Klik Sling Tails

$ 27.00

Product Description

Shop for a Klik Sling Body HERE. To build a complete Klik Sling you will need one Klik Sling Body and two Klik Sling Tails. Additional Klik Sling Tails can be installed on multiple firearms, then the Body can be quickly and easily moved from gun to gun.

Klik Sling Tails Specifications:

QD Tail:

GrovTec Heavy Duty Push-Button QD Sling Swivel attachment
Fits standard QD sling swivel sockets
Made in USA
Tested to 450 lbs pull force

HK Hook Tail:

HK Snap Hook attachment
Fits various types of sling loops and rings
Made in USA

Sling Swivel Tail

GrovTec Locking Sling Swivel attachment
Fits traditional sling swivel studs
Made in USA

Universal Strap Tail

• 12 inches of nylon webbing strap
• Fits just about anything -- strap it through / around a handguard, through a stock with strap slots, around a stock without strap slots, through an A2 front sight post, etc.
• Genuine AustriAlpin COBRA™ buckle with strap slider adjustment
• Recommended: once installed, tie off extra strap length, use an elastic band to retain extra strap length, or cut off extra strap length and seal end of webbing with a torch. Strap can be double-fed through COBRA™ buckle for extra secure locking.


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