Brushed Gold on White

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Product Description

Klik Belts offers this 1.5" Gold on White Klik Belt, which is stunning and perfect as a men’s or a women’s belt.

  • Combines the timeless colors of a white belt with a gold COBRA® Buckle
  • Use throughout your daily activities, from the office to a night out after work
  • Super strong ply and COBRA® Buckle that are built to last

When searching for the best belt for men and, in particular, a men’s white belt, odds are, you don’t find much. The same holds true when searching for a white belt for women. There just aren't a lot of high-quality belts out there.

Enter Klik Belts, the maker of the world’s strongest belts. We’ve designed this men’s and women’s 1.5" Gold on White Klik Belt that is beautiful and functional, being fully adjustable and will hold up to the daily wear and tear you put your belt through. Whether you are looking for a great dress belt or you need to find a belt that you can wear to your next job interview, this unisex belt will fit the bill. This belt is designed for comfort and style and the COBRA® Buckle is anodized, yielding a stunning look. If you’re tired of finding men’s or women’s belts that either look good but don’t hold up, or hold up under your daily stresses but are ugly, then order this top-rated 1.5" Gold on White Klik Belt today!

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