1.5" COBRA Buckle Desert Sand

$ 24.00

Product Description

The COBRA® locking mechanism is patented and guarantees highest safety. A one-sided opening of the lock is not possible even when under load.

Klik Belts’ 1.5" COBRA Buckle Desert Sand is engineered and designed to be the strongest belt buckle in the industry.

  • Features the COBRA® locking mechanism to ensure your men’s and women’s belt stays in place and secure
  • Has a load capacity of 18 kN in loop configuration
  • This men’s and women’s belt buckle is powder coated

Klik Belts only makes the highest-quality belt products, including COBRA® belt buckles. Each belt buckle goes through a rigorous process of creation, using CNC machinery and only one piece of aluminum to be ultra-strong. Whether you are heading out for a 16-hour day at the office or a long day on-call at the hospital, this everyday belt buckle will ensure you aren’t wasting time pulling up your pants all day long. Our adjustable men’s and women’s belts use these amazing belt buckles to ensure the proper fit. All COBRA® belt sizes are compatible with this belt buckle, meaning you can switch it out with ease. Whether you need a tactical belt, military belt, a gun holster belt, or just an everyday belt, you can’t go wrong with Klik Belts superior men’s and women’s belts and belt buckles. Order your 1.5" COBRA Buckle Desert Sand today!

  • Reliable belt buckle built to last
  • Quick shipping with great customer service

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