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"These belts are great. I ordered a custom length belt and I could not be happier!"
Tony M.
No need for other belts
"Fantastic. Love this belt. Easy to use, stays in place and does not weigh down my pants. Made in the USA! What’s not to love?. Highly recommend. "
Sanket S.
Beyond Expectations
"I was surprised at how thick the material was. I was very happy with that feature. I wear this belt at work. I am a firefighter and wanted a good sturdy belt that could double as an emergency harness if I ever have that situation occur."
Tristan W.
Great belt
"I enjoy the belt greatly wish I had extra funds for another .. "
James W.
Great belt!
"Excellent transaction and fast shipping. I absolutely love my belt! "
Best belt ever.
"I love it, it’s a great belt. It’s easy and quick to use."
1.75” D-Ring
"This belt is awesome. I have a 1.5” 2 ply and love it. Needed something wider, went with this one. I had thought 3 ply would be to thick, ordered 1 ply. 1ply wasn’t thick enough and contacted customer service. I expressed how much I love the 2 ply, they sent me a 2ply 1.75”. It’s the perfect thickness and rigidity that I need. This belt will out last me! Thanks for a great product and great customer service. "
Brian F.
Best belt ever!!!
"Extremely well made, strong, and just rigid enough for EDC without being uncomfortably stiff. Absolutely perfect. All I wear anymore; I'll be a customer for life. "
Great product
"Works well doesn’t bounce around like The nylon ones that come with belt. The nylon ones aren’t bad but these stay in place better."
Salvatore C.
Done well
"Good amount of slack on waistline per size no flap dangle thanks to elastic belt loop stays tightly "
Antonio Alonso
Rock Solid
"Best carry belt I have ever owned."
Matthew Spencer
Nice And Versatile!
"At first I thought it might look too tactical for an office environment. After two weeks, nobody has even commented on it! It doesn't look out of place at all. Whether I'm wearing jeans or dress pants, the belt just blends in. Comfort wise, I forget I even have it on. It doesn't feel restrictive or cause any poking. In fact, with the slide lock it's even more comfortable than a regular belt with holes. Just cinch it up where it's comfortable throughout the day. The difference is felt when you put a load on it. Instead of having the weight of my IWB (in waist band) carry hanging low, this belt is stiff enough to keep it level. I did a 5 mile hike with a sidearm and radio attached to the Klik Belt. It was much more supportive than a regular leather belt. No bouncing around or hanging off to one side. My gear stayed put. Plus, the belt was comfortable during wide steps and climbing hills. No chaffing or poking into my stomach or sides while bending. One feature to note is that the belt is single-ply around the buckle. This keeps the buckle flatter than a belt that is 2-ply all the way around. When your shirt's untucked, it's not poking out like a belly button! "
Awesome Belt
"Great belt. Better than expected."
Robert L.
Bad *** belt
"+100 The belt doesn’t sag Stay in place Buckle is the **** "
Joe G.
Best belt ever
"Best belt ever. Best Customer service. They strive to make sure your happy. "
Jason P.
Best belt I ever owned
"Great belt easy to adjust and able to hold up my pants with all my (EDC) every day carry"
miguel c.
Great multi function belt!
"Well I liked mine so much I bought the same one for my oldest son who is active duty Air Force. He likes his as well. Excellent quality and function, great customer service.👍"
Barry C.
"Absolutely love the belt. I work in a machine shop all day and pants falling down with a regular belt is a daily situation. Not with the Klik Belt. The 2 ply holds up my pants and my pistol. No adjustments needed once in place. Love it. One comment though, it you plan to carry mags and a gun, get your belt a few sizes larger. I went off of the video I watched and got the size I usually wear. Plenty of left over strap with just the gun but I may run into a problem if I add a concealed mag holder. Again, best belt ever!"
Slayde Crawford
Chesty would approve
"Outstanding! I EDC 2 firearms and double mag pouch. This belt is no slouch. Solid. "
Dan C.
Excellent gun belt
"Heavy-duty construction and quality materials. It has replaced my other gun belt as part of my EDC ensemble for off and on-duty wear. 1*"
"It arrived quickly, and was exactly as advertised. Looks great, fits well, and is still adjustable enough to not worry if I gain or lose weight. Holds up well to sliding my IWB holster off and on multiple times each day. I highly recommend."
Joseph K.
5 Stars is not enough
"I purchased a belt and it ended up being too small. I contacted Klik and they got back to me almost instantly. I now have the right side and I am VERY pleased. I will be recommending these belts to everyone, not just because of the quality but also because of the amazing customer service."
Christopher S.
Another amazing belt!!
"This is my second Klik belt and this one is as excellent as the first. I have a d ring belt for duty and the silver non d ring for casual wear. Wore it to Shot Show 2018 and represented for Klik!! They even brought it to my house so I’d have it by the time I left for the show. Thanks guys!!!"
Craig S.
Hi Craig, so glad we were able to get you a belt in time for Shot Show. Wish we could have attended this year but just too busy making belts. Hope you had a great time at the show! - Klik Belts
"Best belt ever!!! So easy to useand the functionality is perfect"
The belt is top notch.
"The belt is top notch. Nothing bad to say about it. Unfortunately, it didn't fit my belt loops and there was no option for a 3 ply belt that was narrower. They did make my one, however, and I couldn't be happier. I plan to order another one in the near future!"
Art M.
Solid belt
"So I’ve had this belt for about 2 weeks now. I bought it for recreational use, mainly for carrying in plain clothes. So far I haven’t had any issues. I can even put the belt thru my pants without removing the buckle. It seems small for a 1.5. Considering a 1.75 for duty use. It’s a comfortable belt for all day use. "
Ryan T.
Fantastic Product
"This is one of the best belts I have ever purchased, I have already purchased two more of the 2-Ply belts and they are absolutely fantastic, The customer service of this company is excellent. and I would highly recommend this company and it's products."
Ellen K.
Wasn’t a believer, until I received it
"This belt is perfect for conceal and carry. The two ply isn’t too stiff and it helps alleviate holster pain points by evenly distributing the weight. I now even wear it daily as the buckle and tensioning are perfect. New favorite belt, I’m going to order another color now I think. "
1.5 Matte Black 1-Ply
"Best belt I have ever bought!! "
Great Quality and stylish
"I purchased the 1.5 coyote brown with matching buckle. The belt arrived quickly and professionally packaged. The instructions were easy to understand. Pants stay put and I can remove just as quickly as I put on. Only wish I could afford one in every color."
Rafael G.