shot.

Klik Belts makes the strongest, most versatile dog collar for hunting dogs. As hunters know, the brush can get pretty thick, so you want a dog collar that can withstand the constant pulls at a dog collar. That being said, you also want one that is quick release, so if your dog does get tangled on a branch, for example, you can quickly release them before they are hurt. Our best dog collars come in a variety of colors (dull colors if you want them to blend in or bright colors if you are shooting guns around them). Our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs are built-to-last, meaning you won’t have to replace them anytime soon. While we love selling dog collars, we’d much rather sell you an exceptional dog collar less frequently than multiple dog collars that wear out. If you’re looking for a wide dog collar that will last, browse our dog collars and dog leashes today!

acting dogActing Dogs

While most of us think of acting as easy work, the truth is that acting is hard work —VERY hard work — and this includes for acting dogs as well. Dogs who act have to go through rigorous training before they will be allowed before a camera. For every shot that is taken that has to be scrapped because the dog messed up, this will cost the studio money. Thus, you need not only a dog that loves to be on camera, but one that loves to obey your commands as well. The good news is any dog can be an acting dog; all it takes is a willingness to learn and obey. A dog must be solid in off-leash commands, be capable of sitting still despite distractions, and, of course, respond to your commands. All dogs are loveable, so your dog has got that one done pat!

Klik Belts understands that sometimes the dog actor is the favorite character of a movie or a show, and kids love to see dogs on TV. Thus, your dog should have a dog collar that reflects how amazing they are. Klik Belts makes the best dog collars that will last no matter the circumstances. Our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs will make your acting dog shine. Featuring our quick-release  Cobra® buckle, these best dog training collars will allow you maximum amount of control over your dog while training, and be comfortable for your dog as well. These strong dog collars work well with any breed of dog and any size. Add on one of our dog leashes for the perfect fit. Browse Klik Belts online today!

Sled DogSled Dogs

Most of us have seen the Iditarod on TV. The Iditarod is a famous sled dog race where sled dogs race 938 miles from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. With a team of 14 dogs, this race can take anywhere from eight to 15 days, mainly depending on weather conditions. Began in 1973, this race is hugely popular today.

Sled dogs, such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, were made for the Arctic weather. They have extremely thick fur and padded paws, and they have been used by the native peoples of Alaska and Canada for centuries. Since 1,000 AD that we know of, sled dogs have been helping these people haul items across long distances. Began as just one dog pulling a sled, people began to use teams once they saw how much more a team of dogs could pull. These dogs were used in wars, particularly the Seven Years’ War in the mid-eighteenth century, to pull supplies. They were with Roald Amundsen who was the first person to reach the south pole. As the use of sled dogs grew, it was only natural to race them, which began in 1850. The Iditarod today is credited with saving the sport of sled dog racing and reviving interest in the recreational sled dog industry as well.

In order to withstand the onslaught of blizzards and white-out conditions, sub-zero temperatures, and gale-force winds, you need a strong, heavy duty dog collar. Klik Belts has met the call, offering our Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs. These strong dog collars are fully adjustable so you can be sure they won’t fall off your dog. Our Cobra® buckle, made from one solid piece of 7075 aluminum, is easy on and off and can withstand the pressures of sledding. These sturdy nylon dog collars are built to last. Sled dogs are powerful athletes, and they need a powerful dog collar. Browse our amazing dog collars and dog leashes today!


best friend dogBest Friend Dogs

This final use of Klik Belts’ dog collars is our personal favorite — a dog as a best friend. It’s hard to fathom the love a dog has for its owner, handlers, and family. Some dogs go all day being alone, while you are at work, school, or just living life, and when you return, you light up their world. They greet you at the door like you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Their butts may wag off till you pet them. They rub up against you like a cat, wanting your attention. They lay at your feet while you watch TV or work. They help you in the kitchen (admittedly, this is for their benefit, not necessarily yours). They follow you wherever you go. They bark at strangers. They protect the kids and allow them to crawl all over them. Their worlds are the happiest and the brightest when you are in them. They are loyal beyond compare. They offer emotional support when you need it. They would take a bullet for you. In the end, they love you no matter how old you are, how much you weigh, or even how you treat them. Till their last breath, you are their everything.

For such a sentient being, we had to make the best dog collars. They deserve no less from us for all that they do for us and all that they give. Their hearts are ours, and it’s an awesome responsibility that most of us take for granted. We love them, take care of them, and hold them till the day they are taken from us. 

Klik Belts offers Klik Collars 1" - On Duty, Klik Collars 1" - Off Duty, or our Klik Collar 1.5" X-Large dog collars for big dogs. When you buy one of these dog collars, you are getting one of the strongest dog collars on the market, with sturdy nylon threads, our Cobra® buckle, which is made of the one of the highest quality aluminums available, and superior comfort. When your best friend rolls in the mud and the dirt, this best dog collar will not come off and comes clean with a little soap and water. It’s easy to attach a name tag and their rabies tag, and the D-ring is super study and able to accommodate any type of leash. However, we do recommend our exceptional dog leashes. We now offer a new dog leash, our Klik Belts K9 Waist Leash with KONG Frog and Handle with D-ring). Featuring our KONG Frog and Handle with D-ring, this amazing dog leash will be virtually impossible for your dog to break. A leash’s main purpose is to keep your dog safe. While a squirrel crossing the road is a target to them, it’s a death hazard to us. Thus, you need the strongest leash available when it comes to protecting your best friend from unbeknownst hazards. This still has a quick release, so when you get to the dog park, it’s simple to release your dog. When you are in need of the best dog collars and dog leashes, browse Klik Belts first!






As we’ve seen, there are many uses for Klik Belts’ dog collars. We’ve also seen how much dogs enrich our lives, including being our best friends. Ever since dogs were domesticated, they have been able to do things that we can’t. Like the saying goes, we are stronger together, and this includes them being your best friend. When you have a dog, you are better prepared for life outside your four walls. You are happier because you just spent time playing fetch with your dog. You are healthier because you just walked your dog. You made new friends because you took your dog to the dog park. You spend less time in bed because you have to get up and take your dog out. You recover faster when you’re sick and your dog is by your side. Your sorrow runs less deep when there’s a death in the family.

Your service dog opens doors for you and tells you when your blood sugar is low. Your service dog guides you when you’re walking and is your ears when you can’t hear very well. Your military dog saves your life from landmines, and your police dog takes down bad guys, making your job easier. Your herding dog makes shearing sheep faster and easier. Your hunting dog helps you put meat on the table. Your sled dog allows you to get from point A to point B faster. Your search and rescue dog helps you find lost kids, and your therapy dog puts smiles on people's faces. Your acting dog makes people laugh, and your emotional support dog helps your autistic child when you can’t sometimes. Best of all, your best friend kisses you when you have no one else to.

Klik Belts’ dog collars support dogs in the best way that we know how — by offering the strongest and the most versatile and long-lasting dog collars and leashes that keep your best friend and all that they do for you safe, sound, and happy by your side. Equally, our Klik Belts for men and women are made with the same high-quality and durable construction, so your pants stay firmly in place while you enjoy your dog. Browse our human belts and our dog collars and leashes today!