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1.75" Aluminum D-RING COBRA® Buckle-fixed/variable

$ 40.00

Original 1.75" D-RING COBRA® Buckle from AustriAlpin. Male/Variable-Female/Fixed

Klik Belts’ Original 1.75" D-RING COBRA® Buckle from AustriAlpin combines the parachute D-ring and the ANSI COBRA® belt buckle.

  • Features a Male/Variable and a Female/Fixed
  • Unique construction allows a central positioning and prevents the D-Ring from getting squeezed against the webbing 
  • Must be squeezed on both sides to open

When Klik Belts set out to make the strongest men’s and women’s belts, we had to make the strongest belt buckles as well. The latest AustriAlpin development is a synergistic hybrid of superior safety hardware. The ANSI D-Ring COBRA® meets ANSI and CSA standards as well as salt fog and blowing sand test certifications. This COBRA®  belt buckle is the highest in safety with strength ratings of: 

  • Buckle:  18kN / 4000lb MBS (straight pull).  36kN Loop configuration.
  • D-Ring:  22kN / 5000 lb MBS (straight pull).

This men’s and women’s belt buckle far exceeds ANSI Z359.1, CSA, EN, UIAA, and NFPA standards for fall protection. Klik Belts’ belt buckles are made from 12mm and 7075 aluminum alloy, with stainless steel adjuster, rivets, components, and D-ring. The clips are brass. This belt buckle uses CNC machinery for flawless precision, reliability, and safety with no sharp edges. Order your strong COBRA® belt buckle today!

  • Great for military, para-sport, industrial safety, offshore rigging, flight suits, riggers belts, and in everyday use
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