1.5" The Original Klik Belt 1-Ply

$ 69.00

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Product Description

Our Matte Black belt works as well with a suit & tie as it does for the most insane world adventures. The patented Cobra® buckle is the strongest in the world, and our 1-Ply webbing is designed for pliability and everyday comfort.

  • 1.5" wide webbing fits through all pant loops
  • Patented world's strongest Cobra® buckle
  • Buckle is anodized not powder coated which provides a super hard finish and looks amazing

If you wear a concealed carry holster or regularly carry additional weight (such as tool belts) we recommend our 2-Ply Tactical version. Learn more about the difference 1-Ply vs. 2-Ply click here.

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