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1.75" Black COBRA® Buckle-fixed/variable

$ 37.00

Original 1.75"  COBRA® Buckle from AustriAlpin. Male/Variable-Female/Fixed

Klik Belts’ Original 1.75" Black  COBRA® Buckle from AustriAlpin works like a charm with no hole belts.

  • The buckle has 18kN / 4000lb MBS in a straight pull.  
  • The D-ring has 22kN / 5000 lb MBS in a straight pull.
  • Safe, secure, and long-lasting

Men’s black belts and women’s black belts never looked so good. Klik Belts’ 1.75” Black  COBRA® belt buckle has a Male/Variable and a Female/Fixed, which is CNC machined from one piece of aluminum for optimal strength. This superior belt buckle oozes class with stainless steel adjusters and rivets. Being impossible to open without pressing on both sides, this men’s and women’s belt buckle includes many added features such as: 

  • Made from 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Uses brass clips 
  • Preferred COBRA® belt buckle for firefighters, EMTs, office workers, post office employees, demolition workers, oil field workers, heavy machinery operation and more

Klik Belts believes in making a men’s and women’s belt buckle that not only will stand the test of time, but will also be easy to use (it clicks on and off in less than one second), look great, and be functional no matter your everyday activities. Order this one-of-a-kind COBRA® belt buckle for men’s and women’s belts today!

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