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1.5" Black Polymer 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt

$ 69.00

Effortless Airport Security with Our TSA-Approved 2-Ply Belt

Bid farewell to the hassle of removing your belt at airport security checkpoints with our innovative TSA-approved 2-Ply Belt. In collaboration with AustriAlpin, we've reimagined the classic Klik Belt, presenting a travel companion that seamlessly merges convenience and security.

Unparalleled Rigidity and Everyday Carry (EDC) Excellence: Introducing the GT COBRA® buckle, redesigned to include a high-strength polymer system for unparalleled rigidity and optimal support. Crafted with the frequent traveler, federal employee, and EDC enthusiast in mind, our TSA-approved 2-Ply Belt is engineered for performance.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Rigidity: The 2-Ply design offers unmatched rigidity, ideal for those who prioritize secure firearm holstering "when not traveling by air" and EDC readiness.

  • Optimized Webbing: The 1.5” wide webbing is thoughtfully designed to slide effortlessly through pant loops, ensuring compatibility with various outfits.

  • Innovative GT COBRA® Buckle: Featuring the patented world's strongest COBRA® polymer buckle, this 2-Ply Belt harmonizes cutting-edge design with practical functionality.

  • Focused Strength: With a targeted tensile load of 500lbf/2,2kN, our TSA-approved 2-Ply Belt delivers unwavering support even under pressure.

Seamless Transition from EDC to Travel: Tailored for those who demand both reliability and flexibility, the 2-Ply Belt offers a seamless transition from everyday carry to travel. Its sleek profile, remarkable strength, and metal-free composition ensure effortless passage through security checks.

Buckle Usage Instructions: A crucial point to remember: the buckle that accompanies the 2-Ply TSA Klik Belt is not intended to be threaded directly through belt loops. Before you begin the process of sliding the nylon webbing through your pant loops, please ensure that the buckle is removed. Once you've successfully guided the nylon webbing through your belt loops, you can then proceed to thread it through the Cobra® buckle. After completing this step, click your buckle together and proceed to adjust your belt to achieve the perfect fit. By following this sequence, you'll ensure a seamless and hassle-free fitting experience while maintaining the buckle's functionality and durability.

Important Note: Due to the unique design of the GT COBRA® polymer buckle, we regret to inform you that Velcro® brand fasteners cannot be offered with this 2-Ply Belt. We trust that our expertise has resulted in a belt that seamlessly combines reliability and innovation.

Elevate your travel game with the TSA-approved 2-Ply Belt from Klik Belts. Experience the fusion of convenience, security, and EDC excellence. Upgrade to a travel solution that embodies the strength and versatility you need.

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