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Belts play an integral role when carrying concealed. After all, you usually attach your holster and your clip to your belt, so if the belt is inadequate or not up for the job, then you’ve got yourself a problem.

That’s where Klik Belts comes in. As a maker of the best TSA-compliant belts, such as the 1.5" Black/OD Green Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt, we understand the value of a sturdy belt for not only holding your concealed carry in place, but also being sturdy enough to not sag over time. Our heavy duty and tactical belts get the job done, and all of our belts can be worn by women. Now only that, but our belts are TSA-compliant, made with a polymer belt buckle that won’t set off any metal detectors wherever you go, be it the Sunday night football stadium or airport security. We make the world’s strongest belts, including those we designed for concealed carry permit holders. Below, we’ll offer up more tips for women when carrying concealed. Browse our amazing TSA-approved belts today!



First and foremost, safety has to be the number one issue always around firearms. Besides yourself, there are others who may be in range if your gun accidentally fires, like your kids for example or bystanders. You’ll always need a holster to hold your gun. Klik Belts does not recommend you ever just put your gun into your waistband to carry, unless it is an emergency situation. The trigger needs to be protected at all times, which is one of the jobs of a holster. Your holster also needs to fit your gun securely to prevent any accidental trigger action as well.


Many women begin carrying concealed for safety reasons, either they’ve been attacked, they don’t want to be attacked, or they want to protect their family from random bad guys who seem to show up anywhere these days. If you have any hope of fending off an attacker or taking down a random shooter, then you’ll need to be able to access your guy quickly and efficiently, especially if someone else is shooting at you. You should practice drawing your gun from your preferred concealed position regularly. You have only seconds to react when someone starts shooting. Don’t be fumbling around for your gun, or you may suffer fatal injuries in the process.


In our last blog post, we reviewed the various positions you can take when carrying concealed. Besides picking the perfect TSA-compliant belt, you also want to choose the right holster that will allow you the most comfort while carrying. Klik Belts advises that you try both IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside the waistband) carry options and try different types of holsters as well. Nowadays, you can buy a holster that will wrap all the way around your body, as well as special compression shorts with a built-in holster. Explore your options, and see what works for you.


Does your Klik TSA-compliant belt work for you in conjunction with your holster? How does it feel? Can you draw your gun easily? Again, speed is of the essence, so you’ll want to make sure everything is working right with your concealed carry method to get the most bang for your buck. Klick belts are incredibly easy to adjust and our 1-Ply and 2-Ply webbing is extremely pliable. Our new TSA-compliant belt buckles are lightweight, metal-free, and work with one simple click.


Gun Choice

Most people prefer to carry smaller firearms for concealed carry purposes. However, you don’t want to go too small, or you will sacrifice take-down power. Klik Belts recommends that you visit a gun store, taking along your amazing new TSA-compliant belt to try out different guns with various holster choices. Also, consider if you want to carry extra clips as well on your person. Many people do choose to do so. If this is the case, then you will need to invest in a great clip for your magazine pouch as well. Most people who carry concealed find that having this extra ammo is not only comforting, but can be life saving. You will want to fit this onto your TSA-compliant Klik belt as well, usually somewhere close to your firearm.


Choice of clothes is more important for women than men since women wear much tighter fitting clothes than men. However, you don’t want to swing the pendulum too much the other direction and have your firearm stuck on too loose of clothing when you try to draw it out of your TSA-compliant belt. The key to your wardrobe once you start carrying your concealed carry firearm consistently will be to choose clothes based off what will work with your firearm. If you try to do the opposite and choose clothes, hoping your firearm will work, you will only be frustrated.

Klik Belts recommends that you carry concealed to the clothing stores, especially when it’s your first time shopping for clothes that will work with your firearm. If you’ve already purchased your concealed carry TSA-compliant belt from Klik Belts (if you haven’t yet, click HERE), make sure you wear your belt on these shopping escapades as well.


Ultimately, the best concealed carry position is what works for you. As you can see, there are many options and Klik Belts recommends that you try them all out and see which one will work for you and your lifestyle. 

The number one reason mentioned for not carrying concealed on your person is comfort. The belt is hugely important for successfully and comfortably carrying your concealed weapon. You not only need a great clip and holster for carrying your gun, but you also need a sturdy, strong belt to keep your gun in place. Many people neglect this component and thus have problems. You need a top-notch, TSA-compliant Klik Belt in order to secure your firearm.

The key when carrying concealed is to train and not stop training. Carrying on your person using your Klik belt will always be the fastest access. However, Klik Belts will reiterate that carrying concealed has to work for you. Try carrying in your purse, on your thigh, or an ankle carry. What feels right will be what’s right.


Klik Belts offers the best concealed carry belts on the market for both men and women. From our Poly 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt and our 1.5” Leather Gun Belt to our Women’s 1.5" Black Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt, Klik Belt has designed the best belts to be used to carry your firearm. Made from a high-strength polymer buckle system that is designed to be tight and secure, as well as having the most robust plastic hardware on earth, our TSA-compliant belts are ultra-lightweight and extremely durable. If you find yourself constantly having to take off your belt to pass through metal detectors, such as prison guards, those who work in federal buildings, including courthouses, and frequent flyers, then Klik TSA-compliant belts are for you. Order your Klick Belt today!

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