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How to Determine Which Belt Ply Is Right for You

At Klik Belts, we make our tactical belts in a one-ply, two-ply, and three-ply thicknesses. Each increasing ply makes the belt sturdier, stronger, and stiffer. However, not everyone will benefit the most from the thickest of our belts. Which belt will work best for you simply depends on your needs. Naturally, those who choose to wear their Klik Belt for casual wear will need something different than a first responder or law enforcement officer who rely on their belt for work purposes. For this reason, we’ve created three different belt thicknesses. In this belt ply guide, you’ll find useful information about the intended use of each belt and how to determine which is best for you. Continue reading to learn more and if you are unsure of which Klik Belt is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Klik Belts team.

One-Ply Belts: Casual Belts

  • Our one-ply belts are designed for casual wear.
  • These belts are constructed from a single ply of mil-spec nylon.
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear because they are the most pliable and flexible.
  • Available in 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch widths.
  • Often worn by outdoorsmen and women, rock climbers, fishers, hunters, and more.
  • Not recommended for those who conceal carry.

    Two-Ply Belts: Tactical Belts

  • Our two-ply belts are designed for tactical wear.
  • These belts are constructed from an outer ply of our mil-spec nylon and an inner ply of proprietary rigid webbing.
  • They are still comfortable to wear but provide more rigidity and strength for those who require it to carry equipment on their waist.
  • Ideal for concealed carrying.
  • Triple-stitched for added strength.
  • Available in our 1.5-inch width belts.
  • Customers often include military personnel, law enforcement officers, and those who are searching for a quality gun belt.


    Three-Ply Belts: Duty Belts

  • Our three-ply belts, or duty belts, were specifically designed due to requests from customers who work in law enforcement, the military, and first responders.
  • These belts offer the most stability, rigidity, and strength of any of our Klik Belts.
  • They are designed to support large amounts of equipment at the waist.
  • Our duty belts are available in the 1.75-inch width.
  • These belts are often worn for work purposes.