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Solitaire Aaa-cell Incandescent Flashlight

$ 10.72
By Maglite

MagLite Solitaire flashlights feature a linear focusing adjustable beam that twists from an intense spot to a brilliant flood with a turn of the head assembly. Flashlight weighs less than an ounce and is about three inches long. It includes energizer alkaline batteries, a spare lamp, and a sturdy key lead that makes it ideal for a key chain or purse. Flashlight features a high-intensity, adjustable light beam (spot to flood), rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design, anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance, extended key lead allows the light beam and key to be used together in the same direction, water and shock-resistant, and a spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap. Emits 2 lumens up to 20m for up to 3 hours and 45 minutes.