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Solitaire LED 1 AAA-Cell LED Flashlight

$ 21.97
By Maglite

Solitaire 1 AAA-Cell LED Flashlight from Maglite is a pocket-sized illumination tool that makes a useful keychain light. This update to the original Solitaire light features Mag-LED technology, which delivers extended bulb life and brighter output compared to the classic incandescent model. The flashlight's single LED emitter produces a 47-lumen output to light large areas and rooms (up to 46m), with a focusable beam that goes from a wide flood to a tight spotlight with a simple twist of its head. Like other Maglites, the Solitaire is machined from a lightweight aluminum alloy, anodized inside and out for enhanced corrosion resistance, and manufactured in the United States. A waterproof and impact-resistant housing help make the Solitaire a reliable pocket light in any weather. Up to a 1 hour and 45 minute run time.