Klik Belt Maintenance Tip

To ensure you experience the best possible use of your Klik Belt, we recommend the following maintenance tip.  Place a single drop of light viscosity oil on the male end of your Klik Belt buckle under the curved portion (as show in diagram below).   Typical users will find that this only needs to be done once per year.  However, if you wear your belt in water or harsh conditions, you may need to reapply as needed.

Cobra® buckles are proven to be the most reliable, strongest side release buckle in the world.  A single drop of oil is all that is needed to ensure smooth, quick releases for a lifetime of use.

  • David Hudman says...

    I have had my double 1.5 inch belt now for over a year now and wear it every day and carry a XDM .45 and a double mag holder. All 3 mags are 13 round only saying for weight. My belt has never called me and for the most part no wear on the belt. I only wish my jeans would allow a 1.75 inch belt. I will never on any other belt now.

    On February 17, 2020

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