Tile Tracker (Klik Belt sold separately)

$ 15.95 $ 25.00

Product Description

What if your Klik Belt could be used to locate your lost phone?*

What if others could find your last map location wearing your Klik Belt?**

By embedding the Tile® into the nylon fabric of our Klik Belts, we can answer "Yes" to both questions above!

Klik Belts is inviting the first 50 customers to a limited Beta Testing of integrating the Tile® tracker into our belts.  To be part of the trial simply purchase a regular Klik Belt and add this Tile to your cart.  "What is a Tile ?" Here is a list of FAQ about the Tile:  Tile FAQ 

For a quick demo of Tile® see video below:

The Tile® measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" and is thin enough to embed next to our buckle yet out of sight.  


Tile tracker embedded into Klik Belt

We use a Chicago screw with a flush head on the inside of the belt to attach the Tile®.  This allows you to remove the Tile® easily with a flathead screwdriver.  The Tile® is also secured by 2 box stitches on both sides to keep it securely in place.  We apply a matching color of adhesive label to the outside edge of the Tile® so it blends perfectly with the webbing.

** Please allow 2 weeks from the date of purchase for us to custom craft the Tile into your belt. **

 We appreciate anyone interested in helping us review the integration of the Tile into Klik Belts and if the results look favorable we will proceed to a more integrated solution of the Tile into Klik Belts.

See you on the trail,

Klik Belts Team.

* The Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to help you locate your items. While Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology, there are significant differences between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS technology. Tile's Bluetooth range is up to 100 ft. Bluetooth is most effective at the 30 ft range, depending on the environment.
**  The app automatically records the last place your phone, or any other phone with the app open, saw your Tile. Simply open up your lost item on the app and tap the map to get the approximate location and directions to your Tile. This should give you a starting point to look for your Tile so you don't have to retrace all of your steps.